• Variety of Psychics Available
  • Ease of Use
  • Accuracy
  • Value for Money


I like Keen Psychics a lot because they offer one of the widest number of Psychics with great value. You can get a reading from them anywhere and everywhere, anytime of the day via an app, phone, online chat or even via email. They have satisfaction guarantee and their psychics are superb.

Is Keen Psychic worth your time and money?

Hello, there again! I’m Iris and I’ve been reviewing many psychic sites and today I will give you a thorough review on Keen Psychics. I’ll tell you what you need to know about them and if they are any good. I’ll also give you handy tips and provide you the best discounts you can get when you use Keen Psychics.

(Spoiler alert! Keen have improved dramatically and finally have a great website, keep reading to find out who I chose and if it came true!)

This review will include:

  • Are they any good?

  • Can you trust Keen Psychics’ Advisors?

  • What Kind of Online Psychics does Keen Offer?

  • How does getting a reading from Keen work?

  • Choosing the best Advisor on Keen

  • My personal experiences and reviews

  • How to get the best deals on Keen Psychics?

  • Customer Reviews

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Indepth and Detailed Review of Keen Psychics

I’ve been seeing Keen Psychics online for some time now. They’ve been around for many years. When I checked out their website, it says they started out in 1999. Back then I did not give much attention to this site and preferred other websites like Psychic Source. But a recommendation from a friend of mine changed my mind about Keen.

My friend tried out Keen and she said she had a wonderful reading and asked me if I could do a review for them. And so I did. I looked at them in Google and Bing. I checked online reviews and browsed their site and found out many good things about them. I found really good reviews but I also read some bad reviews here and there, but sure, that’s ok because it means that they are real because you never have a perfect site and bad reviews mean real people use them.

So here are some interesting things I found out about Keen Psychics


  • They have a wide variety of psychics available 24/7 – Sometimes, you just have a pressing question at 3 o’clock in the morning and you just need to let it out, so Keen Advisors are available anytime.

  • They have a Keen App – It’s not just anytime, you can also have a reading via call, chat, or even email anywhere. That seems handy to me. I think it’s pretty cool you can have a reading while commuting on the train or while taking a walk.

  • Keen offers a wide variety of experienced advisors – They many advisors that provide many types of readings that can help you out with your most pressing questions. They offer psychic readings, but they also give advice on love and relationships, career, they have live tarot readings, spiritual readings and life questions advise readings.

  • You can get online feng shui readings and even ask for a pet reading.

  • They do dream interpretation

  • They do have advisors who specialize in Astrology like the ancient Mayan, Vedic or even Chinese Astrology

  • Free daily horoscope – I do want to check my horoscope daily to use it as a guide on my day-to-day activities and I find this handy.

  • Keen has a satisfaction guarantee!

So now that you know the interesting things I’ve found on Keen, I’ll now share with you my thoughts and review about Keen and if they are any good.

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What Kind of Online Psychics Does Keen Offer?

Keen is one of those big trusted psychic networks that has about 1700+ psychic advisors. They use customer satisfaction ratings to ensure that the psychics are trustworthy and that they give the best readings and advise. I do think customer ratings is one of the best ways to find if any psychic is good or not because these ratings are first hand feedback coming from people who actually use the site itself.

I feel hearing it from other clients that an advisor is good builds trust, and as I’ve mentioned before I’m not a trusting person so this means a lot to me.

Well when it comes to the types of psychics, Keen offers a wide selection of them. They specialize in many fields like love, relationships, money, career, astrology, tarot, and even life advice. They also have specialized advisors who can do pet readings, astrology readings like Mayan, Vedic, or Chinese, there is also numerology and even Feng Shui readings.

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Psychic Readings

Psychics at Keen have different abilities. They have clairvoyants, clairaudients, clairsentients, mediums, numerologists, and many others. Their advisors are given many different gifts that allow them to give you psychic readings to answer your pressing questions.

I especially like clairvoyants because they can look into the future and even the past and see snippets of what’s happened and view things with their “own eyes”. I liked ClairvoyantKay a lot. She’s been with Keen for five years now but she has more than 1500 readings. On top of that, she has a perfect rating from those who have gotten her service. She is pretty straightforward and did not sugarcoat my reading.

Love and Relationships

Love is just one of the biggest reasons why people consult psychics. I know how it feels to toss and turn because of pressing love questions and wanting to know if that guy wants you or if that girl is really interested in you.

Consulting an advisor on Keen helps you uncover the answers you want to know about love and relationships. This can empower you to know if love meant to be or not.

