Newsletter – October 2010          Welcome to the fall edition of my newsletter! Ancient Aliens As with my previous newsletter, this one starts with Ancient Aliens, but Season 2. After the incredible success of the first full season of Ancient Aliens on the History Channel, Prometheus Entertainment was invited to create a second season, of ten one-hour shows. Scheduled airtime for this is late October 2010, which meant a hectic schedule for the producers. I was interviewed twice before leaving the United States in mid-September and it is possible there is further recording ahead upon my return to Los Angeles in late October.

With television, the final product is only there after the final edit, but a number of exciting topics will be tackled in this second series, including the Tayos Cave, Coral Castle, and more. So watch your television schedules to see when Ancient Aliens hits the airwaves! Compassion Upon my return to Los Angeles in late June, Kathleen and I were invited by Joe Bennett to come and meet a skull, Compassion, which he had acquired in August 2009. The skull is important as it has a detachable jaw, like the Mitchell-Hedges skull. So Kathleen and I made our way to Ventura, and in July, invited Joe and his wife to come to our home in Los Angeles, where the skull was put on display for some of our family members, as well as friends, including Giorgio Tsoukalos. Compassion featured prominently in the November-December issue of Atlantis Rising, and already some foreign magazines have picked up the article. He’s the new skull on the block and we hope that in the near future, the skull will make a number of public appearance, so the world can experience Compassion! On the Road… Kathleen and I are launching a number of initiatives for 2011, which meant that I spent a week in late September in Southern France. Accompanying me on this trip was Cris Winter, a dear friend and co-organiser of the Histories & Mysteries Conference in November 2008. We stayed with Isobel Denham, one of the best tour guides to Southern France, who had unfortunately broken her arm a few days before our arrival. Despite the addition of a plaster cast, it did not stop us in our tracks.

At this moment in time, Kathleen and I hope to organise a weeklong tour of the Languedoc for late June/early July 2011. We will circulate details as soon as we can. If interested, you can leave your email address at our Sacred France website, which is not yet fully developed.

We also plan to organise a number of writing seminars and courses, both in the United States and Europe. Again, details will be published as they are finalised. There are few conferences happening – a sign of the economic downturn – so these are some of the few occasions where we can engage with our readers and listeners, while having a great time. The Earth Pyramid The pyramids, across the world, are examples of a whole nation working together in constructing a monument that would withstand the test of time. In 2009, the Ward family of Leeds felt that it was high time that the nations of the world united, and built another pyramid. We are now a global village, and could we pool our resources to construct a symbol of unity, love and peace?

Since the summer of 2009, all nations of the world have received letters from the Wards, asking for their support for The Earth Pyramid. Amongst those who have given their support so far are Nobel Peace Winners Desmond Tutu and Jose Ramos Horta of East Timor, as well as the governments of more than twenty countries – several more requesting further details before being able to offer their support.

I had the privilege of meeting Steven and his family and getting to know the initiative in detail. The pyramid would contain millions of messages from people from all over the world, preserving their message for the future – in the hope that in 1000 years, this part of the pyramid will be opened. The pyramid itself should rise to a height of fifty metres; its location will be decided by a global vote, in which a school in each country is asked to make a case as to which country should ideally be suited to see this pyramid erected. As two of the messages read: “This world needs to work together instead of fighting.” And: “Peace is not utopia. It is about disarming our armed consciousness. Only then can unity be achieved.”

To learn more about the project, please visit their website; if you want to offer your support to this initiative, please contact me or the project directly. Finally… Kathleen and I continue to hold our weekly radio show on BBS Radio, The Spirit Revolution. You can tune in each Tuesday at 6pm PST, or alternatively use our website or iTunes, or the BBS Archives, to listen to our past shows. If you have ideas, please contact us, as we are always looking for exciting new topics, people, and like.

Meanwhile, I continue to be a regular contributor to Atlantis Rising, and I hope to also have a few articles ready for NEXUS Magazine in the not too distant future. I’ve been involved in a number of book proposals, and I hope that in the near future, these will come to fruition too. Until then, to quote Kathleen: “The Truth Against the World.” If you have questions, contact me via email or via my Facebook page.