Different Kinds of Psychic Gifts

Different Kinds of Psychic Gifts

The Psychic gift is one of the most amazing talents one can have. It is the ability to see, hear, know, understand and perceive what will be, what was once was and what is transpiring in this realm and beyond. Psychics have been around for centuries. Many psychics are born with this talent yet some come to know about it later in life. Being a psychic can either be a blessing or a curse for some. Learning about things and being ultra-sensitive can allow a psychic to help other and him or herself attain a full life, however having visions or hearing things when not understood can be seen as a psychological ailment. Acknowledging the psychic gift is a process that psychics have to undergo.

There are many kinds of psychic gifts. One may possess one or more of these gifts. Like many other talents that humans have, a psychic must sharpen these talents in order to use them well. These special talents use sensitivity, empathy and an open mind. Many people are born with this gifts but fail to know or understand what they have.

Types of Psychic Gifts

There are many types of psychic gifts. Each psychic can have one or more gifts. The more sensitive a psychics is, the more likely he or she is develop and open up other gifts as well.  Psychics are normally given more sensitivity than others. They can look into the physical and the metaphysical states of reality. Some of them can even travel through space and time using techniques such as astral projections or channeling their mind’s eye into a different realm.

These are the three main types of psychic gifts. These gifts can help psychics do an intuitive reading and channel into learning about things. Sometimes they can combine the said gifts with tools to create a deeper psychic reading.

Clairvoyance – Clairvoyance is the ability of having the second site. It allows one to see things that are to come or have already happened. People who have this gift can clearly see things that the future holds.

Clairaudience – Clairaudience is being able to hear into the past and future. They are able to hear conversations of people that is to come or they can listen to Spirit Guides telling them what is to transpire.

Clairsentience – A person who is able to know things that are to come. Clairsentience can be combined with clairvoyance or clairaudience. They can use their mind to sense and zone in on things.

There are also other psychic gifts:

Different Kinds of Psychic GiftsAura Reading – Everything around us have aura or energy fields that surround them. These auras are of different colors depending on the energy a person a thing has. A person who is gifted with aura reading can see the aura and help the person direct his or her life towards developing a good aura. He or she may also be gifted with Aura Healing, wherein the psychic helps him unblock the aura of the individual.

Apportation – This is one of the more special gifts. It allows a person to make a thing teleport or move from one place or plane to another. It also allows him to materialize things into existence.

Automatic Writing – If a person removes all distraction and allows his third eye chakra and his crown chakra to be open, he or she can use automatic writing. Sometimes this is guided by Angels or Spirits Guides who help him or her jot down possibilities of what’s to come. The person must let go of his or herself and allow the writing to automatically flow.

Astral projection or out of body experiences – This is a state of psychic and mind projection where in the soul leaves the physical body behind, normally through lucid dreaming. He or she travels to different realms and finds out different realities.

Biolocation – Also known as multilocation, a person who has biolocation can go to several different places at one time. This is one of the higher gifts and most psychics may not have it. This ability allows him or her to be physically present in one place and seem to be also present in another place by just using his mind’s eye. He or she can be either seen or be just an unseen observer in the other places his consciousness travels to.

Death Warning – A lot of people are given this gift and are not even aware of it. Spirit guides around us normally forewarn of us impending dangers that is to come to our loved ones or relatives in order to help them avoid those tragedies. A lot of these death warnings may be mistaken as just dreams or nightmares, however if this gift is develop one can see with certainty if someone is to pass on.

Divination – Divination is more coupled with other gifts and is normally a learned gift. The use of tarot cards, runes and other forms of tools to help connect the psyche to other realms is what we call divination. A ritual is needed to find out what is “divine” and connect this signs to what is to come.

Dowsing – Dowsing is often times confused with the divination through a dowsing rod. But dowsing is the ability to find things, but yes it does commonly use a dowsing rod to find object to where the rod vibrates to.

Faith Healing – Faith healing is normally seen in some countries such as China, Philippines and Africa. This is a psychic method or gift in which a person can diagnose a sickness without the use of any medical tools. He or she can heal the person through some ritual associated with religious and pagan practices combined.

Levitation – Levitation or the ability to lift one’s body off the ground. Deep meditations such as with the Buddhists monks or Yogis can allow a person to lift him or herself up because he has freed his mind from being bound to the physical realm and thus no longer conform to the rules of this world.

Mediumship – Being a medium means that a person can do channeling or connecting to people who are beyond this realm or who have passed on. The deceased can speak to them or through them. They are either held as a capsule of communication where in the departed uses their bodies briefly to communicate to their loved ones. They can also do mediumship reading wherein they speak to the departed or look into the past of the departed.

Precognition – Precognition or having premonitions is much like the clairsentience, however in precognition, people may not yet fully aware of future. They see glimpses of it through dreams and visions.

Psychic Surgery – This is one of those unusual talents. Here a psychic makes an incision or does surgery on a person but not to the extent of a real surgery. He or she metaphysically cures the sick person. The incision is not a major one and often heals right away. This normally goes hand in hand with faith healing.

Psychometry – Psychometry also known as psychoscopy is a gift wherein a person can channel information about something or someone by connection through an item that belonged to that person or pet. This is very useful when trying to find out something about a missing pet or person.

Pyrokinesis – The ability to move and manipulate fire. The person can use his or her chakras or aura to make fire move to his will. He still needs an actual fire because he or she cannot produce it out of nothingness.

Remote Viewing – Much similar to Clairvoyance, a person who has remote viewing abilities can see something even if it continents away from him or her. He or she channels her energies and uses her third eye and sixth sense to enlarge the scope of what he or she can see.

Scrying – This is a divination technique wherein the person can look for something or someone via a scrying crystal. Often used by witches to aid those in searching but it was also used in Egypt and Greece in the ancient times.

Telepathy – The ability to communicate with another without the use of words without the issue of space and location. All people are given some amount of telepathic abilities. Once our minds synchronizes, they are able to communicate in sync even through vast amounts of space. Imagine that our minds are like radio signals and everywhere else is field with static, to telepathically communicate both persons must tune into the same “frequency”. On the other hand some people have higher “frequencies”, some can even communicate with other even if the other person is not tuning in the same frequency as them. There are also even higher telepaths who can even read the minds of others.

Telekinesis – The ability to make things move according to your will. Now this involves higher mental and psychic abilities. Some are born with it while some are able to harness this gifts through years of meditation.

There are many, many kinds of psychics. One may have a multiplicity of gifts. Being a psychic is a life path that is both difficult and rewarding. It enables one to help others prepare for what’s to come; to have closure and even to change their destiny.

I hope you have learned much from me. So are you a psychic?