Twin Flame Separation“I have often felt the tugging of another soul unto mine. Since I was a child I had many dreams about a man who makes me giddy in my dreams. When I see him in my dreams I feel happy and at ease and wake up totally relaxed. I have often thought about him and wondered where he is. I have tried to find him among the men I have met in my life and have never met him. I longed for him. When I dream about him, I feel an intense connection that he is trying to communicate with me. I feel that he is searching for me too. It took me many lonely years, until one day I found him. But now I realize we cannot be together for circumstances that we are both bound in. Maybe not in this lifetime but in the next, we’ll be together…”

Since the beginning of time people have been entranced by the notion of soul and how it works. We feel that it is a fire that within all of us that burns to create our very existence on this planet. But more than the very thought of the soul, we have often thought and known that there is another part of our core that is missing and we long for. The thirst of finding this flame to dance with our own fire is so overwhelming at times at drives to the brink of loneliness and solitude. This is known as Twin Flame Separation, the split of the Core Spirit into two and the journey to reuniting the Yin and Yang parts of the Flame.

What are Twin Flames?

Twin flames are have been discussed and studied about since the ancient times. Many philosophers and spiritualists have said that when our very spirit was created, it was split into two and put in separate bodies. These two spirits are whole souls yet are matched together like a perfect sphere when the Yin and Yang are completed.

At the time of creation, we are placed into two different places and are destined to look for each other through a process of enlightenment and cleansing. Basically twin flames are much like soul mates, but on higher level. Soul mates are people who are connected with one another in spiritual level, bound to aid each other in our earthly journey. On the other hand, twin flames are like the literal flames that we see in a lit candle wick. One is the blue fire which is totally cool looking but burns cleanly and is very hot. The other is the yellow flame which rages and gives life. They do have the same characteristics but each one is of a male and a female energy. They complement one another yet they are totally complete by themselves.

Each individual flame of the twin flame contains with them a whole soul. This soul is also made up of both male and female energies. As this single soul journeys through lifetimes, it his or her task to find ultimate completeness and wholeness before he or she is reunited with the other flame.

Twin Flame Separation

Twin Flame SeparationNow we have talked about the how Twin Flames are born and created, we no go into the subject of Twin Flame Separation. After the twins are split from each other they are now born into human bodies. Sometimes a flame takes longer in particular plane and the other moves on into a different life. There is a big disparity on what place or time each twin made to grow. They often live life separately and sometimes do not even sense that there is another flame looking for them. They go into different relationships and friendships as life goes. Sometimes they find soul mates in those relationships but still long for their twin.

At some point they reach a higher consciousness. When this happens they realize that there is need to find the other twin. Sometimes your twin flame beacons to you by dreams and fleeting visions. You sense them in the air or in a song that you hear. You know their presence.

Unfortunately sometimes twin flames do not come together in this awakening at the same time. One is left to wait while the other takes the journey of growth. While separate the most important task of each twin is to find wholeness and be an instrument of healing for other. Only when this is realized by both planes that they will ever meet. The process of refining and growing may be painful and we must let it grind us in order to be the perfect piece of gem to match the other.

Reunion of Twin Flames

Twin Flame ReunionsSome are lucky to meet their twin flames in their very lifetime, but others are not. Once they meet they would feel a strong connection to one another. They feel the rush of the spiritual union. When twin flames meet, it does not mean just about sexual energies though there maybe that, but rather it is a matching of the spirit. They tune into each other in perfect harmony. They can speak to another without fear or prejudice. When you meet your twin flame you feel at ease with him or her. The first meeting is normally the honeymoon phase, where the two souls feel the joy of finally knowing the partner after lifetimes of separation.

On the other hand, some meet but they are not destined to be with one another. This is because one or both may be married already or the circumstances do not allow them to be each other’s humanly mate. But you should not fear, for twin flames are not just meant to consummate humanly love but more of spiritual oneness. It maybe that if you meet your twin flame in this lifetime and that they cannot be your partner now, that it means you must still take in more purifications and enlightenings before you are united. It may mean that you are just made to meet now just to give you hope for the real union in the next lifetime.

However, if the time is right and you are lucky enough to be partners now in this lifetime, then it means that both of you are destined for a higher purpose. When two flames meet each other, it means that they are now very old souls who have undergone much purification. You must now both realize your mission and together help bring about a better world for others.

Twin Flame Separation can often be a tearing process. But in the end it is about growth and enlightenment. The world needs souls who are good and pure and thus puts flames into furnaces to purify them. Do not despair if you still have not found your Twin Flame, be patient. In the meantime help your soul grow. Be the light you need to be.

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