Road – news    November 28, 2010

World Explorers in China I was pleasantly surprised to see, last night, that the newsstand section of Barnes & Nobles stocks “World Explorer Magazine”, run by my good friend David Hatcher-Childress. The latest issue of World Explorer Magazine (Vol. 5. No. 8) features my article on the pyramids of China, as well as a most interesting article by David himself, on the quest for the Lost Dutchman Mine in the Superstition Mountains near Phoenix, Arizona. There is also the usual mix of information on cryptozoology, Professor Wexler, and much more news. November 2, 2010

Angels in the Darklore For the fifth time running, I have made a contribution to Daily Grail’s Greg Taylor Darklore. In the fifth volume, I tackle the subject of the Angelic Society. Other contributions are Dr. David Luke on the beings encountered during DMT trips, Mike Jay on H.G. Wells, Richard J. Andrews on crop circles, Nick Redfern on mammoths, Blair MacKenzie Blake on the occult influences of The Sirius Mystery and Robert Schoch on the moai of Easter Island. Greg Taylor himself tells how Martin Gardner bamboozled the skeptics in the case of history’s greatest spirit medium, while my old friend Theo Paijmans takes you through the fairies’ portal. As is usual, Darklore comes in hardcover and paperback. November 1, 2010

Another Crystal Skull Issue 84 (November-December 2010) of Atlantis Rising headlines my article on Compassion, the latest Crystal Skull on the block. Other articles include Gregory Little on the Hall of Records, Robert Schoch on Psychic Warfare in Romania, Steven Sora on Egyptian connections in Illinois, as well as articles on the power of prayer, vimanas, human longevity, Atlantis and much more. In the US, Atlantis Rising is newsstand and available from bookshops like Borders and Barnes & Nobles. October 21, 2010

Not 2012? Another 2012 headline is doing the news rounds: that Gerardo Aldana, a professor of the University of Santa Barbara, has identified that the Mayan Calendar does not end in 2012! Alas, that is not the case… as will become apparent from reading the articles under the sensationalist headline in the piece by Stephanie Pappas, who herself uses the word “may” when describing the Long Count Calendar “may” not end on December 21, 2012 AD!

As John Major Jenkins comments: “There is no actual evidence provided as to why the placement of the 13th Baktun period ending in the Maya Long Count calendar might need to be revised to a later date. The framing of the entire piece as a corrective to the doomsday hype is a false framing, since (as I’ve been saying for 20 years), there is no evidence that the Maya thought about 13 baktun cycle endings as signaling apocalyptic events.”

Entering into the detail, Jenkins adds: “The piece reports on the work of Aldana, which purports to show why “the GMT” correlation is incorrect, or at least not well supported. Throughout the piece, no distinction is made between the original GMT correlation which Thompson supported in 1950 and Lounsbury’s attempt to revive an earlier version of this, which placed the correlation two days later. Thus, we have a smearing between the two positions as “the GMT”, which is misleading because while it is true that Lounsbury’s work is flawed, as I showed in my 1992 book previously mentioned, the GMT supported by Thompson in 1950, which results in the December 21, 2012 date, was rooted in an interdisciplinary argument which included historical, ethnographic, calendrical, Carbon 14 testing, and astronomical considerations.”

He concludes: “According to the piece, Aldana apparently believes that “the GMT” was based largely on historical documents. This is simply not accurate.” Jenkins feels that it is a “misleading piece written by Pappas, which ends up easily being identified as yet another item of disinformation further muddying the waters of the 2012 discussion. Ironically, I could respond to and correct this misunderstanding of the correlation question by taking a half-page of quotes directly from my recent book The 2012 Story. It would be interesting to see if such a fact-based corrective would also be posted on multiple “science” sites in the same way that Pappas’s piece has enjoyed a widespread distribution.”

For accurate, non-tabloid treatment of the 2012 phenomenon, see my DVD and online course. October 7, 2010

Finally, another pyramid? The pyramids, across the world, are examples of a whole nation working together in constructing a monument that would withstand the test of time. In 2009, the Ward family of Leeds felt that it was high time that the nations of the world united, and built another pyramid. We are now a global village, and could we pool our resources to construct a symbol of unity, love and peace?

