The Hyper-dimensional ambassador

Feature Articles –   The Hyper-dimensional ambassador Terence McKenna was for some more guru than a man whose lifestyle had been moulded by very deep experiences of an alternative reality. For the rest of his life, he would strive to bring awareness of that dimension to our reality. by Philip Coppens When Terence McKenna was diagnosed… Continue reading The Hyper-dimensional ambassador

The Master: Philippe de Lyon

Feature Articles –   The Master: Philippe de Lyon Philippe de Lyon was one of the most famous thaumaturges of all times; he was also one of the most impressive clairvoyants of the 19th century. Aide to the Russian Tsar before the controversial Rasputin – who seemed to take up the space Philippe left behind –… Continue reading The Master: Philippe de Lyon

Mirin Dajo: Wonderman

Feature Articles –   Mirin Dajo: Wonderman Just after the Second World War, the Dutchman Mirin Dajo made himself into a living enigma, as his body was able to be pierced repeatedly, without suffering any internal injury or even bleeding. Sixty years on, the world has largely forgotten what he did, even who he was. by… Continue reading Mirin Dajo: Wonderman