Unknown Masters

Unknown Masters    Since The Da Vinci Code, there has been a massive surge in interest in hidden dimensions to paintings, though this trend is, in itself, not new. Though Leonardo da Vinci is definitely the most debated, he is definitely not the sole or first to have hidden clues in his paintings. Fire, the… Continue reading Unknown Masters

Gustave Moreau: re-imagining history

Unknown Masters    Gustave Moreau: re-imagining history The 19th century painter Gustave Moreau created a truly unique style for depicting his historical and mythological themes. Living secretively, one has to ask the question whether he was part of a secret lineage of true masters. by Philip Coppens Jupiter and Semele Gustave Moreau was both secretive… Continue reading Gustave Moreau: re-imagining history

Fire, the John Gesture

Unknown Masters    Fire, the John Gesture In 1997, Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince introduced the so-called “John gesture”: a specific pose painted by Leonardo da Vinci. They were at pains to clearly identify the symbolism of the gesture, but with a little help of Hermetic magic… by Philip Coppens In the 1990s, authors Lynn… Continue reading Fire, the John Gesture

The Shepherds of Arcadia

Unknown Masters    The Shepherds of Arcadia Nicolas Poussin’s Shepherds of Arcadia is a painting at the centre of the controversy of the Priory of Sion. New evidence is able to offer a final analysis of this famous painting, which offers intriguing prospects on the worship of the dead… and the elixir of life. by… Continue reading The Shepherds of Arcadia