Oranum Video Psychics Review

Oranum Psychics Provide Video Chat readings.

My Oranum Review – Find out if Oranum is any good and how my reading was with them.

I personally like face to face readings. I want to see the person I’m talking to so that I would know if they are giving me their full attention. It also allows me to connect to my psychic more. In the past, I had readings with my granny, Cissy. However, she has now passed on so I needed an alternative.

Update: New Promotion!

I’m very happy to announce that from now on, Oranum offers a FREE reading up to 10 minutes.

(T&Cs apply)

What does this mean?

Upon registration of the new account (new sign up), you are offered to get 9.99 free credits just for validating your credit card. You really don’t have to pay for anything.
Depending on the price of the psychic, you can get up to 10 minutes of free reading.

Detailed and Helpful Review of Oranum.com

Face to face readings are expensive and hard to find and so I started looking online for some really good psychic readings. In my search, I found Oranum – a video chat psychic site where I can see the psychic just like a face to face reading! While I still am a big fan of readings with Psychic Source, I was very intrigued to get a psychic reading by video.

I heard some good things but I wanted to check them out for myself.  Now I have and I want to share with you some info on how to use them, important things to know, and if this site is worth spending your money on in my Oranum review.

Who is Oranum?

Oranum.com is a site that offers psychic reading services via video chat. They’ve been around since 2010 in Poland and started in the US in 2011. They provide a more personal feel to their psychic readings by giving you a live psychic.

They are quite well respected in the psychic community although they do have a lot of readers and some are better than others so it’s important to get to know a psychic in the free chat first, and also check other customers’ reviews.

Like all good psychic sites, they do offer a free reading replacement, if you aren’t happy with your reading, this is one of the most important criteria for me in choosing a psychic website.  Hopefully, you won’t need to use it (I haven’t yet) but it’s good to know it’s there to give us peace of mind.

You can check out Oranum's TOP 100 Live psychics by click on the link on the right side of their home page.

You can check out Oranum’s TOP 100 Live psychics by click on the link on the right side of their home page.

Good first impressions about Oranum Psychics

  1. Easy to use

  2. A lot of available psychics who can even speak different languages

  3. Psychics are available 24 hours a day.

  4. Lots of different services

  5. They have a blog and free horoscopes and other stuff.

  6. FREE live chat with the psychic!!!

Basically, the site is easy to use at first glance. Signing up was pretty simple. I just needed to put in my chosen username, password, email address. After that all I needed to do was to validate my email by logging into my email and clicking the link they sent me in there.

How Does Oranum’s Video Chat Work?

Each psychic reader has a video chat room that is free, and one that is paid.  When the reader is not on a private reading, they are available to see and chat to.  You can use this opportunity to get a feel for the clairvoyant or medium and see if you would like to have a private reading.

Whilst they are shown on your screen in the video, you either just type your questions to them through a chatbox, or you can also use a microphone if you’d prefer to talk directly to them.

They can talk to you of course and also type messages to you.  They cannot see you which is good for your privacy.

Oranum’s Free Psychic Chat Review

The Live Chat feature helps you have the chance to get a feel of who your psychic really is. It allows you to get a feel of his or her personality and style. Kudos to Oranum for this free feature.

Ok, so the free psychic chat feature is one of the best parts about Oranum for me!

It’s like being in a department store and there are loads of clothes on the rack and you want to know which one fits, so you try stuff on. This is just like that. You can click on the picture of a psychic who is live at the moment and voila!

You are taken into their “chat room”. It’s a public chat session wherein the psychic uses both his or her mic and also types into the chat-box (for those who don’t have a speaker).

It gives you the vibe of how the psychic acts and feels. Some psychics are mellow. Some are energetic. Some seem to be really intuitive while others are just full of energy.

You can ask them general questions about them as long as your question is something that does not need any psychic energies or related to getting something that you’d ask in a reading. If you want a reading, all you got to do is click on Start a Private Show right below the video box of the psychic.

What happens in the free psychic chat?

What I really liked about the chat is that you can get a feel of the personality of the reader. You just don’t buy a reading and then end up disliking it because you feel that you and the psychic are not in-tuned because you can watch their live feel and chat with them for free.

In the chat sessions, the psychic usually discusses a particular topic related to astrology, tarot cards, psychic readings, horoscopes, and the likes. At times, he or she may pick a guest in the chat and answer one simple question from them or pull one card from the tarot deck form them if they are lucky.