Since the summer of 2009, all nations of the world have received letters from the Wards, asking for their support for The Earth Pyramid. Amongst those who have given their support so far are Nobel Peace Winners Desmond Tutu and Jose Ramos Horta of East Timor, as well as the governments of more than twenty countries – several more requesting further details before being able to offer their support.

I had the privilege of meeting Steven and his family and getting to know the initiative in detail. The pyramid would contain millions of messages from people from all over the world, preserving their message for the future – in the hope that in 1000 years, this part of the pyramid will be opened. The pyramid itself should rise to a height of fifty metres; its location will be decided by a global vote, in which a school in each country is asked to make a case as to which country should ideally be suited to see this pyramid erected. As two of the messages read: “This world needs to work together instead of fighting.” And: “Peace is not utopia. It is about disarming our armed consciousness. Only then can unity be achieved.”

To learn more about the project, please visit their website; if you want to offer your support to this initiative, please contact me or the project directly. September 1, 2010

The Other Shroud My article on the Oviedo Sudarium is now also available in the September-October edition (number 83) of Atlantis Rising. Other articles in this issue are on Cygnus-X3 and human destiny, ancient giants and DNA, Nikola Tesla and the God Particle, Water Wizards of Arizona, The Bruton Vault and much more. In the US, Atlantis Rising is newsstand and available from bookshops like Borders and Barnes & Nobles. August 27, 2010

Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon Man-made 2009 was a difficult year for the Bosnian Pyramid project, largely because of financial constraints as a result of the global economic crisis. But for the 2010 archaeological season, a large international team was assembled and this has led to a series of advances. Apart from continued work in the tunnel complex, the Pyramid of the Moon has been designated as the principal site for this year’s excavations.

The Pyramid of the Moon is enigmatic, for a few years ago, it was not clear whether this was a natural curiosity or a man-made structure. A number of geologists noted that if not man-made, it was nevertheless one of the greatest geological curiosities on the planet. It could have been the reason why a religious complex – including other pyramids – was built by our ancestors to incorporate a natural structure that appeared to have been made by the gods.

But the most recent excavations, started in June 2010 and still ongoing, strongly suggest that the Pyramid of the Moon, too, is man-made. Its top surface has now been shown to be a combination of paved terraces and clay layers. There are vertically positioned rows of stone plates that separate sections of this top surface. Even more importantly, Italian and Spanish archaeologists have discovered artificially-made water channels that were clearly used as part of a drainage system. A number of steps, made out of sandstone, have also been identified.

190 metres high, the Pyramid of the Moon is therefore well on its way to be distinguished as the second largest pyramid on earth, but because we are confronted with one of the largest pyramid complexes in the world, it will also take several more years before the full extent and beauty of it will be fully unveiled. July 30, 2010

Fractal Time software released I am happy to report that Peter Meyer has created a CD about TimeWave Zero. Peter is the man who developed the Fractal Time software, a great application for exploring McKenna’s TimeWave theory. The CD contains the software, as well as a number of articles, detailing the TimeWave – about which many myths, misconceptions and like go about. To quote Peter – who co-operated with McKenna for many years: “There is a large amount of misinformation on the web concerning Timewave Zero. This CD-ROM is the primary and most complete source for accurate and reliable information on this subject. Any claim made on any website about Timewave Zero which is not supported by what is on this CD-ROM is probably not true.” For more information on the CD and how to purchase it, click here. July 9, 2010

Evidence of Tutankhamen’s European Ancestry Covered up by Hawass The saga continues. Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities Zahi Hawass has been found out, clearly sitting on DNA results that indicate the racial ancestry of Pharaoh Tutankhamen. Inadvertently filmed by a television crew, the results reveal that the Pharaoh’s DNA is a 99.6 percent match with Western European Y chromosomes.

The DNA test results were inadvertently revealed on a Discovery Channel TV documentary filmed with Hawass’ permission. On the Discovery Channel broadcast, the camera pans over a printout of DNA test results from King Tut – but receives no further comment. The test results show STR (Short Tandem Repeats) values for 17 markers. Once processed, they show that there is a 99.6 percent fit with the R1b haplogroup, which is the most common Y-chromosome haplogroup in Europe, reaching its highest concentrations in Ireland, Scotland, western England and the European Atlantic seaboard.

