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Listen to a radio interview on this book:   SYNOPSIS Pyramids are now being found almost everywhere: in 1994 in China; then in Caral, in Peru, South America; then in Northern Italy and in 2005 in Bosnia. Today, it is clear that massive pyramids are a feature of many civilizations. But they remain controversial, perhaps more so than ever. Though Egyptologists continue to argue that the Egyptian pyramids are tombs, no bodies have ever been discovered in them. None of the other pyramids are tombs either. Apart from the Mayan pyramids, which are much more recent, the other pyramids are very similar, both in shape, size and age. Does this mean that each culture developed this rather unique shape on its own, or does it mean that there was a truly global movement – somewhere around 3000 BC? This is the first book to cover the new landscape of pyramids found worldwide. It describes the changed nature of the pyramid debate and offers science a challenge, but equally tries to answer some of the key messages that the last decade of pyramid discovery has brought us. It is a series of discoveries that has changed the archaeological world and extended all our horizons. “Really transforms the pyramid debate.”

David Hatcher Childress, author of “The Lost Cities”-series “A brilliant read, and one with far reaching implications.”

Andrew Collins, author of “Gods of Eden” and “The Cygnus Mystery” “Brilliantly done! I read this book twice in the span of six days. Coppens clearly did his homework.”

“His argument for a `New Pyramid Age’ is sound.” ARTICLES & EXCERPTS