Massive impact

Feature Articles –   Massive impact The possibility that our civilisation can be wiped out by a sudden meteor strike is a reality we have only slowly and recently come to embrace. And it is at Meteor Crater, just outside of Flagstaff (Arizona), that we can see some of the best visual evidence of one such… Continue reading Massive impact

Best Evidence?

Are the Indian remains of Mohenjo Daro and Harappa, their sudden abandonment and the apparent discovery of an ancient site with a layer of radioactive ash the best available evidence for the possibility that our ancient ancestors possessed a highly advanced technology – which might have included atomic warfare? by Philip Coppens Did an ancient… Continue reading Best Evidence?

10,000 BC

Catastrophism is a dirty word in archaeology. But despite not being liked, it remains a fact that civilisations have abruptly ended. And the biggest of all catastrophes seems to have occurred ca. 12,000 years ago. New research, however, might argue in favour of Velikovskian – if not Atlantean? – ideas. by Philip Coppens Catastrophism For… Continue reading 10,000 BC