The evidence means that Tutankhamen’s paternal lineage was European, which adds further weight to other findings to do with the mummy of Ramses II, who had reddish blonde hair and Caucasian features. Red hair is virtually exclusive to Caucasians.

It will be interesting to see how (or whether) Hawass will react to this news, and how long it will be before this study is officially released – if ever. July 3, 2010

Talking about Glorious Information Friday’s I had the pleasure of being interviewed for The Black Fridays, hosted by Wes Owsley. We covered UFOs, the Island of Iona, Chartres Cathedral, and much more, arguing that what the world needs now, is a spiritual revolution… July 1, 2010

The Copper Scroll Conundrum An exclusive article for Atlantis Rising, on the Copper Scroll, is now available in the July-August edition (number 82). I argue that the treasure detailed in it, was likely found even before the Scroll was discovered! Other articles in this issue are on body wisdom, Easter Island’s mystery script, time travel and the US Military, Caravaggio, William James, and much more. In the US, Atlantis Rising is newsstand and available from bookshops like Borders. June 9, 2010

From Shrouds to Mirrors As many will know, I travel a lot. But getting to Turin to see the Shroud involved outrunning a volcanic plume… and barely making it! As no-one could confirm my planned flight to Turin would take off, I left two days early, in a total hurry. Even then, when arriving at Edinburgh airport, the flights I had booked just two hours before, had been cancelled, and thus began a flight to Gatwick, a trip across London and the fortunate coincidence that the Rome flight had, after all, free seats (in spite of what I had been told in Edinburgh). Just before midnight, I saw Kathleen and Conor in the shadows of the Pantheon. The bonus day in Rome meant I could – finally – see the inside of the Vatican (something I had not been able to achieve on previous visits) and with Kathleen’s The Poet Prince coming out, it was very appropriate to see the traces that the Medici popes left here – and elsewhere in Rome. The next few days were all shroud related: we saw the shroud three times in 24 hours – a magical experience, especially the final viewing, where we were the final group of the day and were therefore not rushed through. The shroud is a remarkable artefact and when you see it and read up on it, there is little to no doubt the shroud is real.

Then we picked up the car and began a 3000 miles journey, with first stops at Chambery and Bourg-en-Bresse, both locations where the shroud had been. Next stop – and party: the gypsy festival at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. Though I had visited Saintes-Maries before, this was my first festival experience, when the town grows to forty times its normal population. Seeing thousands of people revering and practicing their belief so openly is – especially in the 21st century – wonderful, even though this year’s procession was apparently more subdued than previous ones. We then stayed on the “beyond the books” paths with visits to Sainte-Baume, Avignon and Tarascon. An article on this will appear here in the not too distant future. Next stop was Rennes-le-Château, home away from home, where Toby and Gerda continue to be Martha to all those coming to the Villa Bethania. It was nice to catch up with Henry Lincoln, who is now in the garden on most days, and is “weller”. Things happen in Saunière’s garden by magic, so we ended up leading a group of Californian tourists who were exploring the Magdalene in France to her sanctuary in Carol, while Kathleen and I spoke about writing and being published to a Norwegian group who were on a writing course in the South of France. Kathleen and I met in Rennes, so it holds a very special place in our heart. And it is good to see that we are not alone, as more and more people begin to experience the magic of the place – rather than the silly treasure seeking that was once its most common appeal!

We then began our trek north, with first stop Beaune and a visit to the Louis Jadot wine caves. We spent a wonderful day in the company of Olivier, learning so many things about the alchemical process that is winemaking – and the expertise of its staff in accomplishing this.

Next was Vezelay, another first, before returning to that “other home”, Chartres. Restoration work continues inside and outside of the cathedral and there is a danger that in one or two years, the labyrinth will be off-limits because of this. We also learned that for the first time, the Church will not open the labyrinth on June 21, underlining once again the bullish nature it has in dictating who can walk the labyrinth when. Both Kathleen and I continue to be outraged, and renewed our vows to never stop pointing out this wrong.

