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Find Psychic Jobs and express your true calling

Being a psychic is a very wonderful gift. It allows you to help many people find peace, assurance, closure and happiness. Many psychics have changed the course of history through their special gifts. They have given much, much more than any amount of money could pay for: an insight into the future or the past.

But how about if you are a psychic but you are not working as a psychic? I know that there is a longing deep in your heart to share your gifts to the world. You know that whatever you’re doing now, it is but temporary; something you just do to pay the bills and all. In the deepest recesses of your soul, there is nothing more that you would like to do other than be a psychic. Yes, you can do this. You can share your gifts to the world whether part time or full time. There is nothing more rewarding than doing what you truly love.

Ways of Making a Living as a Psychic

Many people do not see being a psychic as a calling or a job, but it is. It truly is! As much as a doctor works to heal, a psychic also can work to heal people. He or she can heal their hearts and souls. There are many ways for one to share his or her psychic gifts. Some do it full on and work only as a psychic, while others continue to live their lives and do their jobs while providing psychic readings. There are many ways you can be a psychic reader.

  • Face to Face Readings – Doing traditional face to face readings allows you to channel more into the aura of the person you are reading for. You can easily tune into his or her energies and ask her questions right away. On the other hand, doing face to face reading requires you to set aside some time and effort for you to conduct such readings. Some people love to get this type of readings because they can communicate with the reader first hand, while others feel too shy or intimidated to get a face to face reading.
  • Phone Readings – Phone readings have become very popular since the 80s. They allow you to conveniently talk to your subject without leaving your house. You can tune into his voice and presence; but I think most psychics don’t even need to see the person for them to get the energies surrounding the person. If a psychic is intuitive enough, no amount of time or space can hinder a good reading. Through a phone reading, the client can ask follow up questions that can help you visualize more into the reading.
  • Skype Reading – With the advent of technology, one can offer a face to face reading even without leaving his or her home. You can see your client if he wishes to show himself to you or at least he or she can see you which gives them an assurance that you are an authentic reader. In this method of reading, you may also opt to turn off the video so as just to show a picture of you and the client would only hear your voice or you would only chat with him or her.
  • Email Readings – Many people who seek psychic advice now lean towards email readings. This is both great for the reader and the subject. The psychic can go on meditation or a trance or read tarot cards in full concentration and allow his or her spirit guides to help him give a good reading. On the other hand, the client can really focus on the reading and read and even review the reading for the months or years to come.

Other Types of Readings

Well there are many psychic who are given special gifts which may be helpful to more specific needs. This can help people get a better answer to their questions. Special gifts can be something that people seek.

  • Biolocation Reading – In this reading you will help a person find something missing. Normally they are looking for a lost person, pet or item. This requires great concentration and channeling
  • Mediumship Reading – Many people whose family or friends have departed cannot find closure. They would like to communicate with their loved ones who have passed away. This reading requires great skill as some departed may have negative energies in them. This form of psychic session provides much assistance and closure to the people who seek it.
  • Healing Reading – Some people are tormented with ailments and believe that by getting Reiki energies they will be released from their pain. Most who seek this need their energies to be unblocked, hence you must be able to give out energies.

How to Find Psychic Work?

A long time ago, finding work as a psychic was very difficult. You were normally apprenticed to a great psychic master who guides you with his or her tutelage. Once the master sees that you are ready or if he or she will retire, then you will now become a full psychic. But in today’s modern world, finding work as a psychic can be much easier. The internet is now a hyper source of many kinds of information including finding work as a psychic.

  1. Browse Psychic Websites – You can seek jobs from psychic websites who employ many psychics. You might think, what if they are not hiring? Apply anyway! These websites normally have contact forms in them which you can fill up to let them know that you are interested to work for them.
  2. Set Up Your Own Psychic Website – Now this would be a little difficult. If you are computer savvy and you know a lot to get on Google, then yes this would be a great idea. However it may be time consuming to set up a new site and allowing people to know that you exist can be challenging. To do this, you must learn the ins and outs of internet advertising and marketing, basic website set up and so on. If you find this too hard, then you can always go back to step 1.
  3. Visit Local Psychic Shops – Try asking around if they are hiring for a psychic. Commune well with everyone there including the receptionist. Most places like caring and intuitive people. Be prepared to go on an on the spot test to check on your abilities.
  4. Set up your home-based face to face psychic shop – If you want to do psychic reading face to face, you can first start with setting up a reading space at home. You can either do this on your free time such as after work or on weekends. On the other hand, you may do this full time as well if you feel that you can live by. If you decide to do this full time, you may engage yourself with other home-based jobs such as teaching online or writing so that you can still have some income to support yourself.
  5. Offer Psychic readings to your friends – You can always start small by offering psychic readings to your friends and family. You can do tarot card readings, astrology, runes or whatever kind of abilities you may have. Be serious about doing this kind of reading; they may be your friends but are also your first customers.

Finding work as a psychic can be challenging. But if you put your heart and soul into it and you decide that this is the life you want to take, then you must be determined to reach that dream. You must find a way to reach your dreams and help the people you seek to help. Being a psychic is a lifelong commitment and fulfilling that calling can be the best step towards having a happy and fulfilled life.