Mayan Magic

Feature Articles –   Mayan Magic The Yucatan with its Mayan temples and pyramids is a magical land. But what these buildings reveal, is that the Maya seem to have placed major emphasis on magic. by Philip Coppens Magic: sleigh of hand, or utilisation of an invisible force? The magician will do the former, but will… Continue reading Mayan Magic

The Royal Stone of the Maya

Feature Articles –   The Royal Stone of the Maya Jade. Both for the Mayans and the Chinese, this was the royal stone, which connected the ruler to the divine. In the New World, we know little about this stone, so cherished for thousands of years, but slowly, we are beginning to learn more about its… Continue reading The Royal Stone of the Maya

John Major Jenkins Notes

John Major Jenkins Notes    FURTHER INFORMATION John Major Jenkins home page Chichen Itza Terence McKenna Viracocha’s voyage Mithraism REFERENCED BOOKS The Canopus Revelation The New Pyramid Age Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 Galactic Alignment Pyramid of Fire     CHICHEN ITZA LAY-OUT CHICHEN ITZA ALIGNMENTS MAYA RENAISSANCE IN GUATEMALA South American politics seem to go largely… Continue reading John Major Jenkins Notes