Newsletter – June 2010          Welcome to the second edition of my newsletter! Ancient Aliens The last few months have been a rollercoaster ride… but what’s new? Throughout April and May, I appeared quite prominently in the History Channel’s flagship series “Ancient Aliens: The Series”. I was happy with the manner in which the series presented my opinions, which is always a gamble when co-operating on documentaries. I also liked the manner in which the series tried to convey the vastness of the subject matter, though I feel that quite often, the presentation should have stopped with illustrating, rather than trying to argue every single possible point of potential alien contact or intervention. For a number of years, I have made it known that the ancient aliens question needs a shift in approach: away from trying to argue that every possible ancient anomaly might be alien, and towards selecting one to five really anomalous artefacts or like, and concentrate all efforts on those, trying to show that these are evidence of an alien or lost high civilisation. In the aftermath of the series, my conviction that this is the right way forward, has only been strengthened. Travel writing Most of the past three months were taken up with travelling: England in search of Anne Boleyn clues, for a new project and website my partner Kathleen McGowan and I are developing; Belgium for family reasons, as well as Boleyn and other reasons; unexpectedly, because of volcanic ash, Rome and the Vatican; Turin for the Shroud; dozens of wonderful places in France, in search of various aspects of forgotten or lost history. A staple ingredient in any visit to France is Rennes-le-Château, and a two-part article is now available on the site; I expect there might be a few more, later in the year, as some new revelations about this mystery have come about. However, they might also be collated for a book on the subject, rather than articles. The next few months will be about cementing and expanding some of the new projects, and using some as launching platforms for new initiatives. A series of exciting articles for the site is already lined up, and I am also working on a new contribution for Darklore (Volume 5), as well as my now regular contributions to magazines such as Atlantis Rising. The Spirit Revolution on iTunes Kathleen and I continue to enjoy our weekly radio show. Recent shows are on her latest novel, The Poet Prince, which tackles the Renaissance, crystal skulls, and so much more. We are on air every Tuesday, at 6PM PST on BBS Radio Channel 1, and soon after, upload the show to our archives at The Spirit Revolution website. The show is now also available for download via iTunes, which we hope is an easy way in remaining up to date! If you have topics you want to see discussed, or guests you want to see on air, contact us and we will see what we can do. If you have questions, contact me via email or via my Facebook page.