Different Ways to Get a Psychic Reading

Different ways to get a psychic readingMany people are looking to have questions answered or need insight into the future. You are not alone if you feel that you are missing key pieces of information about yourself. A psychic reading can really help you gain new insight and get a new perspective. Connecting to your spiritual side is an important aspect of life. Before you decide to have a psychic reading done, it might be a good idea to consider the different ways that exist.

Different Methods and Types of Psychic Readings

Not only are there a variety of different type of psychic readings that you can have done, but there are different methods for having the readings performed. Some of the most popular types of psychic readings are tarot, medium, palmistry and pendulums. However, you do not necessarily have to be face to face with a psychic to have a reading performed. There are a variety of different methods for psychic readings.

Here are the most common and convenient ways to get a psychic reading:


There are many different phone psychic services that give you fast access to a reading over the phone. This allows you to gain insight from the comfort of your home. The type of psychic readings that are done over the phone are normally tarot readings or astrology, but they can vary based on your preferences. Getting a psychic reading over the phone has grown in popularity over the years and become one of the most popular methods. I like to use psychic source for phone readings.


Due to technological advancements, you do not necessarily have to be in the exact same location as your psychic reader. Skype allows you to see your psychic reader from two different locations, but it still puts you up close and personal. This method for getting your psychic reading done is not quite as popular and is still in the beginning stages. However, as skyping becomes more prominent, more and more people will get their psychic reading done through skype.  Psychic Source offer something similar via their chat system.

Find out more about all the different types of readings including psychic text chat (eg skype) in my full guide to getting the best psychic readings online

Face to Face

tarot-cards-219419_640This might be the old fashioned method for getting your psychic reading, but it is the way that most people are comfortable with. In order to have a face to face reading you have to go to the psychic reader or they have to come to you. The type of reading that can be performed is not limited since you are both in the same location.

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  1. I enjoy reading your blogs and pages related to psychic readings. As far as psychic readings over the phone, I think a reading that is done over the phone, by its very nature, uses an energy that is untainted, and more pure. Although I Brenda Renee am a psychic/clairvoyant ( owner of http://PhonePsychicReading.com ) I still prefer to have a few psychic readings myself over the phone from psychic sites that I find like yours! Thank you for letting me comment and would like to leave reviews for you too sometime 😉

  2. Psychic reading has long fascinated me and so I’m thinking of trying it out once and for all. You suggested convenient ways to get a psychic reading and I didn’t know such ways exist! I thought it’s just the traditional way of in-person meeting. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. Thanks for explaining how a face to face psychic reading is a comfortable way to do the reading. I know I would prefer to meet with the person face to face to ensure that I get to know them a bit. I want to get a reading, so I’ll have to find one that does face to face readings.

  4. When my sister was still in high school, she’s always dreaming that she’d been flying but only up to roof level. She cannot go up higher than that. She kept on dreaming the same scenario over and over again. We want to know the meaning of this, can you help her? I guess the best way to do that is the face to face method.

    1. Hello.
      I am a Phychic and mainly use my gift to help others.
      Your sister is bound to the house by her emotions. It is all very symbolic. Someone there is holding her back from her desires and dreams. I believe it is another female. First she needs to talk with this person, see if she will admit her feelings. It may seem like a small thing to this woman, but it is not a small thing. Your sister needs to let go of past harm or things she feels this person has done to her, regardless of how small they may seem. If the woman will not ask for forgiveness, then your sister needs to bless the past and let it go.
      She will never soar to the heights she is intended for, unless she does this. I believe you too, have some of the same feelings, hurts and regrets. You could do this together. Ask the Holy Father to help you heal, then bless the past, know it is for growth and let it go. Don’t bring those feelings to the surface again.

  5. My boyfriend proposed to me that other day. I don’t know what to do because I don’t want to get married if it ends in divorce. I want a way to peak into what the future will be. I’ve been thinking about having things revealed to me through tarot reading. Thank you for letting me know that there is no limitation for tarot reading when I am in the same location, face to face. After reading this, I’ll need to look more into tarot reading.

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