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Atlantis Found! My involvement with so much of the mysteries of the ancient world began in the early 1990s, when I was entrusted with the material of a Belgian historian, Marcel Mestdagh. Almost twenty years later, New Page books’ anthology Exposed, Uncovered & Declassified: Lost Civilizations & Secrets Of the Past gave me the opportunity to relive Mestdagh’s research, in the first step of what will become a study that will take up some years before a major book on this man and the lost civilization will be published. But as a first step, read an overview of Mestdagh’s findings on the subject matter, which will show that the civilization of Atlantis was real and that the findings of Mestdagh, once properly understood, will transform the history of the ancient world forever. Other contributors to this anthology are Erich von Daniken, Frank Joseph, Nick Redfern, Thomas G. Brophy, William Bramley, Adrian Gilbert, and many others. December 4, 2011

Launch of the Feather of Life Program I am happy to announce the launch of the Feather of Life Program. This program is a series of five 90 minute webinars that brings back the Wisdom Tradition of Ancient Egypt. To see a free, 45′ webinar recording of the introductory session, go here. December 3, 2011

Confirmation of the 2012 “End date” We have little over a year to go before the Mayan Long Count Calendar “end date” of December 21, 2012. Until recently, the only archaeological discovery containing a reference to this event was an inscription on the site of Tortuguero. But on December 1, 2011, Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History announced it had identified a second reference to the date, on a carved fragment at Comalcalco, a ruin near Tortuguero. The inscription is on the face of a brick. Comalcalco is unusual among Mayan temples in that it was constructed of bricks.

Arturo Mendez, a spokesman for the Institute, said the fragment of inscription had been discovered years ago and has been thoroughly studied. It is not on display and is kept in storage at the institute. For all things to do with the Mayan Long Count Calendar and what these inscriptions mean, see my 2012 ebook or DVD. November 2, 2011

The Ancient Aliens have arrived! I am extraordinarily proud to announce the arrival of my new book, The Ancient Alien Question. The newborn actually arrived two weeks early, as Barnes & Nobles is doing a special in-shop promotion, which will be repeated in the run-up to Christmas. Of course, the book is also available on There is a massive promotion campaign associated with the book, across television, print and especially radio. I have done approximately twenty out of more than forty scheduled shows. Visit my Facebook page, where I will keep you posted where I am when.

I would like to thank and congratulate everyone at New Page books for an extremely beautifully produced book. Ebook editions will follow shortly, later followed by a number of foreign editions. I am told there are actually five publishers interested in a Russian edition!

Finally, I need to share this lovely story: “My son just cajoled me into buying him a copy as well – he’s 6. He and his brother play “Ancient Aliens” and he always wants to be you. His brother is always Giorgio. He says that he knows he won’t be able to understand the whole book, but he will be very happy to have it on his shelf next to his Indiana Jones Crystal Skull. You are inspiring greatness and inquisitiveness in my children – THANK YOU!” November 1, 2011

Triangles for Atlantis Rising Issue 90 (November-December 2011) of Atlantis Rising this time includes my contribution on the Triangular Lodge in Rushton, England. Other articles are Indians and their alien folklore, reincarnation, Christopher Dunn on the pyramids, the effigy mounds, and much more. In the US, Atlantis Rising is newsstand and available from bookshops Barnes & Nobles. You download a PDF from their website, optimized for the iPad. October 31, 2011

Remembering the Innocents In Scotland, I live on the spot where, on Halloween 1590, allegedly 200 witches raised the devil, in an effort to kill King James VI, on his return from Denmark with his wife Queen Anne. Whether the coven happened or not, is up for debate, though there is sufficient evidence that shows that groups of people at the time were practicing “alternative forms of medicine”, including several midwives. The group was rounded up, and virtually all were burnt as witches. James VI decided to follow a vogue that was popular in Europe, in an effort to show to “his” people that “evil” lurked amongst them – and everyone was a suspect… and could be rounded up. Since a few years, because of where I live, I take today as the day to remember those that died innocently. September 12, 2011

