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Beautiful Clarivoyant

Beautiful ClarivoyantHere is my experience and review of getting a reading from Kristine from Psychic Source (my favourite psychic site) but if you’d like to just see a quick version of my top psychics websites list then go here.

Or go here for my full psychic source review.

Recently I had a falling out with my dad and it really made me feel confused so I wanted to consult an accurate psychic who could enlighten me with how I can deal with this situation. My very good friend who also seeks guidance from psychics recommended me to use Psychic Source and California Psychics. She has been going through a lot of sites herself so I know that if she recommends something then it must be good.

I have also seen psychics from these sites on TV shows such as Good Morning America and boy do they have really great testimonials.

If you have ended up here because you are looking for psychic source reader reviews then you have come to the right place, read on and I’ll tell you what I thought of clairvoyant Kristine.

Psychic Source Reading Review with Kristine

Psychic Kristine x8223 Clear, Honest and Precise
Psychic Kristine x8223 Clear, Honest and Precise


First Impressions of Psychic Source

When I visited the site itself, I had a good feeling about it. It looked clean and crisp. I saw the Money Back Guarantee right on the top right side of the page which gave me peace of mind and I know that if I ever did want a refund I could have one.

Then the New Customers Tab was highlighted right away so I did not go through so much fuss to look into what to do.

Right on the first page are the pictures of their psychics (probably the best ones they have). This made me feel at ease because I know that I am dealing with real people.

Beside the New Customers Tab is the Psychics Tab which gives you the insights about the people behind the readings.

New Customers Discount

As I said I don’t really get readings online so I was new to all this so I did not want to waste my time and money on anything useless. It was really great that they offered a discount for new customers like me and I got my first three minutes for free and I only paid $27 for a 30 minute reading (it is normally more but as I said Psychic Source gave me a promotional discount) whereas a face to face reading would have cost me more than a $100.

Easy to order a reading

Overall, the ordering process was very easy for a newbie like me.
Ordering a reading on Psychic Source was quiet easy for me!

After clicking on the New Customers Tab I chose the reading length and registered which took me only about two minutes then paid for it, after which I chose my psychic.

This was really good because it felt authentic and that they are people who are not after your money but are rather into helping people like you and me. They did not have any big obnoxious banners or popups.

Overall, the ordering process was very easy for a newbie like me.

Click Here to get the same discount code I was able to get.

So How Was the Reading?Psychic Source Review Logo

I chose Kristine because she resonated with me the most since she seems like a real genuine person who is gifted with psychic abilities. Also Psychic Source has helpful customer reviews on the website and she had really great feedback.

Kristine is caring and nice and she was able to give me a timeline when everything would pan out. That 30 minutes spent chatting with her had felt much like how I feel when I had readings with my Grandma Cissy. It felt very heartfelt and genuine. She did not sugar coat anything and told me upfront where things will not fall through for me and my dad. Overall her reading helped me feel better and not blame myself any more for what is happening in my life and my relationships. She was obviously not guessing things because she was able to describe my dad well. I really want to thank her for helping me.

Update After the Reading. Does Psychic Source Work?

It has been four months since I had my reading with Kristine. So far my relationship with my dad is still not as great as it used to be which was what she predicted. I still try to reach out to him as per her advice but now I feel at ease since she said that it would really be up to my dad (which has been the case). I have also been promoted in my job too which she had mentioned in our reading.

I am really glad I tried Kristine out. Clearly, Psychic Source really has some great readers and does work.

Review of my Reading with Psychic Source Overall

Different-Types of readings Psychic SourceI can say having a reading with the Psychic Source network was enlightening and easy. It was convenient, spot on and detailed. I admire this company because they are giving a service for much less than what people normally pay to psychics which means that they are more into helping than making money. The prices are not exorbitant. They do have free stuff like daily horoscopes which were spot on for me. I like reading their articles as well.

Overall I like the psychics they have and so far I can say that they went through a good screening process. Other psychics I have good things about (from my friend) are Therese and Ricky and these are some of the top rated psychics on the website. According to my friend both of them gave accurate and caring readings. I can say is that their service is worth every penny you will spend. A bit of clarity can save your sanity.

