Newsletter – March 2011

Newsletter – March 2011          Let us begin, as is customary, with Ancient Aliens. In early March, the team of Ancient Aliens came to our Los Angeles home to film six hours of interviews with Kathleen and me, for Season Three of a series that is tapping right into the Zeitgeist. Both… Continue reading Newsletter – March 2011

Newsletter – June 2011

Newsletter – June 2011          Ancient Aliens To continue the tradition, we open the newsletter with Ancient Aliens. “Season Three” of “Ancient Aliens” is set to air from July 27 onwards, and this for a stunning sixteen episodes. On April 12, there was a marathon session of filming in our LA home,… Continue reading Newsletter – June 2011

Newsletter – October 2011

Newsletter – October 2011          Ancient Aliens We continue the tradition by starting with Ancient Aliens. Season Three is now approaching its 16th and final episode and there are rumors that there will be a Season Four. I definitely didn’t think I was going to be featured so prominently throughout the series,… Continue reading Newsletter – October 2011

Newsletter – February 2012

Newsletter – February 2012          Ancient Aliens We continue the tradition by starting with Ancient Aliens. Who knew, in 2009, that Ancient Aliens would have the popularity and the shelf-life it is currently displaying? I certainly did not and neither did anyone else involved in the production of it! After 16 episodes… Continue reading Newsletter – February 2012

Newsletter – August 2012

Newsletter – August 2012          Ancient Aliens Yes, Ancient Aliens will continue! It was one of the most commonly asked questions of the last few months when The History Channel decided to hold back five episodes of Season 4, for broadcast in the fall. The reason is simple: season 5 was commissioned,… Continue reading Newsletter – August 2012

Newsletter – March 2010

Newsletter – March 2010          Welcome to my first newsletter. I hope to publish these newsletters quarterly, no doubt with intermittent updates when important or new information will become available. 2010 has started more than interestingly. I spent the first three months of the year in Los Angeles, working on some exciting… Continue reading Newsletter – March 2010

Newsletter – June 2010

Newsletter – June 2010          Welcome to the second edition of my newsletter! Ancient Aliens The last few months have been a rollercoaster ride… but what’s new? Throughout April and May, I appeared quite prominently in the History Channel’s flagship series “Ancient Aliens: The Series”. I was happy with the manner in… Continue reading Newsletter – June 2010

Newsletter – October 2010

Newsletter – October 2010          Welcome to the fall edition of my newsletter! Ancient Aliens As with my previous newsletter, this one starts with Ancient Aliens, but Season 2. After the incredible success of the first full season of Ancient Aliens on the History Channel, Prometheus Entertainment was invited to create a… Continue reading Newsletter – October 2010

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