The Ancient Aliens Webinar: Questions & Answers On September 20, 2011, I will take you beyond the popular History Channel series and expand on my vision of what the Ancient Alien Theories are. This is a unique opportunity to interact with me and ask the questions that have always been on your mind, as well as hear what is on other people’s mind. The webinar starts at 9pm EST, last two hours, and costs 9.99 dollars. You can register here. September 1, 2011

The Great Work in Atlantis Rising Issue 89 (September-October 2011) of Atlantis Rising this time includes my contribution on the enigmatic alignment of building just outside of Paris, the Great Work of French President Mitterrand. Other articles are on Ancient Astronauts, Nicholas Roerich, Out of Body Experiences, Time dilation, Atlantis, and much more. In the US, Atlantis Rising is newsstand and available from bookshops Barnes & Nobles. August 14, 2011

We Were Rocked After two successful Sacred France 2011 trips in July, we travelled to Spain, for a few days of relaxation in the lovely Port Lligat, in the shadow of the home of Salvador Dali, before taking in Girona and Montserrat. Then we made our way back north, to Carnac and onwards Mont-St-Michel, via Rocamadour, with Paris, London and North Berwick on the final legs of our journey.

My passion for Dali is long-standing and deep and it was a delight to see the surroundings in which he lived and painted. To see the harbour and clouds at Port Lligat that he painted and transformed in his unique style was astonishing, as were the Black Madonnas of Montserrat and Rocamadour, both remarkable sites that totally spell-bounded us, as both are remarkable Black Madonnas.

Though we had visited Carnac and Mont-St-Michel in April, at the time, we simply had too little time and so spent longer at the key sites, and this lead to some amazing insights into the origins of the megalithic culture that in essence will rewrite history. In two short days, so many pieces of the megalithic puzzle came together, that it was simply astonishing to behold how new pieces of the puzzle almost jumped into the correct place on their own. So much history of Carnac is ill-understood, because it is largely only in the hands of archaeology, who have little to no interest in history and putting things in context.

Along the way, we made sure to have fun entertainment, which in London came in the shape of the musical We Will Rock You and a visit to Legoland. Waiting for a ride in Windsor, it was a delight to see a slide pop up on a television monitor that spoke of the work of Joseph Davidovits absolutely matter-of-factly, showing how open-minded the producers of Legoland are. And so, on the second leg of our seven week trip, as during the first trip, we were indeed… rocked to the core. August 1, 2011

The Electronic Stone Puzzle I am very happy to announce the release of “The Stone Puzzle of Rosslyn Chapel” as an eBook. The book is available for the Kindle, iPad, Nook and Sony ebook readers. Since its second edition in 2004, much has changed and this is therefore a totally updated edition of the book. It has also been adapted so that it can more easily be used as an eGuide, for those tourists equipped with gadgets like iPhones, iPod Touches, and like, which allow for eBook integration/reading. The price for the eBook is $9.99. August 1, 2011

Murder in the Vatican Though the history of the Vatican is one full of blood and murder, it is rare that a murder is committed within the walls of the Vatican itself. But that is what happened when Swiss Guard Estermann was assassinated. Ruled – quickly – to be a murder-suicide, more than a decade on, evidence and testimony suggests that what happened was far more interesting than a homosexual relationship gone wrong. For more details, buy the August-September 2011 number (18.5) of NEXUS Magazine. July 24, 2011

Sacred France 2011 The first and inaugural Sacred France 2011 tours are finished. If I say so myself: they were a stunning success. We showed 80-odd people the beauty, magic and mystery of the Languedoc, focusing specifically on the Cathars and the importance of Mary Magdalene. Seeing people react to the sites was truly wonderful, as each one responded to specific sites. One person asked whether we could leave her for several days at Notre-Dame-de-Marceille, while others were healed by climbing the castles of Lastours and Montsegur and moved by the dozens of other sites. That we were able to enter the Magdalene grotto at Carol was a true miracle and will forever symbolize the various qualities that went into making this tour happen. But it was the site of the executions of 180-odd Cathars in the gorge of Minerve that created genuine anomalies: on the first trip, during a brief meditation, all sound – the animals and the wind – simply ceased to be, while on the second trip, during the meditation, it drizzled rain from a cloudless sky! Not to be outdone, Rennes-le-Château, during the angelic music played by Devayani decided to have the birds congregate in front of the piano and join in the music. Magical. Above all, however, was the warmth, love and transformation of the people to whom we showed “our” France.