I’ve seen a chat session wherein a psychic drew out three Angel Cards and said that these are the cards for the day for someone born on that day. It was really cool. I spent hours perusing the different live chat sessions of different psychics because I love to shop but you can also just get started quickly if you aren’t a window shopper like me!

Overall I give a 5-star rating for the free psychic chat because it is a great way to get to know a psychic before paying for an actual reading.


How to Get Started with a Reading on Oranum

Using Oranum is easy. Personally, I hate long sign-ups all that sort of thing so this was great. After signing up and validating my email. I was routed to the home page. Here I can see a lot of psychics who are currently live and available.

The first thing I did was to click on a few of them. I saw that they did offer a free psychic chat so I went ahead and tried chatting with a few. I tried BENNETTandHUTSON, Energy Mastery, and Leelahel. Actually, I clicked on a whole bunch of them to get a feel of the people in there, but these three were the ones I’ve remembered and liked.

When I stumbled upon this page, I decided to sign up because I could get free credits worth 9.99. I’ll explain how the credits and payments work in a bit, but basically, you buy credits to pay the psychics. A credit costs about €1 to sum it up. I’ll go more into this later.

After that, I proceeded with getting my free credits of 9.99 credits. To get this, first, you have register your payment option. I’ll get into the credits and how to work later on. After that, I decided to have a reading with Leelahel. I’ll go over the details of the reading with her and what she said, next.

I give the signup and getting started the process a 4-star rating out of 5 because it was easy, however, I wish I could see the prices in USD.

Oranum Psychic Reading Review: A Video Chat with Leelahel

I chose Leehalel of Oranum to read for me because she had a sort of spunk in her. You can feel she is just not there to pull your leg. I like her honestly.

Leehalel is straight forward and honest. She was able to answer my questions directly and did not waste any of my time. She was caring as well. It was like speaking to a friend..

After going through different psychics, I decided to book a private session and get a reading from Leelahel. She seemed very authentic and spunky. In her live chat, she discussed not believing in Twin Flames and boxed up religions. I liked her spirit and personality. She is real and unpretentious.

The Questions I asked my Psychic:

  1. How is my marriage going to turn out?

  2. How do my finances and career look like in the future?

I won’t tell you all of what she said about my marriage and career. But what I will tell you is that she hit the spot. She was able to describe my husband, our relationship and what the problem is, and what the good things are about our marriage.

She was pretty straight to the point and did not waste any time. She said that my marriage is built on a strong foundation of friendship (oh well, I’ll spill a bit here then about what she said). She also said that I feel a strong connection with my husband but we lack passion in our marriage. Which is very true.

How accurate was the reading?

She gave me a very clear psychic insight into the future of my marriage. She also gave me some helpful advice about it. But she did not just give me what I wanted to hear but what her guides told her. She was very realistic and straightforward.

In my other questions, about my finances and career, she said I was at crossroads and felt confused about my life path. Which was exactly on point again. She told me the best path for me to take and what she truly saw would be my future. This gave me a lot of assurance on how to go about my work and feel peace in finances.

All in all the reading lasted for about twenty-five minutes. She was sincere and honest and gave me clarity.

I’d rate my reading a 4.5 out of 5. It was intuitive, direct to the point, and gave me clarity. It helped me a great deal overcome my anxiety about my career and relationship.

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Pricing and Credits

The prices on Oranum are based on credits.

Buy credits and get readings. Oranum offers reasonably priced readings where you can see your psychic!

Pricing for Oranum is done by credits. Each credit costs about €1. In order to get credits, you have to buy a credit package. Their prices are quite reasonable.

As you sign up, you do get 9.99 free credits which really helps you ease into the reading with about a few extra minutes.

Psychics have different rates. The average price I’ve seen is about 2.99 credits/ minute of reading. Some have higher rates especially those who have higher ratings and some even have lower rates even if their ratings are high. Basically, the psychics can choose how much they charge for a reading. They can change their rate and give out promotions as well.

A ten-minute reading will run about 30 credits on an average but it will still depend on the psychic you are booking or the day you are getting the reading. I’ve seen several promotions on Mondays and Tuesdays!

How to find the Best Psychics on Oranum

Oranum provides a wide array of psychics to choose from.

Oranum has hundreds of expert psychics who specialize in different fields of psychic readings.

So there are about several hundreds of psychics on Oranum.com at any given time. They have a quick shortcut where you can view the top 100 psychics who are online and live at the moment by just clicking on a link on the upper right-hand side of the home page.

