The Aqua Corner  THE SOUND STAGE Andrew Collins British author Andrew Collins has rediscovered and entered a previously unknown cave system beneath the Pyramids of Giza. It had long been rumoured in myth and legend, and in 1817 Henry Salt, the then Consul General to Egypt, discovered its entrance west of the Great Pyramid. The discovery, presented in Beneath the Pyramids (Fourth Dimension Press, 2009), has implications for our understanding of ancient Egyptian funerary texts, and the Hall of Records of Edgar Cayce, as touched upon in many of his previous books, from The Gods of Eden to The Cygnus Mystery.

Duration: 44’26”


Christopher O’Brien In 1989, after over a decade in New York City, Christopher O’Brien moved to the San Luis Valley, in South-central Colorado. He began a private investigation of unusual documented events in the SLV which resulted in his first book for St. Martin’s Press titled, The Mysterious Valley (Sept 1996) which is in a tenth printing. His second book, Enter the Valley, continued his compelling investigation into documented UFO reports, unusual animal deaths, Native American legends, cryptozoology, secret military activity and the folklore found in the world’s largest alpine valley.

Duration: 50’36”


Fred Rydholm Fred Rydholm has pursued the question of what happened to the massive amount of ancient copper mined between 5000 BC and 1200 BC in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and on Isle Royale for more than 70 years. Apart from earning him the nickname of “Mr. Copper”, he also served as a three-term mayor and city commissioner in Marquette, as well as on numerous county and state Boards and Commissions. Fred was awarded the Distinguish Citizens Award from Northern Michigan University in 2002.

Duration: 43’40”


Andy Gough Andy Gough has written for journals and publications on historical and esoteric subjects and contributed to Simon Cox’s bestselling book, The Dan Brown Companion (Mainstream ­ 2006). His main passion is Egypt and he participated in the Eastern Desert Survey, an initiative to record and journal pre-dynastic rock art. Until its termination, he acted as a Director of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Sciences.

Duration: 44’51”


Cris Winter and Jim Honey Cris Winter and Jim Honey both knew Anna Mitchell-Hedges very well – Jim even staying in Anna’s basement, as well as republishing her father’s autobiography, Danger My Ally. Their long-time friendship with Anna and study of the skull and its discoverer has convinced both that there is a story to its discovery that is much deeper and more mysterious than currently believed.

Duration: 48’49”


Harry Hubbard Harry Hubbard has collected books, ancient coins, 16th century maps, ancient artefacts and early 20th century electrical devices, etc. His studies of mounds and Native American cultures brought him to the Burrows’ Cave enigma, which resulted in the foundation of Ptolemy Productions, Inc. and Alexander Helios, Inc. He lived, worked and travelled about in Mexico for a year before returning to finish writing Tomb Chronicles, his first-hand involvement into the Burrows’ Cave saga.

Duration: 47’38”


Jeremy Narby Jeremy Narby is an anthropologist and writer. Narby grew up in Canada and Switzerland, studied history at the University of Canterbury, and received a doctorate in anthropology from Stanford University. Narby spent several years living with the Ashaninca in the Peruvian Amazon, which led him to the writing of “The Cosmic Serpent”, the first of three books that try to make the Western world aware of shamanism.

Duration: 47’00”


John Major Jenkins John Major Jenkins is an independent researcher who has devoted himself to reconstructing ancient Mayan cosmology and philosophy. Since 1986, he has travelled to Mexico and Central America and has lectured at The Institute of Maya Studies in Miami, The Maya Calendar Congress in Mexico, The Esalen Institute, etc.

Duration: 49’05”


Ralph Ellis Ralph Ellis (born 1958) is a British writer and pilot. Ellis’ prime areas of interest are ancient mysteries, megaliths, and ‘revisionary’ theological history. He is known for having a lateral, open-minded view on history and religion. One of the main themes running through his books is that the early Israelites were the Hyksos pharaohs of Egypt.

Duration: 47’20”