How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Have you ever predicted something correctly or had a feeling that came true? There are probably countless example during your lifetime where you exhibited ESP powers. You might not have the same awareness and abilities of a professional psychic reader, but it is possible for you to develop your abilities and strengthen them over time. All you have to do is be ready and willing to become more in tune. Don’t be afraid to give your psychic abilities the attention that they deserve.

There is practical advice that can be used to help you develop your psychic abilities further. All it takes is a bit of effort and time. Don’t be afraid to tune into your spiritual realm at a deeper level.

Psychic Abilities Exist in Everyone

Many people are under the impression that psychic abilities are similar to musical talent in the way that some are gifted and others are not. However, researchers believe that everyone has the ability to use ESP powers in their everyday life. The first step to developing psychic abilities and ESP is to acknowledge the ability. You need to admit to yourself that you have the power and work toward enhancing it. The biggest reason why many people do not develop their psychic abilities is because they suppress them.

It Takes Time

It is important to not get discouraged when you are looking to develop your psychic abilities. There is no secret and no magic trick to develop your ESP powers. It requires a commitment both mentally and emotionally to develop your psychic powers on a deeper level. You often have to rewrite the processes of your brain and allow yourself to have confidence in your newfound abilities.

The best way to start to develop your psychic abilities is to start thinking about them. If you are aware, your mind will automatically become more in tune. Thoughts will have a huge impact on further developing your abilities and allows you to use them more frequently. Become involved with psychic readings and the various types. The more knowledge that you have will only help you enhance your abilities.

Don’t Be Afraid

The main thing to remember is that everyone has ESP to some extent. You might not be able to be a professional psychic reader, but it is possible to get in touch with your psychic abilities and develop them over time.

Watch this video for more help with developing your psychic abilities.


  1. As you mentioned I have some psychic abilities. Have done automatic writing and channelling. Have done those on a person to person basis.
    However I did not like strangers coming into my place and would like
    do it via phone or on-line. I am also fascinated by runes and would
    like to learn to how to read runes.
    Do you give instructions/classes/courses on how to enhance psychic

  2. I have read Philip Coppens’ book, The Canopus Revelation, and I am very impressed by it. I come from West Africa, near the Equator, and can clearly see Canopus in the sky at culmination throughout the year (quite like our coastal fishermen in West Africa who use it as a guide to travel on the Atlantic Ocean to ply their trade) but unlike Coppens who keeps quoting texts to support his points of view. I can also easily see Sirius and Orion, and many others in the sky. Ask Coppens why he denies his own thesis, on “Ancient Aliens,” by claiming Osiris is Orion, not Horus. Plutarch (in Isis & Osiris) says Canopus is Osiris, Orion is Horus, and Isis is Sirius (even though I think Sirius consists of Isis, Jehudi/Thoth, and Anubis, three star-gods in the Sirius system, Sirius A, B, and C). Why does Coppens or everyone in the Western world choose to say that Venus is “the Morning Star” when Venus is not a Star? Venus is a planet, not a star. The Babylonians and Egyptians were able to map constellations, stars and planets for us. If Venus had been a star, they would have said so. “The Morning Star” is in the sky at culmination from 3:00 AM through 6:00 AM throughout the year. It is not a planet. Should people in the Western world not know this?

  3. I thunk Venus is called a star because in the night sky what you see are stars! But as we.know now when Venus is in the bright like.a star so bk in.the day you would.expect.them to call it a star!!. But we know it is a.planet that’s.does.stand star

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