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August 26-September 1, 2013 Spirits, Shadows & Secrets website

The Hidden History Conference (Visoko, Bosnia & Hercegovina)

September 7, 2013 SACRED FRANCE TOURS 2013 Secrets of the Cathars and Mysteries of the Magdalene (May 14-21, 2013)

In the Footsteps of the Magdalene (May 21-28, 2013) Created in December 2010, the Sacred France tours stand for quality, visible in the quality of our hotels, food, coach, and guides. Our eye for detail and knowledge of the region makes our tours a unique opportunity to see this region through new eyes. It is one of the reasons why in less than two years, we have grown to become the main provider of quality tours in this region. Indeed, most of our tours are described as being sacred journeys and initiations into the magic of this region. Many of our visitors come as part of a pilgrimage or to fulfill a sometimes life-long ambition. Click here for itineraries and other information SACRED SCOTLAND TOUR 2013 June 17-24, 2013

(This trip is sold out) Scotland is one of the most untouched regions in the western world, which means it has been able to retain its mythical past. From Rosslyn Chapel to the magical island of Iona, Scotland has thrilled millions of people over several millennia, yet it still feels “untouristed” and pure. On our 2013 journey to Sacred Scotland, you will be guided to this land’s most sacred sites, both ancient and modern, at a time of year when Scotland is more magical than ever: because of its latitude the nights are very short, and experiencing these extremely long days is a unique experience in itself!

We step into the footsteps of William Wallace, the Celtic initiates, those who entered the Celtic Fairy Realm, and many more legendary and historical figures. Please note that this is not a “tour” per se – it is a spiritual and historical journey, and we ask that everyone who chooses to attend arrives in the spirit of community and open-minded exploration. Experiences in this region can be very intense and transformational. They will also be just plain fun. Click here for itinerary and other information PAST LECTURES
by Philip Coppens has lectured since 1995 across the world, including:

  • Ancient Astronaut Society World Conference (Casino, Bern (Switzerland), August 18-19, 1995; Sheraton Plaza Hotel, Orlando, August 3-8, 1997) – Was the megalithic society the mother culture?; (Gelsenkirchen (Germany), June 25-27, 1999) – The Search for E.T.’s Smoking Gun
  • Frontier Symposium (Amsterdam, 2001, 2002, 2005) (in Dutch)
  • UFO Symposium (Kinepolis, Hasselt (Belgium), June 1, 1998) – Fifty Years of UFOlogy (in Dutch)
  • Saunière Society Conference (Gullane (UK), 1999) – John the Baptist in Florence and Bruges; (Newbattle Abbey (UK), 2001); (Newbattle Abbey, April 2002) – Perillos: The Grail Castle?; (Newbattle Abbey, November 2002) – The Setons and Alchemy; (Newbattle Abbey, 2003); (Dalkeith, April 2004); (Newbattle Abbey, November 12, 2006); (March 31, 2007) – Two priests, two estates, one cult?; (November 1, 2008) – The Mitchell-Hedges skull: a new understanding
  • Fortean UnConvention (London, April 2002) – The X Files and Modern UFOlogy
  • Questing Conference (London, November 5, 2005) – The Truth About Egypt’s Star Religion
  • Unexplained Mysteries Conference (Dorchester (UK), April 15, 2007) – The New Pyramid Age
  • Nexus Conference 2007 (Novotel Twin Waters Resort, Sunshine Coast (Australia), October 20-22, 2007) – Pyramids in Europe and Crop Circles in 2007
  • Megalithomania (Glastonbury, May 17-18, 2008) – The Mitchell-Hedges skull: a new understanding
  • The First International Scientific Conference Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids (Sarajevo, August 25-30, 2008) – The New Fire Ceremony: kingship & renewal as a template for pyramid construction
  • Middle East Project Management Forum 2008 (Dubai, November 18-19, 2008) – The Great Pyramid: a course in project management
  • Histories & Mysteries Conference (Edinburgh, November 22-23, 2008) – The Lothians: Land of the Gods
  • Probe International UK (St Anne’s/Blackpool (UK), March 28-29, 2009) – The Grail: From Myth to Reality
  • The Hidden History Conference (Visoko (Bosnia & Herzegovina), September 8, 2012) – The Big A’s: Aliens and Atlantis
  • The Paradigm Symposium (Minneapolis (US), October 18-21, 2012) – The Big A’s: Aliens and Atlantis
  • and at several small gatherings, such as the Edinburgh Fortean Society, The Moot with No Name, The Edinburgh Theosophical Society, and many others.


  • “People were enthralled with you and your presentation, as well as your panel appearances. You were a huge part of making us a huge success.”

    Scotty Roberts, Paradigm Symposium co-organizer

  • “You were very informative and entertaining. You are also a nice person and easy to talk with. So once again great to meet you and thank you for what you do.”

    Danny White, Paradigm Symposium delegate

  • “I attended the Nexus Conference last weekend and just wanted you to know how much my friend and I enjoyed your presentation. It was not only informative but very entertaining.”

    Veronica Wood, NEXUS Conference delegate

  • “I was looking forward to seeing this speaker more than any other because I’m a big fan of his articles […]. He is a calm and softly-spoken man who is full of knowledge. […] He didn’t let me down.”

    Ben Emlyn-Jones, Probe Delegate