Psychics are given ratings by their customers. Each psychic also has his or her own page that contains a bio. The Bio page has some info about him or her, the types of readings he or she can do, a calendar where you can make an appointment in advance. Sometimes psychics post promotions and discounts there to let you know that they are giving a lower price for their readings.

What Skills and Abilities do the Psychics have?

Their Psychics’ skills and abilities vary a lot. Personalities differ too. Some readers have talents such as:

  1. Clairvoyance
  2. Tarot card readings
  3. Psychic healing
  4. Reiki healing
  5. Pet psychics
  6. Astrology
  7. Numerology
  8. Palmistry

And so on and so forth. But because there is such a wide array of psychics on this website, try to be wary of those who call themselves spell casters. Some may try to trick you as they can tell you that you are cursed and ask you to book several sessions to remove the curse. This trick is one of the oldest psychic scams in the book. Fortunately I haven’t seen any one like this in my searches in Oranum. But I think it’s best to be careful.

I would give the Psychics Page 4 stars out of 5. Some of the pages are not uniform and some have more info than others. All the pages look neat and clean but I would appreciate it more if most of them looked alike.

Some psychics have better profile pages than the others and at times this can make people buy from them though others who have less on their bio can be really good but did not spend so much time primping their pages.  Go for a psychic that you feel drawn to from the video chat and from the customer reviews.

Tips for getting the most out of your reading

I think the best way to go about the reading is to prepare your questions in advance and allow your psychic to talk so that you can save money on the time spent on the reading. I recommend having about a 15-20 minute reading so that the psychic is not rushed and is able to provide you will all the answers you need.

Another thing you can try is booking a reading in advance. I’ve done this and it was helpful because in the second reading, I booked my reader a week in advance so she had the chance to tune into me more. I felt that she was calm and collected and maybe this was one of the reasons it was so good.

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Review of Other Good Features on Oranum

Oranum has many free features that you can use.

Oranum has many free features that you can use.

So aside from giving readings, Oranum provides a blog with a whole lot of interesting bits in it. I really liked the blog part. I like a reading and learning new stuff so this was the part where I need not spend any money and can just learn about new things.

Blog & Palmistry Guide

The blog covers different topics such as love, horoscope, Tarot, dream interpretation, and numerology. The main blog page offers articles related to Karma, spiritual healing, life, mindfulness and many more (this is beside the menu topics I’ve mentioned earlier). They also offer a short course on how to understand Palm Markings as well as a beginner’s guide to Palmistry.

Oranum’s Free Horoscopes

The articles seemed short at first glance but if you click on the title it would lead you to the full article. What I liked the most was the Horoscope section. It has free weekly horoscopes for each sign. I also really found the Yearly Money Horoscope intriguing because I wanted to know how the year will pan out financially for me. There was also this article about Moon Phases that I liked a lot.

Dream Dictionary

Another very very interesting article I found was the “The Real Dream Dictionary – Basic symbols”. It was a pretty cool and FREE way to decipher dreams!

All in all the I found the blog of Oranum very enriching and a place of learning and growth.

I give it a score of 5 stars out of 5. It was easy to read, entertaining and provides a great resource to people who want to know more about spiritual things and read more on psychic articles.

Overall Review of Oranum Psychics

Oranum gives many deals and discounts.

Oranum gives many deals and discounts. They also have a wide array of psychics which you can choose from. Their video chat feature allows you to see the psychic while having the reading which is really great because it feels like having a face to face reading.

Oranum.com is a great website for your psychic reading needs and I found it trustworthy and the psychics genuine and helpful.

You can have a reading via video chat. If you have a microphone, (you could even plug in your headphones into the microphone jack and talk into that!) you can talk to your psychic. You may opt to use a video cam so that the psychic can tune into your more.

You can also send in your questions and have the psychic do an email reading. You can also have the reading be done via chat. I think that using this video service rather than having a phone reading is fantastic.

The best part about this site is the video chat and seeing the psychics live on their channel. It’s like having a face to face reading for the fraction of the cost.

There is a wide array of psychics to choose from. You have the option to get “the feel” of each psychic by checking out their live feed in their channel. Chatting with them allows you to personally get to know them a bit before buying a reading.

The free credits also helped me a lot as a new customer. The blog was also a good resource tool. I found the advice and description of my circumstances, and predictions given by my reader Leelahel to be accurate and very helpful.

All in all, I would highly recommend trying a psychic video reading from the site. I think Oranum.com is user friendly, helpful, and reasonably priced and the readings are good.

So for all this, I give Oranum a score of 4.5 out of 5. 

Try Oranum now and get FREE reading for up to 10 minutes. (T&Cs apply)

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