The day was crowned with attending a concert of Lea Gilmore and Marc Borms, along with several other leading gospel singers, inside another beautiful church in Chartres. Lea’s voice is phenomenal and a great time was had! Our final stop was Versailles, to explore the palace and its gardens – where there is far more intrigue than most would believe… within touching distance of the Hall of Mirrors.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who was on or crossed our paths, and especially Mary, Isy, David, Snoop Dogg and the many “residents” and visitors in the garden… while we can only wonder how it came about that upon Conor’s return to Los Angeles, out of 300 people on a flight, he became the spokesperson for all things Lindsay Lohan! May 27, 2010

The Arrival of The Poet Prince Those who know me, know my passion for the Italian Renaissance, as it was a paradigm changing period in European history. For years, I have tried to highlight the work of the father of this movement, Cosimo de Medici, and his close friend, Marsilio Ficino. Now, my partner Kathleen McGowan has brought this period of history alive like I have never seen before. Her latest novel “The Poet Prince” is a true masterwork.

Though some might argue I am slightly prejudiced towards being positive to Kathleen’s work, when it comes to the Renaissance, I put the bar high. But “The Poet Prince” like no other has been able to show the depth, extent and beauty of what the Italian Renaissance really was. From the magical works of Botticelli to the passion of Lorenzo de Medici, as well as the evil manipulations of the Vatican and their efforts to stop this movement at all costs. Indeed, did you know that the Vatican excommunicated Lorenzo de Medici for the simple fact that he had survived an assassination attempt that had been ordered against his life by the Pope himself?

The Poet Prince arrived in the United States on May 25 and in many other countries and languages afterwards. In fact, Kathleen is now translated in 31 languages, which is phenomenal. You will laugh, cry and fall in love with not only the historical characters, but will also be at the edge of your seat with the adventures of Maureen and Berenger. May 6, 2010

NEXUSed I spent Mayday at the NEXUS Conference in Amsterdam, where speakers included the likes of Nick Pope, Marcus Allen, Jim Humble, Harry Oldfield and Andy Thomas. Several of the speakers are good and/or old friends of mine – though it had been more than a decade since I’d seen Nick! So it was great to catch up with them all.

The day before the conference, April 30, is Queen’s Day in the Netherlands, where hundreds of thousands of people descend onto the streets of Amsterdam for what must be one of Europe’s biggest open air events. Thousands of stalls line the streets and canals, many of them offering garage sale items. It is a sight to be seen, and never forgotten!

A good time was had by all, as is in evidence in this photograph, taken while out with some of the speakers. From left to right: Marcus Allen, me, Nick Pope, Harry Oldfield, Evy King and Herman Hegge. May 3, 2010

Following the Labyrinthine Path My article on labyrinths, created from the two articles on labyrinths on this site, is featured in the May-June edition of Atlantis Rising (number 81). Other articles in this issue are on failed prophecies, John Dee and James Bond, the Watchers, immortality and reincarnation. Another great read. In the US, Atlantis Rising is newsstand and available from bookshops like Borders. April 25, 2010

Anne Together with my partner Kathleen McGowan, I have launched a new project: Anne The second wife of King Henry VIII, Anne is currently one of history’s most controversial women… the new Mary Magdalene.

Now, you may ask, why focus on a 16th century queen, when there are no doubt greater mysteries screaming for attention? The answer is: true, and not so true.

The red line through all my research is to focus on the good, the bad and the unobserved. Often, this is done in the fringe sciences or historical conundrums, where few have gone before, or where there is great controversy, but not clarity. Well, the latter is definitely the life and times of Anne Boleyn, even though many have treaded on the subject. “The bad” as to how we have arrived at “bad history” and how that has become accepted, is perfectly illustrated in the case of Anne Boleyn and needs to be both exposed, and serve as a perfect illustration of how bad science works.

Kathleen and I intend to illustrate precisely how these manipulations have worked their way to make Anne Boleyn one of the most abused characters in history – through no fault of her own. In Anne Boleyn, we have a subject which will be able to illustrate aspects of our history, which pyramids or other enigmas are unable to.