It was over the course of these two trips – with a third one to come in October – that we realized how truly pioneering this trip was. No-one has ever done trips for more than 15-20 people in this region. To travel with groups of forty in large coaches is simply unheard of and had never been done. The second group visited the Angel Gallery in Alet-les-Bains – a magical place – on its opening day and the mayor of Alet came to witness our arrival, as no-one in the village believed that a coachload full of tourists would ever visit Alet or the Gallery. At other sites, our arrival was literally the talk of the town and people came out to see the bus. This region of France can only survive from tourism and needs coachloads of them to do so. Sacred France 2011 was the first organization to attempt this, and succeed. And knowing that we have contributed to shine a beacon of hope for the economic survival of this region makes our heart fill with joy.

We made dozens of new friends, both on our tour and in the people we met along the way, making this an unforgettable experience. It was an organization nine months in the making, but the birth of Sacred France was the most joyous of events. And will live forever. Demori. July 1, 2011

Climbing Mountains in Atlantis Rising Issue 88 (July-August 2011) of Atlantis Rising this time includes my contribution on the mysterious little French village of Bugarach, which is linked with the Ark of the Covenant, as well as that great French writer, Jules Verne. Other articles tackle the “angel effect”, whether Atlantis has been found in Spain, the discovery of bones in Rosslyn Chapel, and the mystery of the Hammonasett Line. In the US, Atlantis Rising is newsstand and available from bookshops like Borders and Barnes & Nobles. May 17, 2011

My first eBook – on 2012 – has launched! We are roughly 18 months away from December 21, 2012 and when you look at the world, you might think – or hope? – that it is indeed coming to an end. In that world, the “2012 phenomenon” is raging. Wild speculation is rampant and the Mayan calendar is used and abused for a variety of things. It is a time of change. And the new wave of electronic publishing is just one of those major changes that is happening all around is.

Marry the two together, and the result is “2012, Science or Fiction?” With the help of Digital Journeys and its president, Kees Zegers, a dream has come true: to offer a multimedia experience to knowledge seekers. Apart from the normal text, this ebook also contains links to websites where you can find out more details, video interviews where I answer questions to do with the contents of each chapter, and more. Indeed, did you know this is definitely one of the first, and maybe the first ebook, especially on the iBookstore platform, that is incorporating, in the main body of text, video?

Most importantly, what you will learn and read about 2012 is innovative, but also vitally important… this book shows you what 2012 is about, what matters, what to expect, and what to take away from it and apply to you! It is essential reading for everyone, both to understand what 2012 was all about, and what our times are all about… May 1, 2011

Doubling up for Atlantis Rising Issue 87 (May-June 2011) of Atlantis Rising includes two articles by my hand, one on the Egyptian Revolution and the other on the Virgin of Kazan. Editor Doug Kenyon decided to run two articles by one author in the same issue – a first – because of the extraordinary events that occurred in Egypt in late January. Other articles include cold fusion, Nazis and new technology, near death-experiences, geoglyphs, and more. In the US, Atlantis Rising is newsstand and available from bookshops like Borders and Barnes & Nobles. April 22, 2011

Christ’s Relics, Black Madonnas and Megaliths The first week of our trip through Europe is finished, and it has been a whirlwind ride through France and Spain – even though we were stuck in some horrible traffic jams! The indisputable highlight of the trip so far was without a doubt being in the presence of the Sudarium in the Cathedral of Oviedo. The Sudarium is the cloth that was wrapped around Jesus’ head as he was taken down from the cross. Though one of the most important Christian relics, it is put on public display only three times a year, one of them the end of the Good Friday service in the cathedral, when the Sudarium is brought out for approximately five minutes. We were on the second row in the cathedral and were part of one of those extraordinary moments in life that are hard to describe.

