Pendulums are one of the easiest divination tools to use.

The image of a swinging pendulum is a very common site we associate with psychics and witches doing readings and magick. Readings using pendulums is called dowsing. Dowsing is used to be a form of divination that is used for just searching for water, minerals, gems or gold. However, as time progressed, dowsing specially with the use of a pendulum became a very easy way to divine the future and connect with one’s psychic eye.

What Is a Pendulum?

A pendulum is an object that is hung from a string that can move in a an equal motion from left to right. Pendulums can be made of crystals, jewelries like rings that have been passed on, bolts that you have picked up from the street, pendants, coins or even rocks.

A good pendulum object is not too heavy. It should be less than an inch big but not smaller than a third of an inch. Normally pendulums are best tied or hanged on a piece of clear wire or string that is strong. A necklace chain which is long enough is also a good thing to use for hanging the pendulum from.

If you are making a pendulum, choose an object that connects with you. It does not have to be anything fancy. You can pick up a pebble on the street or a shell on a beach but if it connects with you it can be a good tool for readings with a pendulum.

Making the Pendulums

Once you have chosen your pendulum object, you would need to connect it with a string. Ideally the string should be the length from your middle finger to your elbow or about a foot. You can also use a chain of a necklace but make sure it is not too short. A good measure is somewhere between eight to twelve inches. This length is ideally to allow a good swinging motion.

You can dowse freely which means just allowing it to swing in front of you or on top of any object. Some dowse though over a white cloth. You may even make the cloth for spaces with yes or no.

Charging Your Pendulums

A pendulum that is charged with energy works better than one that isn’t. If you charge your pendulum and bless it, it is more likely to provide you with the answers that you seek.

You can charge a pendulum by rubbing it with a bit of oil and water as you impart your energy on it. You can also bury your pendulum in the ground so that it can absorb the Earth’s energy. Another good way is to expose it to sunlight and moonlight.

Once you have done this you may now meditate with the pendulum. Meditating and connecting with your pendulum can open your psychic aura and your third eye chakra. All you need to do is to allow it to swing as you meditate on it. Concentrate on it’s movement and notice how your cosmic eye opens with it. This will help remove blockages from your psychic abilities.

You can even do pendulum meditations when having reading with psychics to be able to concentrate on the readings more.

Divining With a Pendulum

Before starting to divine with your pendulum, you must know how it will communicate with you. You need to know when it says “Yes” or says “No”.

To find out how your pendulum communicates, ask it first to show you “Yes”. The pendulum would then move in a certain way. It may be towards a certain direction or a certain angle. Take note of this movement and remember that this is “Yes”.

Next ask the pendulum to show you “No”. Notice that it would move a different way from “Yes”. Remember this movement.

Finally, ask the pendulum, to show you “Maybe” or “That is the wrong question”. This would allow you to know if the Universe intends for you to know or seek out this knowledge. Remember this movement as well.

Testing the Pendulum

Before proceeding with a reading you may start by testing out your pendulum. You can ask it questions which you already know answers to like “Is my birthday ______?” to find out if it can really give you the right “Yes” or “No” answers.

Do this for several questions to make sure that the pendulum is ready for your divination session.

Asking the Pendulum for Answers.

Pendulums cannot be used to answer all psychic questions. Sometimes, you may need guidance from an expert psychic reader.

In the ancient times, pendulums where used to find treasures or ground water. The search for gold made a lot of use of dowsing and pendulums. And from there, the pendulum had evolved to answer questions and find lost things.

When asking the pendulum questions, you have to be very clear and specific. Questions should be answerable by “Yes” or “No”. Giving a exact time line is also a good way to ask question rather asking vague and generalized ones. Examples for this would be questions like “Will I get married?” vs asking “Will I get married this year?”. If you only ask if you will get married, it is likely to look at your whole life and you never know when that would ever be.

On the other hand, you can also find lost things using a pendulum. You can ask it to move to the direction of the object that is lost. In the past, and actually until the present many psychic detectives use pendulums to find lost things and even lost people.

You can ask the pendulum to guide you to make decisions as well such as if you should go out for today or not. Questions that require only a “Yes” or “No” answers are ideal for the pendulum.

Pendulum Limitations

Like any form of divination, the pendulum has it’s limits. It cannot answer all your questions. Questions that require a broader answer such as explanations and emotions may need other tools like the tarot, crystal ball, runes or even consulting a psychic.

If you are too emotional, the pendulum can also become too emotionally charged that it can gravitate towards the answer you want to hear. So if you feel that there is too much emotion in your psyche, try to tell the pendulum to answer your question without any regards about your feelings and emotions.

Remember to ask the Universe and the Pendulum permission before beginning asking it questions. Ask it if this topic or matter is supposed to be answered because at times, the Universe hides information from us for our best interest.

However if you feel that you really need to seek answers no matter what, then it is best to do a consultation with an expert psychic. Psychics normally are not related to you and have no emotional or mental biases on you. He or she does not know much history or does not feel emotions towards situations you are going through and thus can give expert answers.

Searching for the Truth

The pendulum is one of the divination objects which is easy to use. The future is vast and changing and thus may need may tools or even the aid of others to foresee. But beginning with the basics can help you open your psychic energies and give you a start in your path into discovering what lies ahead in the future.

Just don’t forget to seek help from others when you feel lost. You can read articles and learn divination steps on your own. You can talk to your friends who are psychically inclined. Or you can even book a psychic for a reading to find out more what the Universe holds for you.