Newsletter – October 2011          Ancient Aliens We continue the tradition by starting with Ancient Aliens. Season Three is now approaching its 16th and final episode and there are rumors that there will be a Season Four. I definitely didn’t think I was going to be featured so prominently throughout the series, but I am of course very happy about it!

On November 15, my book, The Ancient Alien Question, is published (available from all bookshops, and for pre-order at In fact, my author copies just arrived, so I am very excited about that. It is 320 pages packed with information that will guide you in posing the question whether or not We Were Alone.

The launch is also accompanied by a series of radio interviews, about 25 in total so far. I am also in the middle of creating a DVD to accompany the book, so watch out for that!

The upcoming release of The Ancient Alien Question was also the instigator for making my debut as the host of a webinar, on that very topic, in late September. It was a positive experience and I will try to organize more in the not too distant future! A Summer of Sacred France The last few months, however, have all been themed “Sacred France”. The first three Sacred France 2011 tours are finished. If I say so myself: they were a stunning success. We showed 100-odd people the beauty, magic and mystery of the Languedoc, focusing specifically on the Cathars and the importance of Mary Magdalene. Seeing people react to the sites was truly wonderful, as each one responded to specific sites. One person asked whether we could leave her for several days at Notre-Dame-de-Marceille, while others were healed by climbing the castles of Lastours and Montségur and moved by the dozens of other sites. That we were able to enter the Magdalene grotto at Carol was a true miracle and will forever symbolize the various qualities that went into making this tour happen. But it was the site of the executions of 180-odd Cathars in the gorge of Minerve that created genuine anomalies: on the first trip, during a brief meditation, all sound – the animals and the wind – simply ceased to be, while on the second trip, during the meditation, it drizzled rain from a cloudless sky! Not to be outdone, Rennes-le-Château, during the angelic music played by Devayani decided to have the birds congregate in front of the piano and join in the music. Magical. Above all, however, was the warmth, love and transformation of the people to whom we showed “our” France.

It was over the course of these three trips that we realized how truly pioneering this trip was. No-one has ever done trips for more than 15 people in this region. To travel with groups of forty in large coaches is simply unheard of and had never been done. The second group visited the Angel Gallery in Alet-les-Bains – a magical place – on its opening day and the mayor of Alet came to witness our arrival, as no-one in the village believed that a coachload full of tourists would ever visit Alet or the Gallery. At other sites, our arrival was literally the talk of the town and people came out to see the bus. This region of France can only survive from tourism and needs coachloads of them to do so. Sacred France 2011 was the first organization to attempt this, and succeed. And knowing that we have contributed to shine a beacon of hope for the economic survival of this region makes our heart fill with joy.

We made dozens of new friends, both on our tour and in the people we met along the way, making this an unforgettable experience. It was an organization nine months in the making, but the birth of Sacred France was the most joyous of events. And will live forever. Demori.

Afterwards, Kathleen and I travelled to Spain, for a few days of relaxation in the lovely Port Lligat, in the shadow of the home of Salvador Dali, before taking in Girona and Montserrat. Then we made our way back north, to Carnac and onwards Mont-St-Michel, via Rocamadour, with Paris, London and North Berwick on the final legs of our journey.

My passion for Dali is long-standing and deep and it was a delight to see the surroundings in which he lived and painted. To see the harbour and clouds at Port Lligat that he painted and transformed in his unique style was astonishing, as were the Black Madonnas of Montserrat and Rocamadour, both remarkable sites that totally spell-bounded us, as both are remarkable Black Madonnas.

Though we had visited Carnac and Mont-St-Michel in April, at the time, we simply had too little time and so spent longer at the key sites, and this lead to some amazing insights into the origins of the megalithic culture that in essence will rewrite history. In two short days, so many pieces of the megalithic puzzle came together, that it was simply astonishing to behold how new pieces of the puzzle almost jumped into the correct place on their own. So much history of Carnac is ill-understood, because it is largely only in the hands of archaeology, who have little to no interest in history and putting things in context.

Along the way, we made sure to have fun entertainment, which in London came in the shape of the musical We Will Rock You and a visit to Legoland. Waiting for a ride in Windsor, it was a delight to see a slide pop up on a television monitor that spoke of the work of Joseph Davidovits absolutely matter-of-factly, showing how open-minded the producers of Legoland are. And so, on the second leg of our seven week trip, as during the first trip, we were indeed… rocked to the core.

There will be another Sacred France trip from April 22-29, 2012 and more trips to come. For all information to do with Sacred France, we have both a Facebook page and a mailing list on the website of Sacred France. The Electronic Stone Puzzle of Rosslyn Chapel I am very happy to announce the release of “The Stone Puzzle of Rosslyn Chapel” as an eBook. The book is available for the Kindle, iPad, Nook and Sony ebook readers. Since its second edition in 2004, much has changed and this is therefore a totally updated edition of the book. It has also been adapted so that it can more easily be used as an eGuide, for those tourists equipped with gadgets like iPhones, iPod Touches, and like, which allow for eBook integration/reading. The price for the eBook is $9.99. The Writer’s Grail After the successful one day seminar of The Writer’s Grail in Denver, Colorado, in December 2010, we are now holding the regular, week-long seminar from March 9th to the 17th, in Montségur, France. There remain a few places available, so if you are interested in finding out writing techniques, tools, and how to become a better writer, please let us know as soon as possible. Details are on The Writer’s Grail website. Earth Pyramid A project I am proud to be associated with is the Leeds-based Earth Pyramid, a family initiative that has gathered the support of the likes of Desmond Tutu. The project has now updated its site and created a series of testimonial videos, which I urge you to view, as they will show the level of support for this initiative. If you feel you can help, please contact Steve and his family. Keep on writing… I am currently working on a series of proposals and finalizing some books, including a guide to Rennes-le-Château, which will shortly see its birth.

“The Feather of Life” program, which is a series of courses, mentoring programs and like to bring back to life the knowledge and wisdom of the Ancient Egyptians, in a format that is accessible to our modern times, will hopefully be rolled out soon. I am currently looking for venues where this course could be held, so if you feel you have places and/or groups who would be interested in hosting or coming to these courses, please let me know.

As always, The Spirit Revolution radio show continues to grow – a development we are most happy about – and we are as always looking for great guests. If you know of any, please let us know. Some months ago, we interviewed Enrico Baccarini, on the Shroud of Turin. Someone heard him speak on the subject, knew she had to contact him as she could contribute further information on the subject, and both are now engaged to be married. Another example of how the mission brings people together!

And just to repeat: please know that I read all the emails I get and that I try to respond to each one of them. If I do not reply and you feel I should, just send the email again, until I do. I will not be offended… but you cannot give up! It is one of those facts that a short email normally needs only a quick reply and is therefore easily done, whereas longer emails require more time, often some thinking time, and that is not always a given. Until next time!