Newsletter – August 2012          Ancient Aliens Yes, Ancient Aliens will continue! It was one of the most commonly asked questions of the last few months when The History Channel decided to hold back five episodes of Season 4, for broadcast in the fall. The reason is simple: season 5 was commissioned, but would only begin to air after there were several months of no new episodes. As a result, season 4 was cut in two halves, the first consisting of ten episodes, aired from February onwards, the last five episodes to air in September, to fill the gap that would otherwise be created.

As soon as The History Channel decides to change anything to the schedule, there are various conspiracy theories, arguing that the powers that are – “they” – have censored it. Truly, if “they” wanted to do something, “they” have had five seasons to do so, and nothing has ever happened. Shooting for season 5 will begin in the not too distant future and from what I have seen so far, involves another great line-up of topics!

I was also extremely pleased to see that my own DVD of The Ancient Alien Question was picked up for PayPerView on TimeWarner and similar services on other providers, including Playstation, Xbox, etc. Its official DVD release is August 28, but thousands have clearly seen this already and left comments saying they greatly appreciated it. Thanks! I am working on more DVDs, one of which, on Roswell, is approaching its final edits. Its scheduled release date is early 2013.

In August, I also teamed up with Daniel Pinchbeck’s Evolver program to offer a five part webinar series, From Ancient Aliens to the Wisdom of the Ancients, which comes to a conclusion on September 1. All sessions are archived so if you want to experience the series, please subscribe. My special guests were Dr. Carmen Boulter, Duncan Lunan and Andrew Collins. I am very happy to see that my Feather of Life seminar was finally incorporated into a larger whole and with the help of Daniel’s team, was given form. Feedback on the webinars was extremely positive, which heartens me to continue on this path, though of all projects I am involved with, this truly has a life of its own! The Lost Civilization Enigma On October 22, the sequel to The Ancient Alien Question will be published: The Lost Civilization Enigma. Whereas The Ancient Alien Question addressed the question whether we were alone, this book asks whether we were the first. You know the answer.

In the book, I show that science treats civilizations that are older than 4000 BC with disdain, as well as map out how antagonistic it has been towards all those that tried to change the paradigm. Secondly, that civilization is tens of thousands years older than the text books try to dictate and that it was the knowledge that we had a soul, which was the common denominator of early civilization. Finally, I invite science to readdress the beginning of history not as when our ancestors could write, but when our ancestors showed true signs of civilization – writing being but one of several components that reveal a sign of civilization. EBooks galore This summer, three important eBooks were produced. First, I created an electronic rendition of Land of the Gods. The text is identical to the print volume, though the photographs have been rendered in color, rather than black and white, as was the case in the printed edition.

Secondly, The Cryptogram of Rennes-le-Chateau was published. After the success of my “eguide” to Rosslyn Chapel, I felt the next one in a potential series had to be about Rennes-le-Château. Kathleen and I give tours of this beloved village on our Sacred France trips, but I felt there was a possibility to impart some of the beauty of this site as part of a smaller electronic guide, which has become The Cryptogram of Rennes-le-Château.

The eBook provides you with an overview of the mystery, both of the protagonists and the village, before giving you what I feel is the core of the answer. Specifically, it will allow you to walk around the village with new eyes (if you have been there before) or will be able to see some of the true mystery and magic that Saunière embedded into the oeuvre – his “Great Work” – that he was creating. Find out about his Tree of Life, his connection to Mary Magdalene, the “mirrored church”, but also about the many other aspects of the village that few tourists will explore!

The third eBook is written by my beloved wife, Kathleen McGowan and retells The Ballad of Tam Lin in a new and extremely beautiful manner. She also added a large essay to the fiction part, which delves into the historical and geographical setting of the story. For anyone who is interested in Scotland – and to see a different aspect of the “Land of the Gods” – this is a must read! If you are an Amazon fan, you can explore all of these publications from one central location, my Author page. Travels In June 2013, we will actually take people to the forest in the Scottish Borders where the saga of Tam Lin and his encounter with the Fairy Queen is set. However, this trip is sold out, but we will likely redo this itinerary in 2014.

We have also unveiled the new dates for Sacred France 2013. Created in December 2010, Sacred France has taken more than 200 people to France over seven trips – three in 2011, four in 2012. Indeed, most of our tours are described as being sacred journeys and initiations into the magic of this region. Many of our visitors come as part of a pilgrimage or to fulfill a sometimes life-long ambition… and most return, to become lifelong friends! The dates for our 2013 tours:

Secrets of the Cathars and Mysteries of the Magdalene (May 14-21, 2013)

In the Footsteps of the Magdalene (May 21-28, 2013) Kathleen and I spent most of the year so far in France. We left for France in early March, to lead a sold-out seminar of The Writers’ Grail in Montsegur. The weather was with us, for each day, we were basking in the sun and extraordinarily high temperatures – even though we feared we could be faced with snow, which had fallen only a few days before the start of the seminar. We returned – Kathleen to LA, me to Scotland – for a few weeks in early April (where I wrote The Lost Civilization Enigma). By mid April, we were back in France, to run four trips of Sacred France, each one of them memorable in their own special ways! We left France in early June, but were back in late June, for a very special event… When Two become One Kathleen and I fell in love on May 29, 2009 and were legally married on September 22, 2011. However, we knew that our marriage celebrations would not be complete until we had performed a very special ceremony, in front of our dearest friends. There was only one location that came to mind: Rennes-le-Château, the village where we met and where we have been lovingly accepted by the community since. There was only one date to do this, July 22, continuing a line of 22 dates that mark Kathleen’s birthday as well as our legal marriage anniversary.

Amidst friends and family, our celebration became THE BEST DAY EVER and we like to thank everyone who came from afar and near to be a part of this joyous occasion.

We were blessed not only by the presence of our beloved ones, but also by the elements, who created one of the most spectacular sunsets we have ever seen. Luke, one of the photographers, proclaimed that when you work for heaven, heaven works for you and that was definitely the case today. Looking forward The rest of the year is packed with more travelling, beginning almost immediately with a trip to Bosnia, where I will be speaking in Sarajevo on September 8. On October 18-21, I will be at the Paradigm Symposium in Minneapolis, while on December 20, I will be speaking in Cairo, when Kathleen and I will be spending some weeks in Egypt.

NewPage wants to do more books with me and we are working on the detail of that project, while there are also more DVDs planned. And I am working no less on three other manuscripts at the same time, all of which are progressing well, but whose publication framework has not yet been decided, so the future will tell!

But, as I said, that is still in the future. We will keep you posted via Twitter and Facebook, as well as our radio show, The Spirit Revolution, which we continue to lovingly make every week for you. We are as always looking for great guests. If you know of any, please let us know.

And just to repeat: please know that I read all the emails I get and that I try to respond to each one of them. If I do not reply and you feel I should, just send the email again, until I do. I will not be offended… but you cannot give up! It is one of those facts that a short email normally needs only a quick reply and is therefore easily done, whereas longer emails require more time, often some thinking time, and that is not always a given.