Newsletter – March 2010          Welcome to my first newsletter. I hope to publish these newsletters quarterly, no doubt with intermittent updates when important or new information will become available. 2010 has started more than interestingly. I spent the first three months of the year in Los Angeles, working on some exciting new projects, including books, radio and television. The next few months will see me travel across Europe, with trips planned to France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and England. I plan to be at the NEXUS Conference on May 1 in Amsterdam, though I cannot guarantee this at present. Later in May, I have tickets to see the Turin Shroud on display on Turin – an object I have so far not written on, but which has popped up in my research on more than one occasion, as many will know. You can hear it on the radio To begin with the radio front: together with my partner Kathleen McGowan, I host a weekly radio show, The Spirit Revolution, on BBS Radio Channel 1. It airs every Tuesday, at 6pm PST. We archive our most recent shows on our website, BBS Radio can be found at On the television front: I was interviewed twice for “Ancient Aliens”, the History Channel’s most successful production of 2009. They are planning five two-hour specials that should be aired in late April-June 2010, and I am scheduled to appear in several episodes, though with television documentaries, one never knows. The series shows that alternative views on history are of interest to the general public… further confirmation that The Da Vinci Code was not an isolated instance. With various new initiatives on the go, including pitching some ideas to American television, the frequency of articles as they appear on my site has gone from the usual weekly update over the past five years to one every other week. However, most of these articles are now appearing in major publications, with regular features specifically in NEXUS Magazine and Atlantis Rising, as well as a few other, foreign magazines, like FENIX (Italy). Though less in quantity, I hope you will agree that the quality has been maintained, if not improved. Catch me if you can? The Roadnews section is still used, but with the arrival of Facebook, the fan page of Facebook serves as an additional source of information for some news or updates that do not make it into the Roadnews section.

You can visit the Facebook fan page by clicking here. You can also follow me on Twitter, which receives an automatic feed from my Facebook page. In 2009, I was asked to write and host a documentary on 2012. The documentary is distributed by Warner Home in the US and was its antidote to Sony’s movie release 2012. The documentary has received stunning reviews and is apparently outselling many other DVDs on the subject – no doubt due to the fact that the DVD is distributed by Warner Home. The 2012 movie has also pushed me into working more on 2012, and I am actively developing an online course on the subject. The course will focus on the main components of what is at the core of the 2012 phenomenon, revealing that the central mystery does not need the layers so many people are now spinning on top of it. It will be a back to basics, but also a revelation of the true beauty of what is 2012. You will be informed when the course becomes available. That’s it for this first newsletter. More to follow shortly… If you have questions, contact me via email or via my Facebook page.