StormJewels Psychic ReviewsStormJewel’s Psychics are a bit different from most of the sites I have reviewed, but the important thing to know is are they any good?

Find out in my StormJewel’s Psychics Review.

This site is not as well known as many of the others and is actually based in the UK, but offers psychic email readings around the world.

The email readings come in three different lengths (Concise, Standard, and In-depth) depending on how many questions you have and how detailed you need the answers to be.  I’ve found that the readers often go a bit over the word limit, which is nice to see that they care enough to say what they have to say.

They offer a sample of their readings, so you can get a feel for what your reading is likely to be like, as well as the style of each reader


Any Freebies?

Although StormJewel’s don’t offer readings for free, they sometimes have a competition to win psychic readings by email and astrology charts as well, that you can enter just by being on the mailing list which only sends emails very occasionally.

Quality of StormJewel’s Psychics

Stormjewel has a strict screening process for her email psychics and this is partly why her team is so small – only 3 readers at the moment, including StormJewel.  Sometimes having too much choice is baffling, and so to be able to just know that both email psychics are talented is great.

StormJewel, Evie and Maria – Review

Currently, the three psychics offering email readings are StormJewel, Maria, and Evie.  I’ve had readings from all of them and their talents complement each other nicely.

All are great at providing healing and comforting words (but also tell the truth even if it’s not what you want to hear.)  Evie is particularly good at this, and her readings are extremely uplifting, giving you practical advice on how to change your life – she told me about a great book to read.  Evie also uses spirit guides for help.

Maria uses tarot, astrology, and numerology (as well as psychic ability) and has also given me practical advice when appropriate, such as colors to wear, gemstones to keep buy you, and feng shui type tips and has given me some great psychic insights.

I’ve used them all for career and love readings and they were really good, picking up on some key details and very good emotional readings of the situation.

StormJewel uses Tarot cards, oracle cards, and her own intuition, and for the longest readings, she also sends energetic blessings to help you and gives you a free follow-up question as well.

StormJewel’s readings cost more than Evie and Maria’s, but do seem to be much deeper and in detail than any other email reading I’ve had from anywhere on the internet, and for that matter from the phone.  If I have an issue that I really want to dive deep into, I choose StormJewel.  If I need a second opinion I also ask her.

She has this way of really getting to the heart of the matter as well as giving lots of guidance and advice.  So I don’t feel that the future is just stuck a certain way, but rather that I have a choice to change the course of my future.

I’ve also found that so many of her predictions came true, so I know I can return to her year after year

Stormjewel’s Psychic Email Readings Review Summary

I love the fact that this site is small and personal.  When you order a reading, you are sometimes personally contacted by the owner of the site, Stormjewel (who is very nice, and this is something I haven’t experienced at other sites.) and she remembers her repeat customers which I like.

The quality of the email readings I have had has been excellent, better than other sites I’ve tried that offer this service, and all readers are lovely and great counselors too.

Sometimes (especially at holiday times) the customer service can be a little slow but the quality of the readings makes up for this in my eyes.

Price-wise, if you don’t include the new customer offers for psychic source and Oranum and Keen, these readings work out way cheaper than all of those big sites.

Overall these are some of the best readings I’ve ever had

For those reasons, I’m giving StormJewel’s
the ‘Best Psychic Email Readings’ award.

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