My name is Iris and I decided to make this website to explore my love and passion for the alternative, esoteric, spiritual and psychic.  Actually the blog first started as an idea to share with others what I had learnt about getting good psychic readings online.  This happened because the psychic I had used all my life (my grandma) passed away and so, not knowing anyone close by who could help me, I decided to try online psychics instead.

As with anything you buy online these days there is so much choice, so many options and reviews, so I studied what I could then decided to do the best thing you can, try it for myself, then share my results so that others can have the benefit of my experiences.

I’ve also been interested in the Tarot and oracle cards since I was little and so I have written some stuff about them, partly for you and partly to help me with remembering the meanings of all the cards since there are so many!

I’m also interested in many other things such as Yoga, crystals, healing, twin flames and lots of other subjects.  Thank goodness for the internet, it used to be so hard to find things about these topics years ago, now all we need is a google search and there is so much great information out there.

As well as all of this I am a Christian.  Some people and places of the bible suggest that psychics and the like are not suitable for Christians as it interferes with God and his will.  But I say that God made the psychics so he must have done that for a reason, therefore I remain undettered.

This page would not be complete without a big thankyou to my nephew Peter who has helped me not only to learn how to use the internet, but also how to put together this site.  Thanks Pete!!

I welcome insight from other people, by sharing our knowledge we can become wiser and raise all of our vibrational frequencies, so if you want to contribute to this site feel free to leave a comment or contact me via the contact page