Published by Frontier Publishing & Adventures Unlimited Press.   To order Or Rosslyn Chapel guided visits   A unique 2h30 visit to Rosslyn Chapel and Roslin Glen you will never forget… Learn its Masonic and Templar secrets, and where the secrets are hidden… and revealed.

Tour details Rosslyn Chapel (90 minutes)

  The tour begins with a brief overview of the chapel, its history and the intentions of the builder, William Sinclair. The role of the Sinclair family in Scottish history is explained, as well as their role in Templar and Masonic traditions. The tour around the chapel retraces the various clues in their proper context, with the aim to unravel the final mystery… which in the end will stare us straight in the face ! It will reveal why the chapel became the focus of Masonic attention and rituals, and what the “Secret” could be that the Sinclairs cherished with the Scottish royals – and they alone…

Along the way, we will point out the carvings of an alleged Masonic initiation, access to the notorious crypt and the location of a secret tunnel – so far not investigated and the topic of a feud between its discoverer and the authorities.

Rosslyn Castle (30 minutes)

A brief overview of the castle and the location of the original chapel. Note: the interior of the castle is in private ownership and not accessible to the general public (and our group). The tour will limit itself to the grounds.

Roslin Glen (weather permitting and with sufficient interest) (30 minutes)

An optional excursion taking in parts of the glen, and the “Lynn” from which the glen derived its name takes us towards the answer why the Sinclairs favoured this glen as their residence. Note: if the visit to the Glen does not occur, the available time normally allows for further questions and discussions inside the visitors’ centre.

Extended visit: Temple (1 hour) or the Pentlands (length optional – 2 hour maximum)

(transport available for a group of maximum 3 people – own arrangements required for larger parties. The Pentlands excursion is specifically subject to weather conditions.)

A visit to the remains of Temple, the church and grounds which were the headquarters of the Knights Templar in Scotland, or to the Pentland Hills, the favoured hunting grounds of the Sinclair and Scottish royalty.

Costs A guided visit to Rosslyn Chapel costs £ 80 per group (maximum size 30), excluding entrance fees.

The extended visit (one option) costs an additional £ 20. Alternatively, information on the extended excursion can be delivered as part of the Rosslyn visit, with the visitor independently visiting the excursion(s). Booking Enquiry Form

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