Eye of the Psychic InvestigationsGreetings and welcome, fellow truth seekers, to Eye of the Psychic! 

My name is Iris and together with my nephew Pete, and some amazing authors such as Philip Coppens, we’re here to investigate all things psychic, paranormal, mystical, sacred and spiritual!

What Can You Learn About Here?

If you’re wanting to find out the best psychics online, know more about whether Aliens really landed on earth, discover newly found pyramids and other unexplained archaeological discoveries, bust myths and uncover hoaxes, discover if you have psychic powers, try a free online rune reading, read psychic reviews, or investigate sacred sites all around the world. This is the site for you!

If you’re questioning the realities you’ve been told and are looking for other answers, this is the site for you!

Warning: You can’t unread the info within this site, it may increase your spiritual awareness and make you question things you held to be sure and true!  As with everything do your own research and explore alternate realities with us at EyeofThePsychic.com!


Why did I start this Psychic and Paranormal site?

Initially I started EyeOfThePsychic as a project with my nephew to help find and document the best psychic readings online.

I know that finding a good psychic reading or reader can be exhausting so I wanted to share my experiences recently when I had tried out several psychic websites.

Personally I liked to have readings with my grandmother Cissy, but she passed away. She still sometimes visits my dreams, but I have longed for clear and detailed readings that will help guide me in my life.

Luckily I’ve found loads of great psychics and perhaps even more importantly, I’ve also discovered so much I didn’t know about the unexplained mysteries in life such as Aliens, Sacred Sites, UFOs, Crystal Skulls, conspiracy theories and so much more.

I invite you in to my website of strange facts and unusual theories and esoteric info!  Scroll down to begin!

Glen Lyon: the valley of the Sun God – Praying Hands

Feature Articles -   Glen Lyon: the valley of the Sun God In the midst of the valley of Glen Lyon ...
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The Mystery of X7

Feature Articles -   The Mystery of X7 In the 1960s, a series of telepathic communications were circulated that apparently originated ...
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Wupatki: a Toltec outpost?

Feature Articles -   Wupatki: a Toltec outpost? Did the Mayan and Toltecs of Mexico have a “northern colony” as far ...
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Giza’s Wall of Crows

Feature Articles -   Giza's Wall of Crows Giza boasts the biggest ancient sculpture, the Sphinx, and the last surviving wonder ...
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Viracocha’s voyage

Feature Articles -   Viracocha’s voyage Macchu Picchu, Nazca, Tiahuanaco… Though the major monuments of Peru are mapped and known – ...
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Fake porn – The Peruvian Ullo Temple

Feature Articles -   Fake porn The Peruvian Ullo temple with its giant phalli seemed to good to be true – ...
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venonae_3 England Sacred Site

In search of Middle England

Feature Articles -   In search of Middle England Rather than go in search of the mythical Middle Earth, for thousands ...
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White Masters in the deserts of China?

Feature Articles -   White Masters in the deserts of China? The discovery of Caucasoid mummies in China shows that East ...
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The centre and divisions of sacred Ireland

Feature Articles -   The centre and divisions of sacred Ireland Ireland has maintained its sacred division of the land into ...
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Terra Preta

Feature Articles -   Terra Preta In the depths of the Amazonian basin, a specific type of soil is found that ...
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The alien overlords

UFOgate    The alien overlords The drive to uncover “the truth” about the UFO phenomenon is often believed to be ...
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Doctoring Villas Boas and aliens on ice

UFOgate    Doctoring Villas Boas and aliens on ice In the late 1950s, Brazil seems to have become the testing ...
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The Mother of all Crashes: The Roswell Incident

UFOgate    The Mother of all Crashes: The Roswell Incident Was the so-called Roswell Incident of 1947 the crash of ...
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The kachinas: an alien intelligence, but not as we know it

Feature Articles -   The kachinas: an alien intelligence, but not as we know it For centuries, the Hopi of Arizona ...
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Are You A Psychic Empath?

Have you ever felt what someone else was feeling without even ever talking to them? Have you ever felt joy ...
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How to Interpret Clairvoyant or Psychic Images

The ability to see psychic images or being a clairvoyant is one of the most common psychic gifts. Many people ...
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Aura Colors and Their Meanings

Aura or the colored hue that surrounds everything in existence is an energy field that indicates mood, power, motivation, emotions ...
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Can Psychics Be Wrong?

I’ve always wondered if psychics ever make mistakes or if they get their signs and signals crossed. And my grandmother ...
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How to Create A Spiritual Protection for You and Your Home?

Our daily life is filled with both positive and negative energies. But of course no one wants to have negativity ...
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Do Psychic Email Readings Work?

Do psychic email readings actually work? I know we all have had our doubts. BUT YES, they do WORK. I ...
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My Keen Psychics Review

Is Keen Psychic worth your time and money? Hello, there again! I’m Iris and I’ve been reviewing many psychic sites ...
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Best Love Psychics I’ve Found

Read this article and find the BEST LOVE PSYCHICS I have found. Love is one of the most popular topics ...
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What Are The Different Types of Shamans?

When you hear the word “shaman”, what comes into your mind? Do you picture an old Native American tribes man ...
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