Our trip started, however, a week ago, in Mont St-Michel, definitely one of the wonders of the world, and one of the earliest sanctuaries dedicated to the archangel Michael. From there, we made our way to Brittany, where we were on the trace of several Black Madonnas, one life-size and symbolically watching over a labyrinth, as well as visiting the most impressive megalithic area in the world, Carnac, where Kathleen and I received an understanding into the megalithic alignments that will truly change our understanding of those monuments forever! I’ll start by updating my Carnac article very soon! March 30, 2011

There’s more to Compassion when it meets the camera eye Three weeks ago, I visited MAX and saw some amazing photographs of MAX, in essence emitting a surreal light cone. During the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull exhibition in Edinburgh in November 2008, we used a special camera, created by the modern genius that is Harry Oldfield, which also showed how that skull emitted a very thin, perfectly straight “line of light”; it could best be described as a type of “download” or “upload”, as sometimes the light merely went an inch or so above the skull, and sometimes shot upwards.

During a public display of Compassion in Santa Cruz mid-March, one of the attendees Celestine Star was able to capture Compassion being up to the same trick. As you can see, on the right hand side of the photograph is a perfectly still person, so this is not created by any camera-movement or like. As was the case with MAX, something anomalous happened when the photograph was taken and it only affected the crystal skull. The lines of light in the photograph are not “perfect” either, in the sense that some of them go in different directions, widen, shorten, making it clear this is not some trickery, but “reality” – though not as we know it.

The photograph was taken at the end of Joe’s presentation and is one of dozens of photographs she took. Joe commented he is “still a pragmatic old fisherman not given to circumstantial evidence. But how could the light move when the other items in the room do not show movement?” March 19, 2011

Satan’s Pope It’s with great pleasure that I can announce that together with Patrick Bernauw, I am now a published fiction author! The work in question is a Dutch novel, published by Manteau, and titled “Satan’s Pope”. It details the late 19th century figure initially recorded by J.K. Huysmans, a very controversial figure in the French occult scenes, as he was the author of La-Bas. The main focus of the book is Louis Van Haecke, chaplain of the Holy Blood chapel in Bruges, who was deemed by Huysmans to be a most wicked man, hence the title of the book. If you can read Dutch, we hope you can enjoy this book. If not, an English edition will become available in the not too distant future! March 15, 2011

My Name is MAX The day after six intense hours of interviews for “Ancient Aliens: Season 3” and in the week that it was revealed that SS Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler possessed a crystal skull, we went to visit MAX and its caretaker JoAnn Parks in Albuquerque. Of all the known ancient crystal skulls – of which there are only a handful – MAX is the only one currently travelling and exhibited regularly. Kudos has to go to JoAnn who has travelled with MAX for more than a quarter century across the States and beyond, so that people can meet MAX and hear his message.

It is my belief that the ancient crystal skulls were given to some privileged Westerners several decades ago by the Mayans of Central America so that the West could be confronted with new tools to experience the divine and learn the ways of the Mayans – an endeavour that has certainly succeeded. JoAnn related the story of how the skull belonged to an American red hat lama Norbu Chen who lived in Houston and who had received the skull in Guatemala and how he passed it to JoAnn. It sat in her closet for ten years, before he began to speak to her, telling her his name was MAX – and not “a rock in a box” – and she accepted her mission to travel the world to show the skull to people.

MAX is a remarkable creature – consisting from five different types of crystal, and carved in such a way that where the layers meet, provides an aesthetically enhancing quality to the skull itself. It was a privilege to spend a day in his company!

In a funny coincidence, the issue of Mysteries Magazin that ran the story of Himmler’s crystal skull, also featured my article on Compassion. March 6, 2011

Carrying the Bones of Mary Magdalene Life can be full of interesting and beautiful surprises. Some weeks ago, we learned – by coincidence – that the relic of St Baume, the tibia of Mary Magdalene, was going to tour Southern California, making its way down from San Francisco to San Diego. The relic is one of the most renowned relics of this saint, and key to her sojourn in Southern France.

Each day, and sometimes twice a day, a church had opened its doors so that this precious relic could be put on display for veneration, normally accompanied by a celebration of mass.

Both Kathleen and I had seen the relic in its native setting of St Baume – as recently as May 2010 – but the opportunity to see this relic while on tour in California was not going to be missed. A number of factors – and a very late and impromptu adjustment of our own plans – meant we saw the relic in Hollywood, at St Victor’s, on March 5. We were too late for mass, but were happy to see (as we entered) that the relic could be approached and even touched – in its display cabinet – by all those desiring to venerate it. In fact, you could venerate it more closely and more personally than in its French setting.

