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How can I listen to your shows?

Click on a show in the selection window (right rectangular red box). In some browsers you will have to double-click, or click twice, the first click activating the player.

The show will then start playing. You can also navigate the shows with the navigation buttons (left rectangular red box). I can’t hear anything, what’s wrong? Check if the sound on your computer is turned on (configuration panel, sound device settings). Check if the PC speakers are switched on and turned to an audible volume. If that doesn’t do the trick, download and install the latest version of Flash, available here. Can I download the shows? To download the shows click the little downward arrow next to the show’s name in the selection window. Is this an MP3, a Podcast or online internet radio? It is all of the above. Each show consists of a single MP3 audio file, which is playable through the player on the website, downloadable as MP3 or you can subscribe to it as a Podcast – more information to follow later how this will work with iTunes. Is there a written transcript of the show available? No, there isn’t. There is a notes page for every show, which provides further information on each show.