Is Telekinesis Real?

Is Telekinesis Real?

Is Telekinesis Real?

Is telekinesis real? Is there any possibility for the mind to be so strong and flexible that it can move objects with just the mere suggestions of the mind rather than using physical energy? Is ever possible to have a Jean Grey amongst us or is telekinesis a fictional power made up to entertain the audiences of many movies and TV series?

What is Telekinesis?

Telekinesis or psychokinesis is an ability of the mind to move objects and things with just using one’s thoughts. It is one of the rarest of the psychic gifts. Many psychics even doubt it’s existence. This ability requires a very high vibration and focus.

The word psychokinesis comes from two Greek words “psyche” or “mind” and “kinesis” or “movement”. The Greeks and the ancient civilizations believed in telekinesis. Legends and myths have been told of deities and mortals who possessed this ability.

One very good depiction of telekinesis is in the movie “The Matrix”, where a young child bends a spoon with his thoughts. We also see Jean Grey of the X-Men wielding the power of psychokinesis. She moves objects as big as trucks and cars just by telling them to do so.

But apart from the wide screen depiction, there are many forms of telekinesis. There is micro telekinesis where a person can affect minute things like the temperature of water or move a dice or change the frequency of a radio.

Is It Real?

During the 1980s experiments were done to prove or dispel the power of telekinesis. Many scientists put it to the test. In 1984, the US Military asked the United States National Academy of Sciences, to study telekinesis so that they can find out if it can be utilized for military purposes. They wanted to know if psychokinesis can be used to counter and disrupt the military equipment and sensors of the enemy line. They believed that telekinesis can only be true on the micro level which means, minimal movements can only be done by using the mind and macro telekinesis or big movements such as of cars and other objects was impossible.

Moreover in 1988 United States National Research Council stated that telekinesis cannot be true because after putting in about a hundred and thirty years of study on this matter, they have not seen any reality behind it. Carl Sagan and Felix Planer also stated that there can not be telekinesis powers. Sagan stated that psychokinesis is pseudoscience and Planer said that it cannot be proven through experiments.

However, many people have seen other people demonstrating this ability. Unfortunately, instances of telekinesis demonstration was never recorded or measured for scientific purposes.

The Superior Power of the Mind

TelekinesisOur mind is powerful. It is said that a normal human mind only uses about 10% of it’s total brain power. Einstein was said to use about 12%. But how about those who have used more of their mind’s powers? What if we can access the deepest recesses of our minds and understand the minute details of our psyches and energy to the point of remotely commanding things to move using only our thoughts? Is it ever possible? The answer is yes.

Our brain and our bodies are evolving. Our brain capacities have multiplied exponentially since the time that we were mere homo sapiens dwelling in the Stone Ages.

And if we look back, the homo sapiens were the much evolved specie as compared to the Neanderthal Man. But both of them lived side by side in Europe. So if this is the case, then there can be a more evolved man, who has a brain which is more evolved than the common human being.

We can see evolution everywhere, just like with cats and dogs. Dogs all originated from the wolf but some are bigger and some are smarter. This can be the same for us as well.

Micro Telekinesis vs. Macro Telekinesis

All though there has been a few curious cases of macro telekinesis that has been passed through word of mouth, the ability of micro telekinesis has been around for ages. Many people who practice meditation such as yogis and those who have higher vibrations like clairvoyants and psychics can wield this power through practice and focus.

Micro telekinesis can be used to change the water temperature. It can be utilized to move leaves on the ground and change the dials on a radio. It can move doors a few inches. Despite the minimal movement it makes, it is very exhausting and requires a lot of mental strength

Macro telekinesis on the other hand is a great gift. It is usually a gift that is acquired a birth and cannot be achieved through practice. Movement of great objects is one of the foremost signs of having this gift. Some people who have macro telekinesis can even influence elements such as water, wind, air and fire. One great depiction of this is the character Jean Grey in X-Men. Another one is Storm who can influence the weather just by her mind.

Can a Normal Person Have Telekinesis?

The answer is yes. But to what degree depends. It is possible to have in a micro level. Lots of meditation and mindfulness is needed to attain this. Many who seek this gift practice and train their minds for years and years before even achieving it. Some die at the moment of moving objects because the ability is too great for their mental capacities.

In order to achieve this you must devout time to meditate. You must clear your mind. You need to focus on the object’s energy and concentrate on the object’s aura. The trick is to move the object by pulling on it’s aura. You need to picture your aura stretching like a string going into the object’s aura and then using this string to move the object.

But this is no easy feat. Do not try it if you are not prepared to experience the pains that this task may entail. You need to be cautious in this endeavor.

If you choose this path, you must be open to change your mind. You must be open to the vibrations of the Universe. You may seek the help of psychics and other mentalists in this journey, but remember to listen to the Universe.

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