Go to to learn more. Or feel free to comment here with your own psychic source website review if you have already used them.

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  1. I really like reading your blogs and pages related to psychic readings. As far as psychic readings over the phone, I think a reading that is done over the phone, by its very nature, uses an energy that is untainted, and more pure. Although I Brenda Renee am a psychic/clairvoyant ( owner of ) I still prefer to have a few psychic readings myself over the phone from psychic sites that I find like yours! Thank you for letting me comment and would like to leave reviews for you too sometime 😉 I recommend people use the reviews at Eye of the Psychic or try Psychic Source. Thank you for what you offer… you’re a blessing!

  2. Greetings all,
    You seem to be only familiar with big sites.
    If you really want excellent readings, see my link below or visit or or psychicnetworkers on facebook.
    Our owner was just voted one of the top 50 psychics in the nation .

  3. Blessed Be, Cat Head!

    I’ve been a CP customer since 2009 regarding two potential love interests, both of which never came to pass–the former being my best guy friend whom most of the psychics back then assured me would leave his girlfriend for me, but he went ahead and married her anyway; the latter being a PLI whom those I’ve consulted with claim would open up to me if I did my cosmic homework (take action) by reaching out to him. Needless to say, both men effectively blocked me on social media. However, the second person of interest proved to be more receptive as I met up with him earlier this year–except companionship is off the table for now, as he would rather be a business partner than a friend (and, no, there isn’t a girl in his life, as he hasn’t dated anyone in ions, if ever). The best connection I’ve EVER had was with a psychic I met a few weeks ago at a county fair. Regarding the aforementioned person of interest, yes, she did echo what the CP psychics told me and also suggested that I keep in contact with him (she used the exact same words I’ve used to describe our situation–snail pace), but unlike the CP psychics, she zeroed in on my energy field and explained to me why *I’m* suffering from confusion and heartache, why *I’ve* been questioning my faith and overthinking or overanalyzing even the slightest bit of happiness that come my way, and why there is a humongous negative aura in my energy field, which she assured me wasn’t my fault but rather what I’ve absorbed from my surroundings. That is one thing that most CP psychics won’t share with you–if they can’t sense the negativity in your energy field through your voice vibration, the reading will seem like a broken record until you start to wonder if they’ve been telling you the truth all along. Whether or not they share your information with other readers, that’s a matter of further investigation beyond our control. In my opinion, face-to-face readings have proven to be more successful in my situation than over the phone because I hardly had to give additional information aside from my name and sometimes my DOB or sign, and because of my share of readings done over the phone, I’m not sure if switching from CP to Psychic Source would be helpful. Right now, I’m more concerned about focusing on getting rid of that negative energy that I’ve taken in from years of mental and emotional abuse. I’m glad you were able to connect with a psychic you liked–I wish I was that fortunate.

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  5. Hi, thanks for sharing your review. I am using Psychic source from 3-4 years n the solution , i was seeking is still there as it is. I ruined my relationship when I ve been told by Kristine, Seraphena, Arthur, Valentina, Jane that my relationship not gonna work. Cynthia and Bonnie were worst of ol, they were keep assuring me that my relationship is best choice for me and in just a matter of 2 months they contradicted their own predictions. I spoke with Bridgette, Rheda, Ace, Vincent, Carly, Leila, Anja, Narnia, Mackenzie, Christopher, Roxanne and some others who predicted for me which never happened…I cant comment on Vincent and Ace bcoz there timeliness havnt come yet. But they all gave me hope. Recently someone recommended me to contact a psychic Jeffrey Wands, I told him I have no job n money as I ve spent all i had on Psychic source as the predictions were not happening. He did not charge single penny from me and said this is not going to maary me and I shd move on…I am in relation with him since 5+ years n after lots of back n forth, I have accept the fact n move on…At the end if u want current situation based answers on PS, contact Vincent and Leila. They both are authentic.

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