Numerology is one of the oldest forms of occult mixed with scientific and mathematical forms of divination. It is a way of looking at person’s date of birth and name and predicting something about him. You can assess a person using his name’s calculations and find out more about the person’s traits and character though numerology.

But how does numerology really work and does it even work? Many psychics and eastern fortune tellers use it. They swear that the mathematical power of numerology unlocks the codes and messages of the universe.

The Vibration of Numbers

According to numerology, each number has it’s own corresponding vibrations. Pythagoras, the father of numerology said that each number gives off a certain amount of energy and vibrates towards the universe. He also explains that mathematics is the language of the Universe. Unlike other forms of divination, numerology follows an exact mathematical calculation which allows it to be more definite than others.

Historians call Pythagoras as the Father of Numerology but ancient civilizations have used numbers and math to predict the future. The Bible, Kabbalah, The Book of the Dead, Ancient Chinese texts and other old books mention numbers and their significance in the foretelling the omens and the future.

Your full birth name and complete date of birth corresponds to a number from one to nine. Your name dictates your numerical personality in numerology, while your date of birth gives you your personal year number. Your personal year number changes each and every year and this helps you know what is to come in the year ahead.

Your Name and Your Numerology Personality

Each letter of your name has a numerology value. When you compute and add it together your can get your Destiny or Expression number.

1 = A, J, S

2 = B, K, T

3 = C, L, U

4 = D, M, V

5 = E, N, W

6 = F, O, X

7 = G, P, Y,

8 = H, Q, Z,

9 = I, R

You can get your FULL NAME DESTINY NUMBER by adding your first name’s letter values together and reducing it to a single number. Then after that you can get your last name’s number by adding it’s letters’ values together. Include your middle initial’s number and add them together. Remember to reduce your first’s name’s value to a singular digit as well as your last name’s value to a single digit before adding them.

Once you have gotten a single digit for your first and last name, add them and reduce them to single number. This number is your Destiny or Expression Number

Your Destiny or Expression Number

I’m sure you know what destiny means. It is your life path and how your traits will unfold. On the other hand, you Destiny or Expression Number is the number assigned to you the moment your parents gave you your name. It is a number that explains your personality traits and how this affects your life.

Destiny Number: 1

People with names falling on the Destiny Number 1 tend to have good leadership skills. They are initiators and inventors. They are great managers and leaders. People with this destiny number tend to be good innovators as well. They want to achieve things and are very independent. They seek novelty and creativity. People who are given a name with this number tend to have a path of independence.

On the other hand, the negative side of this Destiny number is pushing others away and being overly dominant. Some may even be egotistical or too domineering to the point of arrogance. To live a better life, you must be willing to play well with other while standing by your beliefs. Never treat others lowly.

Destiny Number: 2

Destiny Number 2 means that you are a kind and sensitive person who is willing to cooperate and work well with others. You seek to understand the world, others and spirituality. You look for the calm and the tranquil in life. People in this number are good as teachers, philosophers, psychologists, social workers or any work that makes them relate with others. You are the type of person who is cordial, amiable and understanding. You can mediate others and help break down conflicts.

On the other hand, you may tend to be overly dependent with others. You may fear rejection and confrontation. You may also be shy or too reserved. You can easily be affected by the energy of others and can be depressed by the lack of calmness and peace around you. You may benefit well from meditation in order to calm your senses.

Destiny Number: 3

People with names that fall on Number 3 are artistic and creative. They enjoy daydreaming and imagination. They want to make art, enjoy movies, reading, photography or even cooking. People with this number can be jovial and happy. They exhibit a happy outlook in life. You are the type of person who wants others to find happiness as well.

Number 3s can be good in sales because of their cheerful manner. You enjoy parties and give importance to friendships and relationships. On the other hand, number 3s can be a bit superficial and too eager to please others. You may tend to be lazy at times and long for an easygoing life. You may also be moody and be unorganized.

Destiny Number: 4

Those who have names that result into a Number 4 are usually smart, logical and practical. They like facts and details. They can be good engineers, mathematicians, clerks, scientists, doctors or any work that requires great attention to detail. People who have names that are in number 4 often do not like limits and strive for success. They want to be be the best in their class and work hard to achieve their goals.

On the other hand, they tend to be to obsessed with facts and details. They can be heartless at times and would be ruled by logic and intellect rather than listen to their hearts. They can be argumentative as well as stubborn. They may be feel confused when things go as planned and may also lack imagination.

Destiny Number: 5

Those with names that total to a number 5 often love to explore, create new things, adaptable, resourceful, resilient and energetic. They have a good sense of energy in them that makes them vivacious. They love their freedom and do not like being tied down. They are open to taking risks and learning something new. They would love to travel. They can be great in fields related to advertising, marketing and publicity. They can also be actors or performers. Their versatile energy allows them to relate to different types of people.

Though filled with a good type of energy, number 5s can get bored easily. They may want change and crave excitement. They can be impatient can lose their temper with slow paced people. They may also be impulsive at times.

Destiny Number: 6

Sixes are people who are kindhearted, responsible, nurturing, empathetic and generous. They can be dependable and unselfish. They can be public servants, nurses, doctors, teachers, firemen or counselors. They are selfless and enduring. They always want to see the good of all. They are willing to work long and sacrifice for others. As parents, they can be loving and can raise children well.

On the other hand sixes can be domineering when it comes to relationships. They want everything to go smoothly that they may tend to control people around them. They also desire to be correct and can hinder them from accepting that they are not all that good and shiny. At times they tend to misconstrue being dominant with being a good friend or family member. They think they are doing a good thing, however they can be pushy on others.

Destiny Number: 7

They are people who are analytical and loves to learn new things. They create intelligent conversations and love people who allow them to learn new things. They seek solitude and peace. They meditate on their actions and find thoughtfulness and tranquility peaceful and happy. They like studying and working with perfection.

However being perfectionists that they are, they can be stubborn and inflexible. They dislike distractions and noise. They can be sarcastic and speak their minds. They can also tend to show that they are superior over others.

Destiny Number: 8

Number 8s are people who seek security and stability. They are good as managers or executives. They value financial knowledge. They are also very realistic and practical. They assess people around them and try to stay away from drama. They have a sense of authority and know how to lead others well. They are good in decision making and weigh things out before they do something.

But 8s can also be too ambitious to the point of being workaholic. They can get stressed with things going out of plan and may get impatient with their employees or peers. At times they get too wrapped up with their ambition that they forget the feelings of others around them. Being calculative may make them manipulative others as well.

Destiny Number: 9

Those who are number 9s are kind and soft spoken. They like art and creating things and also helping others. They are not afraid to get their hands dirty. They want to use their talents to assist others. They are giving and easy to to approach. They can be good teachers, bakers, volunteer workers, nurses, writers and advertisers.

They have a good aura around them that makes people want to be with them. They are easy to work with and can be a joy to be around. But they can also tend to be obsessed with the acceptance and praise of others. They want to be noticed. At times, they can be gullible with money or be too impulsive in spending.

Your Destiny Number can help you find your greatest energies and harness them to your full potential. You can also grow more by curbing your negative traits. Through numerology you get a clearer and deeper picture of who you truly are.

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