Our daily life is filled with both positive and negative energies. But of course no one wants to have negativity and bad vibes entering their psyche. Protecting your spirit from downward energy pulls in important for you to function well and be in harmony with life. Aside from this, having a positive energy in your abode is also important so that your home can be a place where you recharge and feel better after a long day at work or running errands.

Creating spiritual protection is important in order for you to block off negative energies from hurting you, your psyche or even your home and family. But how do you do this? Many spiritual gurus and masters suggest for you cleanse your space and your mind in order to create a barrier from evil spirits, thoughts and energies that may come to attack you.

Mental Spiritual Protection

All spiritual things spring from your mind and you soul. So before you can practice any outward rituals to create spiritual protection, you must first protect your mind. A strong mind is your best weapon from bad energies and vibes.


Meditation has been an ancient practice done for thousands of years by many cultures in order to gain wisdom. In some cultures they call it praying, in some chanting, in others, it is a quiet meditative state.

Meditation is important to protect your mind and home from attacks because it strengthens your chakras specially your crown and third eye chakra. It allows you to communicate with the Universe and hear what the Cosmos or the Higher Being has to tell you.

You can meditate on many things. You can meditate to be calm, you can meditate for strength, you can meditate to avoid anger. You can even meditate to be more loving and kind.

The key to any meditative practice is setting an intention. What do you wish to find in that practice? Do you wish to be more positive? To be more rooted and grounded? Then focus on that.

If you meditate everyday, you can be mentally and spiritual strong to ward off any psychic attacks or any negative energies that can be thrown to you. Remember that all of us have psychic abilities and at times others may use theirs negatively to hurt you, even if they are not aware about it. \

Cover Your Self White Light

It has been known that white is color of positivity and counteracts negative and dark thoughts and energies.

So wherever you are, if you feel a negative attack coming, envision yourself being covered by a white light. Imagine this light getting stronger and stronger, much like a bright halogen bulb that you cannot look at directly. Imagine this light surrounding you.

Now see those negative attacks in your mind. But instead of allowing them in, see the white light enveloping you and warding off or even shattering those negative energies.
If you feel that someone is angry or is throwing some negative energies towards you, then use this white light to dispel that. Shield yourself and also your home.

Covering your aura and yourself with white light is a well known practice done by gurus, great psychics and many spiritual practitioners who encounter many negative vibrations.

Spiritual Protection Rituals

Since the ancient times, rituals have been done to create spiritual protection. Every denomination and religion has it in one form or another. Rituals are valid and real for creating a protective atmosphere and dispelling wicked spirits.


Smudging has been an ancient practice seen as in many civilizations like Native Americans, Greeks, Romans, Hindus, Celts and even in Asia. Smudging in normally done by burning herbs. For those practicing Wicca and the Celtic pagan faith, smudging is done by using dried sage leaves. However the burning of sage is a widespread practice for many cultures used to remove negative energy.

You can also use bay leaves as bay leaves are very effective in removing negative energies. Not only that, bay leaves are known to ward of health problems, raise one’s energies and create a more positive aura in a space. You may also use bay leaves as a tea to help you fight infections and sicknesses.

To do a smudging ritual, one must light a bundle of sage or bay leaves and wave in around the room to let the smoke swirl around into the space. This will ward off any negative vibes floating around.

Lighting of Incense

In the East, we see monks and many people visiting temples and lighting incense. They pray in front of an altar with Buddha or Taoist saints. They burn incense to ask for favors from the Heavens and also to thank the Spirits and the Ancestors for all the blessings. But the burning of incense is not only used to ask for blessings but also for warding ghosts, evil spirits and negative energy.

During the Ghost Month in August, many Chinese belief that ghosts come back to our plane of existence. Some of these ghosts are angry because no incense has been offered to them. And this is why it is important to light incense to ward off angry ghosts and use these sticks to offer peace to them.

Placing of Herbs In Your Home.

Plants not only give off oxygen, but also promote a positive energy in a home. Having herbs at home can attract wealth and prosperity and also ward of negativity. Herbs like Barley and Basil can be used as decorative items and also for cooking and warding off negativity. Aloe Vera is good for the skin and hair and can kick off evil spirits. Cactus and succulents are also excellent for spiritual protection.

Rosemary, Thyme, Garlic, Cinnamon, Cumin, Clove, Dill and Ginger are excellent plants that can be used for both cooking and protection. Eucalyptus and mint are both great for healing the body and providing peace in one’s space.

Chamomile can be used as well for tea and your home. Drinking chamomile tea can help you feel more relaxed and have better sleep.

Just remember to keep away some of these plants from your dogs and cats or even kids cause they might ingest them by accident.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes have been known to ward off evil spirits because of the sound they create. It is also a good way to welcome good fortune into your home. Hang wind chimes on your front door and windows to bring in luck and fight bad vibes.

Sea Salt

Salt is a very cleansing element because it derives its energy from the sea. You can sprinkle salt around your house to ward off evil beings from entering your space. You also use salt crystals like a Himalayan Sea Salt lamp to recharge your body and fight stress.

Witches and shamans and many spiritual masters use salt to cleanse both a person and a place.


Water, is one of the best things you can use to ward off spiritual attacks. You can have small zen fountain to induce the movement of water into your space. Priests use holy water when blessing a place because evil spirits dislike water. You can do so too by blessing your water and charging it and sprinkling it around your house. If you are a Catholic, you can always contact your local priest for a blessing.


There are many crystals out there that you can use for enhancing protection. You can use Amethyst and Tiger’s Eye to ward off evil attacks. Amber and Citrine boost good energies because of their yellow color and thus wards of negativity. Emerald promotes positive energy and wealth. It is also used for healing much like Amethyst.

Obisidian, which is black crystal is great for warding off any attacks on your spirit. Ruby and Garnet, due to their red color also beats negativity.

You can use crystals around your home or your can wear them for protection anywhere.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are well known to lift your spirits, energize you, heal your mind and body and also protect you from spiritual dangers. You can combine different oils to help you sleep better, feel more relaxed and increase your positive energy. Many common ailments that used to need medicines like rhinitis can be cured by diffusing essential oils.

Embracing Positivity

In the heart of fighting spiritual attacks and creating spiritual protection lies positivity. Positivity can heal both your mind and body. It can ward off stress and help you sleep better. If you are positive, you can veer away from people who suck your energy and put you down.
So if you want to protect your spirit, choose to be positive!