The ability to see psychic images or being a clairvoyant is one of the most common psychic gifts. Many people are given this gift, but few are capable of using it or recognizing that they are clairvoyants. In embracing this ability, one must not only accept the gift, but also learn how to interpret the images and visions that come with it.

What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is the ability to see images and visions through your mind’s eye or third eye or through your physical eyes that have psychic meaning. It is the ability to see and find things that others cannot normally see. Clairvoyance is a psychic gift that allows you to pick up auras, visions, see spirits and look into the past, present and future.

Clairvoyance is normally accompanied by other types psychic gifts such as clairsentience (psychic knowing), clairaudience (psychic hearing, clairolfacturance (psychic smelling), clairgustance (psychic tasting and clairtangency (psychic touch). When combined with another “clair” or psychic gift, clairvoyance becomes easier to utilize in psychic readings and interpreting psychic images.

Making Sense of What You See

When a clairvoyant sees a psychic image, be it in his third eye or be it with his physical eyes, he or she may or may now know the meaning of the vision right away. At times visions can be literal or may not need any interpretation at all such as visions of people with very detailed features or visions of places that look very specific.

On the other hand, some visions require further interpretation because they are symbolic in nature. It can be a vision of an animal, a plant or flower, a shape, a color, an aura, or some abstract images or visions of blurred people.

Interpreting these symbols, images and visions may require practice and knowledge. You may need to start out by consulting the meanings of archetypal images and seeking the meanings of visions by using a dream symbology book or guide.

However many symbols and visions are unique for each psychic and thus not all visions mean the same thing. Veteran psychics normally know right away what each symbol and meaning means. They do this because they much experience. On the other hand, ith practice and with clairvoyant consciousness, one can also create his or her own dosier of symbolic meanings and use it for further readings

Recognizing What You See

The first and most important step in doing a psychic reading is knowing what you see. You first have to know if this vision has a meaning or not. You would know this by instantly feeling or hearing if an image means something to you. This is just like dreams, some dreams hold meaning and some do not.

However, when you see a vision but you do not get any meaning out of it, then it may either mean anything or you may need to find out and search for it’s meaning.

At times, images may mean nothing because our third eye is active and thus it experiences seeing many things that may not be relevant to us or the person we are reading for. However, many times, these visual messages may need to be checked and meditated upon to know their meaning.

You would know if a vision is meaning because you would sense it though you may not instantly know what it means. You may need to ask you Higher Self what it means. You may do this by asking your psyche what it means and focusing on the image.

To learn more about what an image means, you may:

1. Meditate on it – Allow your mind to focus on the image. Take very deep inhales and exhales and allow your breathe to resonate with your mind. You mind will then tell you what an image means.

2. Ask your Spirit Guides – If you have Spirit Guides ask them what the image meant. Ask the angels to shed light into your vision.

3. Ask the person you’re reading for – Sometimes, an image may not mean anything to you or you cannot make anything out of it but the person you are reading for may know about it. Like for example you see a necklace and may not know what it is about but when you mention it to your sitter, he or she can immediately understand what it means.

Practicing and Honing Your Ability to Interpret Clairvoyant Images

In order to hone your clairvoyant skills, you need to practice and gain more insights on the inner workings of your third eye. You need to be familiar on how your inner eye sees images and picks up visions.

You may see visions in the following ways:

1. Dreams – Dreaming is the most common way of seeing images and visions. It is the most common way the cosmos communicates with our psyche. Jotting down your dreams in a dream journal will help you recall them and interpret them.

2. Meditation – You may pick up images as you meditate. You can see what the future is by allowing your third eye to open and focusing on the future. You may also meditate on a particular subject.

3. Seeing Auras – Learning how to see auras is one of the best ways to enhance your third eye and your clairvoyant ability. Auras indicate energy and thus tell you a lot about person or thing, be it physically present or not.

When you see auras, you can connect this auras to further images your third eye will show you.

4. Peripheral Vision – It is said that our peripheral vision or what we see on the side of our eyes show psychic and spiritual visions which cannot be seen by our central vision. Try to quickly glance on the side of your eyes to see if you pick up any flashes or movements.

5. Asking Your Higher Self to See – Yes, you can actually ask your Higher Self to see things. You can communicate with the Universe and ask it questions and connect with it. You can ask for your Higher Self to show you what you seek and the information you need

Now to hone your clairvoyant skills, you need much practice and meditation. Spend some time meditating. Sit in a quiet space and imagine your third eye opening. Try to “see” using this eye. Hold the image in your mind and try to connect to it and find the meaning of this vision. At first meditate about yourself and later on, meditate about others. By doing this exercise, you can enhance your ability to “see”.

Connect With Your Higher Self

The best way to know what a vision or an image means is to be well connected to your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is the version of you that is made of pure goodness, truthfulness and pure wisdom. Your Higher Self allows you to see beyond this world and into the different realms.

But in order to connect with your Higher Self you must first embrace who you are. Know yourself. Embrace your gifts and your flaws. When you have achieved this, you are now ready to embark on the journey of being a clairvoyant.