Crystal Balls are one method which psychics use to see the future

When you hear the word crystal ball, you often think of a gypsy clad with turban and flowing clothes adorned with clinky ornaments sitting in room smelling heavy of incense and aromatics. But what is the reality behind peering into a crystal ball? Does looking into one allow a person to see images and enhance clairvoyance? Let’s find out.

What Are Crystal Balls?

Crystal Balls as the name states are balls made of crystals. They are spherical in shape to allow an equal amount of refraction of light from all directions. Crystal balls were popularly made of quartz crystals to allow the maximum amount of refraction and light movement. The first crystal balls to came about were made of highly polished beryl.

Other kinds crystals are also used to make crystal balls. There is the Rose Quartz that is used to enhance love energy in a place. Moonstone, Sunstone or Red Silicone was also another crystal used for creating a more sexual and artistic energy in a place. Rhodonite crystal was used to foster peace. However for purposes of scrying and fortune telling, crystal balls are to be made of clear material.

The History of Crystal Balls

Crystal balls were first said to be used by the Druids. The Druids were an ancient scholarly class of people who lived in the isles of England and France. They lived during the Iron Age and accounts of them were mentioned in the writings of the great Julius Caesar as well as the Roman historian Pliny the Elder.

Pliny the elder wrote about the practice of scrying done by the Druids. Scrying is the practice of interpreting the signs seen on reflective surfaces such of glass, crystals, water, stone or metal.

Crystal Balls and Politics

Crystal balls have come a long way. They came about 7,000 years ago and were used by many cultures. From the East to the West, crystal balls were seen as objects of magic, power and mystery.

Crystal balls even made it’s way to the high court of England during the time of Queen Elizabeth I. A scientist, mathematician, alchemist and occultist named Dr. John Dee stood as one of the queen’s chief advisers. Dr Dee employed the use of crystal balls to peer into the future comings and predict auspicious times for plans of the British government. It was even said that he foresaw that England would be one day be called the Great British Empire and would reach the New World and discover and claim new territories.

Another phenomenon that mentions the use of crystal ball for fortune telling and politics was with the death of John F Kennedy. Clairvoyant Jean Dixon was said to have seen the assassination of JFK and told his wife about it. Dixon also foretold the death of peace advocate Mahatma Gandhi and actress Marilyn Monroe.

The Catholic Church and Crystal Balls

When the Druids were vanquished by the Christians during the reign of Constantine, not all their practices disappeared. Learned men and women who were devout Christians still maintained the use of crystal balls to see visions of angels and get holy guidance.

However in the 5th Century AD, St. Augustine condemned the use of crystal balls saying that they are of the devil and paganistic. He said that it gave visions distorted by demons and that they are blasphemous in nature.

Divining Using a Crystal Ball

The art of of using a Crystal Ball for divination has been done for hundreds or even thousands of years since the time of the Druids. Scrying is done to read the images and reflections cast on the crystal ball. The scrying comes from descry which means “to catch the sight of”.

Scrying is normally done on reflective surfaces such as mirrors, water, metal and crystal. But in truth, any material can be used to scry. You can scry on rocks, cloth or anything that light touches. But the reflective surface is known to be most effective because it produces images and visions.

Seeing the future on crystal balls has been done by many cultures and has been a tool used by many psychics. A lot of good psychics uses it because of its power.

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Blessing Your Crystal Ball

Before one can use a crystal ball to scry or divine the future, one must charge it and bless it. To bless your crystal, you must power it with the elements. You can bury it in soil to absorb the powers of the earth. You may also let it absorb the power of the moon by letting it bathe in moonlight on a clear moonlit night. Another way is to allow it to sit in running water so that it can detect emotions.

Impart yourself on the crystal ball and allow your energy to be sent to the ball so that it can communicate more with you.

Seeing Images On Your Crystal Ball

How to use a Crystal BallTo read the future on your ball, you must have the gift of clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is the ability to see things into the future. The crystal ball allows you not only to see the visions in your minds eye but also see them with your physical eye boosting the power of your psychic readings.

Before starting your scrying session with the crystal ball, you must allow your mind to be free from negative energies. You must be calm and serene. Meditation and recitation of certain mantras can help you achieve this.

Having your third eye chakra is also very helpful so that you can see the visions better. Once your third eye chakra is open or once you feel the connection with the crystal ball, you may start the reading.

Concentrate on the ball. Focus on the movement of light as it passes into the ball. Remember that the ball should be centrally placed on the table and have some light flowing into it. Observe as images and visions move through the crystal ball and interpret it with your heart and soul.

Caring for Your Crystal Ball

If you ever become lucky enough to own or be gifted a crystal ball, you must know how to care for it. Remember that crystals can refract light and thus can cause fires. So remember to wrap your ball in a thick cloth before storing it or you may place it in wooden box lined with velvet inside to avoid scratching the surface.

You must wash your crystal ball with warm water and soap to maintain it’s luster. A shiny and lustrous ball gives better images and visions.

Do not allow others to touch the crystal ball without your permission since this can discharge your crystal ball’s energy.

The Power of Crystal Balls

Crystals are formations from the compression of the earth and thus are as old as antiquity. They have energy as old as time and thus should be treated with care. Crystal ball can help a psychic fine tune his or her visions and allow her to see the future more clearly. However they should be treated with care as it is said that spirits can use reflective surfaces as portals into our dimension.