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Ancient Knowledge Will Give Us a Future



Philip, born in Belgium but lived in Scotland for many years, was an investigative journalist, researcher and author, who like me here at Eye of The Psychic, loved to look into alternative concerns and enigmas, ancient mysteries, archaeology, UFOs and aliens.  In addition to that he was also interested in GeoPolitics and conspiracies, believing that much misinformation was being spread in order to keep the true knowledge hidden from the ordinary public.

Sadly Philip Coppens aka Filip, passed away on 30th December 2012 from a rare form of cancer.  This of course was almost exactly at the time of the 2012 end date of the Mayan calendar.  We know that Philip did not believe that 2012 was the end of the world but instead saw it as the beginning of a new golden age, a new era where we can move forward with knowledge, love and clarity.

Personally I find it very interesting the sad timing of his death.  No doubt it was sad for his family and all his fans like me, many of whom looked forward with great joy to his shows on the History channel about Ancient Aliens, and his many podcast and radio appearances.  However given the nature of Philip’s work and study, I think we have to ask ourselves was Philip taken from us for a reason at this time?  Perhaps he was needed in his soul essence to help our earth progress to this new golden era.

That’s how I feel anyway, what do you think?  Comment below with your thoughts about Philip Coppens and his theories!

I would have loved to meet Philip in person, I heard that he was a very quiet, calm and logical and yet at the same time extremely charismatic, the kind of person that could keep you thrilled and interested, no matter how much you or did not know about ancient mysteries.

In life as well as providing many interesting things to think about, he also encouraged us to travel around the world, and discover and explore mysteries for ourselves.

Coppens was one of the first people in the western world to talk about the Pyramids of China, Bosnia, and many other places.  Some scholars did not agree with some of his work, but that is natural when you are on the fringes of modern science and topics which scientists and histories really are not so interested in.  However what some people don’t know is that Philip asked us not to just look at the most obvious conspiracy or theory, or thin evidence, but instead to keep searching, digging, keep our eyes open, and slowly building up the material step by step until we can get closer to a theory based on evidence.

Below you can find a very touching tribute to Philip, with details about what he was really like as a person and family man, from his lovely wife Kathleen McGowen.

Philip aka Filip Coppens – 25 January 1971 – 30 December 2012 – RIP

You will be missed but no doubt you have moved on to higher things!

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Posted by Kathleen McGowan on Wednesday, January 9, 2013