At the moment, the site is embryonic, but over the coming months, it will grow into its full potential. See how history was rewritten, and how it will be rewritten again, to let the truth come out! April 20, 2010

Down in the Edinburgh Underground I had the pleasure of visiting Gilmerton Cove – an enigmatic underground structure in suburban Edinburgh. The cave complex is manmade – hewn out of sandstone rock – and sits just below street level. When it was made, no-one is sure of. It definitely existed three centuries ago, when a local blacksmith, George Paterson, enhanced sections of the complex, but the structure itself is definitely older – though, again, how old, no-one can tell. Some speculate it was used by the Knights Templar, others that a Scottish version of the Hellfire Club gathered here. For others it was a drinking den, or a meeting place of a secret society, or forbidden or suppressed religion. The complex has indeed three carved-out stone tables in three rooms, as well as a well that does not reach water, two passageways that might lead somewhere, but which are currently unexplored, and a number of rooms whose purpose remains a mystery.

For those willing to explore the Cove themselves, please note it is by appointment only. Many, however, take in Rosslyn Chapel and the Cove in the same day and you will not be disappointed when exploring this enigmatic underground complex. Click here to find out how to get in! April 17, 2010

Ancient Aliens Return! Both in December and March, I was extensively interviewed for the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens. Last year, Ancient Aliens turned out to be the History Channel’s highest rated show, and therefore, this year, they are back, for much more! On April 20, a series of five two-hour specials will air weekly at 8pm, finishing on May 25 (there will be no show on May 18). From what I understand, I will be in more than one episode and some of the other appearances on the show are by Buzz Aldrin, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and David Hatcher Childress and no doubt many, many more.

The first shoot in December was in the heart of Hollywood, while for the second shoot, the crew came to our home in Los Angeles, turning our living room into a veritable film set. I answered a total of just under 150 questions over the course of these two interviews on topics like crystal skulls, the Metal Library, ancient technology, and much more. The photograph is from the first shoot, with David Soper on the left. Can I express my thanks to Prometheus Entertainment and the entire crew for a most enjoyable experience, on both occasions and for the little gift received. You can also become a fan of the series on Facebook. April 2, 2010

Paranoia in book format The magazine Paranoia has changed from a quarterly magazine to an annual edition. I am very pleased that its first volume, PARANOIA: The Conspiracy Reader, Volume 1, is now published. I contributed an article on 2012, while other articles focus on the Apollo moon landings, Osama bin Laden, the Necronomicon, UFO abductees, Robin Hood, and much more. To order, visit my Amazon bookstore. March 2, 2010

Atlantis Rising digs into Giza My article on the “unknown catacombs of Giza” is the cover article for the March-April edition of Atlantis Rising (number 80). Other articles are on Solzhenitsyn and the supernatural, the great airship of 1897 and the question whether Native Americans sailed to the Old World before the arrival of Europeans in America. February 1, 2010

The heat is on in the Climategate debate The February-March issue (March-April for US) of NEXUS Magazine is running my feature article on Climategate. In late 2009, a series of emails was uncovered that showed that the “science” behind manmade global warming was defective – if not outright false. The article untangles the various strands and shows how science and politics in the 21st century has sometimes become a den of lies. January 9, 2010

Atlantis Rising probes Dan Brown Atlantis Rising is running my article on “The Lost Symbol” in its January-February 2010 issue (number 79). Other articles are on Roswell, King Arthur, Mount Shasta, Kundalini, Romans in America, a neurosurgeon’s quest for the soul and Mark Twain’s paranormal travels. January 5, 2010

The Spirit Revolution Begins Kathleen McGowan and I have started our weekly one-hour radio show, The Spirit Revolution, on BBS Radio 1. We are both tired of the apocalyptic overload that is being thrust upon the world in regards to 2012, and want to be a positive force for counter-balancing that fear: fear of destruction, fear of the “end of the world”. Fear rules, and it can rule absolutely if you feed it with ignorance. Our mission is to prove that 2012 represents The Beginning of the World, and feed that notion of positive change and hope with wisdom and enlightenment. Each week we will feature guests with similar and harmonious missions to make the world a more beautiful, joyous and abundant place for all. We will recommend tools – books, DVDs, websites, courses, programs – to help everyone on their path to a personal and global Spirit Revolution. Here’s to the journey – thank you for joining the Revolution! We are on each Tuesday, at 6pm PST. If you miss the broadcast, you can find archived material of our most recent shows on our website, as well as from iTunes.