Afterwards, we made our way to the little (mobile) information booth, where through a series of interesting coincidences, Kathleen was identified by Paula Lawlor, the organiser of the tour, and we all got to talk, me with Father Thomas, the Dominican priest of St Baume whom we had see celebrate mass in May in St Baume and who accompanied this relic throughout California.

When the veneration was about to end, Father Thomas unexpectedly asked whether I could help him carry the relic to the car, so they could make their way to Montclair – the next step on the pilgrimage. And so I ended up carrying the bones of Mary Magdalene in what was a most surprising and unexpected and beautiful little procession. So I put Mary Magdalene in the back of a car… cool! March 1, 2011

Father Crespi’s Metal Plates in Atlantis Rising Issue 86 (March-April 2011) of Atlantis Rising includes my article on Father Crespi’s Metal Plates and metallurgy in the New World in general. Other articles include John Chambers on the Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King ’s channelings, Robert Schoch on experiencing the future, Josefine Stark on Secrets of the Seventh Ray, and much more. In the US, Atlantis Rising is newsstand and available from bookshops like Borders and Barnes & Nobles.

February 1, 2011

Extreme Right Secret Societies in NEXUS It has been a while since I had an article in NEXUS Magazine, but I’m back in 18.2 (February-March 2011), with the sequel to “State-Sponsored Terror in the Western World”, “The Knights of the Extreme Right”. The article shows how many secret societies have been infiltrated by intelligence operatives for the purposes of grooming terrorists and fulfilling political agendas. Other articles in this issue tackle Wikileaks, a cover-up of alternative cancer treatments, brain-to-computer technology, Alzheimer and paracetamol, and an extract from Karl Brugger’s rare book “The Chronicle of Akakor”. Currently, NEXUS is not newsstand in the United States, so US readers, please use the downloadable magazine from the NEXUS website. January 7, 2011

From Rosslyn, to London, and back Kathleen and I spent a wonderful ten days in Scotland and England, celebrating Hogmanay in the very heart of Edinburgh. Our trip had begun the day before by visiting Rosslyn Chapel. For those who have travelled with us, they know that whenever Kathleen and I show up together, mysteries are no longer safe. And though I have published on Rosslyn Chapel for more than a decade, this was our first visit to the site together, which was made all the more illustrious because the metal canopy, which was installed in the mid 1990s, has finally been removed. Though there is still quite a bit of scaffolding, Rosslyn Chapel has now mostly recovered its original appearance! We visited the chapel on two separate occasions, both in the company of our good friend John Ritchie (and several of our other friends accompanying us). While I am writing this, I just learned that visitors to the site are up by five percent, accommodating an impressive 136,000 people last year. So I am very thankful for the fact that the interest in Rosslyn Chapel is not just a “Da Vinci Code fad”, but continuing!

The first five days of 2011 were spent in the footsteps of Anne Boleyn, incorporating two seven hour drives between the nations’ capitals. We first visited her childhood years in Hever Castle, then onwards to Hampton Court Palace, and finally to the Tower. But it was in the run-up to, and the walls of The National Gallery in London, while admiring Hans Holbein’s “The Ambassadors”, that our combined minds not only made a discovery on the painting that we think might never have been seen before, but that we also uncovered a dimension to the life and times of Anne Boleyn, which is truly gigantic. The discovery is part of our non-fiction book on the subject and we will unveil all there. But we can say that the Reformation was not an accident.

Our first footing in 2011 was therefore a lot of driving, walking and exploring, but with great results. Watch this – and other – spaces! January 2, 2011

Atlantis Rising Raises the Hollywood Cross Issue 85 (January-February 2011) of Atlantis Rising headlines my article on the Hollywood Cross. Other articles include Jeane Manning reflecting on the life of Tom Bearden, Queen Victoria and her interest in the spirit world, Martin Ruggles’ take on the pyramids, the bones of Thomas Becket, Robert Schoch on politics, money and science, and the usual astrology, book reviews and columns. In the US, Atlantis Rising is newsstand and available from bookshops like Borders and Barnes & Nobles, where it continues to be the bestselling magazine in its category!