The wooden book of Montségur

Feature Articles –   The wooden book of Montségur In the early 20th century, a series of palm leaves, containing anomalous writing, were apparently discovered within a hidden cache of the walls of the Cathar castle of Montségur. Though without any intrinsic value, the “wooden book” – as it became known – would become the centrepiece… Continue reading The wooden book of Montségur

The Mystery of X7

Feature Articles –   The Mystery of X7 In the 1960s, a series of telepathic communications were circulated that apparently originated with a series of Russian prisoners. More than half a century later, the material remains an open question as to whether the incident occurred, even though its impact on the new age world is uncontested.… Continue reading The Mystery of X7

The rise of the Watchers

Feature Articles –   The rise of the Watchers “The Watchers”, biblical angelic figures are once again carving out a reputation. Their popularity is so much on the rise that some UFO researchers have actually argued that they might be the people abducting people. Whether or not the return of the Sumerian gods is factual or… Continue reading The rise of the Watchers

A French Peacock Angel

Feature Articles –   A French Peacock Angel In a remote village in the French Ariège region, a rock-hewn church displays a unique depiction: in the 12th century, someone painted a peacock angel – Melek Taus, popularly known as Satan – on the church’s ceiling. Answers to the why and who have never been found. by… Continue reading A French Peacock Angel

Where art thou, Troy?

Feature Articles –   Where art thou, Troy? It may come as a surprise, but the location of Troy is once again in dispute. Rather than Turkey, new thinking places it in Northern Europe… or even our skies. by Philip Coppens The Iliad, recounting the final 51 days of the tenth and final year of the… Continue reading Where art thou, Troy?

Rolling Stones

Feature Articles –   Rolling Stones Bosnia not only has pyramids: it also has a number of enigmatic stone spheres, on par with similar balls found in Costa Rica several decades ago. So far, no-one has been able to explain the Middle American balls; can the Bosnian discovery assist in revealing their purpose? by Philip Coppens… Continue reading Rolling Stones

The Unknown Shroud

Feature Articles –   The Unknown Shroud Largely forgotten, in a barely exposed part of the cathedral of the Spanish town of Oviedo, rests the sudarium: a cloth that proves the Turin Shroud is more than likely genuine… and that the resurrection of Jesus occurred. by Philip Coppens The Turin Shroud is one of the most… Continue reading The Unknown Shroud

The Aqua Corner

The Aqua Corner  THE SOUND STAGE Andrew Collins British author Andrew Collins has rediscovered and entered a previously unknown cave system beneath the Pyramids of Giza. It had long been rumoured in myth and legend, and in 1817 Henry Salt, the then Consul General to Egypt, discovered its entrance west of the Great Pyramid. The… Continue reading The Aqua Corner

Run for the gods

Feature Articles –   Run for the gods The notion of sport as a religious exercise seems alien to us – with only the Olympic Games having some remnants of this sacred character. Indeed, the earliest athletes were said to have been the gods and mythical heroes themselves. by Philip Coppens Some of the athletic events,… Continue reading Run for the gods