Honestly, there are just so many psychics that deal with love on Keen. I had so many to choose from. This may be both a pro and a con because if you tend to be fickle like me, it can be confusing but I did find a good one by looking at the number of readings and the ratings. I saw VISIONARY PSYCHIC ROXAANA and picked her because she’s been with Keen from their early days since 2002. She has a very kind manner in telling me about my love situation, however she kept it truthful and honest.

So aside from recommending Psychic Readings from Keen I would really say that they do offer good Love Readings.

Life Questions Readings

Knowing the meaning of your existence can be something you may want to find out about. Or something related to your career and the path you are taking in life. I have often been puzzled on the direction my life is taking for many years and getting insights from a trusted psychic can be helpful.

I had a life question reading with Cecile G Smith. It was insightful and there was zero drama. She even knew that I deal with psychics of sorts (my website)! I saw some people giving her a grade of two stars when I looked at her reviews but it was generally five stars. I think the few negative feedback here and there made her authentic. And most people found her honest, truthful and helpful was something to note about.

Honestly, I would recommend Psychic Source more for career advice but I did find the reading with Keen helpful.

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot card readings are said to be rooted in the ancient knowledge of Egypt and the Kabbalah. Reading with the use of the Tarot deck requires a lot of skill, practice, and knowledge. I myself am still training to read the Tarot. At times I’m a bit conflicted with the tarot because I’m always thinking if the psychic is really picking up something or just looking at the cards.

I also tried getting a tarot reading from Keen. I wanted to know if their advisors can give me clear and accurate answers from the Tarot. So far I’m satisfied with my reading from starbreezetarot. She’s had ratings of 1 star where people said her readings did not connect with them but checking out the other ratings and she generally got a lot of 5 stars. Majority said she was great. In my personal opinion, the reading was accurate and fast and I liked that.

Spiritual Readings

This is something special I saw on Keen. I feel like other sites have this too but they don’t specialize in it the way Keen does. Most sites give predictions on the future. Keen also does not but for Spiritual Readings, they focus more on your soul and spirit. They look at your core being and see how that affects your life path and destiny.

Honestly finding what the core of your spirit is hard. Getting to know who you truly are is no easy feat. Like me, it took me many, many years to find who I really am. I did this with constant meditation and introspection but I think with the proper guidance from someone who can read your aura or look into your soul you can easily find the “real you”. I just know that if you find who you really are you can unlock your greatest potential. So that is why I feel that offering Spiritual Readings gives Keen Psychics an edge over others.

I chose Prophetic Consciousness. I like his style of reading. He really “opened my eyes” to who I am. He helped me see my true potential and my gifts so I’m very thankful for that. He seemed compassionate and caring as well.

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Psychic Mediums

Psychic mediums from Keen help you connect with your department loved ones. As I’ve said on the home page of my blog, I used to have readings with my granny Cissy but she passed on. But sometimes I still want to connect with her. I miss her so much.

I also wanted to connect with my friend Emma who recently passed away so suddenly. I feel sad and stricken because of losing her. I got two readings from Medium Laura Moore. One about my grandmother and another about Emma. In both of these readings, she was able to describe Cissy and Emma well. She was able to tell me what they wanted to say to me as well. I feel happier having connected with them.

Side note: on my reading about Emma, I also asked her about my two cats who passed away. She was able to tell me about them as well. I’m glad to hear that they are OK.

How to Get a Reading From Keen Psychics?

You can get a reading from Keen via phone, online chat, email or even via the Keen App on your smartphone. Keen recommends for you to first find the type of reading you want to be answered and look into their list of advisors. After that you can create an account and then you now call or chat with an advisor.

Steps in Getting a Readings

Here are the steps on getting a reading with Keen:

  1. Prepare your question – Knowing what question to ask helps you save time and money when getting a reading. It also helps you know what kind of psychic to get from their list of advisors. Remember Keen has 1700+ advisors and if you know what sort of advisor you need for your question, it would be easier for you to choose the best one for you.

  2. Create an online account – You need to register in order to start a reading with Keen. You need to input your email address to do so. The good thing about signing up is you get a reading 3 free minutes. After the first three minutes, they’ll ask you if you’d like to continue on and pay for succeeding minutes. (They won’t take out money unless you authorize them.)

  3. Click on the advisor you want – If the advisor you want is not available, you schedule the reading with him or her on a future date. You may also opt to choose another advisor from their wide roster of psychics and guides.

  4. Leave feedback – After your reading is done, you can rate your psychic. Rating psychics help other clients know the quality of readings. This also allows you let Keen know if you are satisfied or not. They do offer a satisfaction guarantee.

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