The Feather of Life Program                            UNVEILING THE WISDOM OF ANCIENT EGYPT We hunger to know the meaning of life: – What comes after death?

– Why are we here?

– Where do we come from? We intuitively know that some of our ancestors knew the answers to these big questions. And one of the go-to places is Ancient Egypt.

The Feather of Life program unveils the Wisdom of Ancient Egypt to the participants. Impossible? No. Though many assume all too quickly that the Wisdom of Life has disappeared many millennia ago, much of Egypt’s Wisdom Tradition was actually preserved in the Hermetic doctrine. Once recombined with archaeological and historical material, the Wisdom Tradition of Ancient Egypt is accessible to all. The purpose of the Ancient Egyptian Wisdom tradition was to remember that each one of us was born with a mission in this life. That we realized that the soul was eternal and divine, and that it incarnated with a specific purpose for our life-time. The goal of the Wisdom Tradition was to offer a framework whereby the neophyte would be guided through this process of self-fulfillment. The Feather of Life Program is the modern equivalent of this framework. The Egyptian Wisdom Tradition consisted out of two elements: knowledge, to do with life, the soul, our mission, all the information that each one of us had to know, so that we could use this knowledge and apply it to our daily existence, for the rest of our life. The second element was to make sure that the knowledge was applied, and thus transform us, so that we could realize our mission in life, which result in joy and happiness. PROGRAM FRAMEWORK The program is an online course, in which participants are taught the elements of the Wisdom Tradition and are helped in applying these to their own life. Participants are then eligible for the Mentorship Program. This is an ongoing development program, whereby the participants are helped in their daily challenges to rebalance their lives to the new values that will guarantee them happiness and fulfillment. COURSE OVERVIEW A 45 minute free webinar session that provides an overview of the course, followed by five 90 minute sessions. Course Overview & Introduction 1. The Negative Confession We begin by exploring the Negative Confession, which the Egyptian had to recite at the moment of his death. The Negative Confession is a great technique to take stock of where we are in our life, and which areas need work. As we go through life, periodically repeating the Negative Confession will show us how we advance on our path so that we can eventually truly say – with our hand on our heart – that we have lived correctly. This was precisely the goal, and the path, of the Ancient Egyptians. 2. The Eight Virtues of Maat The Eight Virtues of Maat are the eight tools that the Ancient Egyptians were given through which to accomplish this. They are the forces that are at work, and which we need to control, in order to be successful in our life. 3. The Nine Principle For the Eight Virtues to be practically used, the Ancient Egyptians used the Nine Principles, which in essence were nine “commandments” to use in order to live life properly. We will create practical steps on how each one of us can apply these, transforming not just our own life, but those around us too. 4. The Knowledge of Ancient Egypt To complete our mission in life, the Ancient Egyptians had a body of knowledge – focused on the fact that the soul was immortal – which was information that not only awoke the soul, but created the framework for the soul to fulfill its mission. The Ancient Egyptians truly knew that learning this knowledge was a process of remembering, as well as re-membering – becoming whole – and was seen as the veritable initiation, or awakening, into the Wisdom Tradition. 5. Remembering Your Mission in Life We conclude the course by mapping our own mission in life; that what we know we want to do, and have been born to do, and subsequently write out and break how to accomplish this mission, so that each one of us leaves with knowing how to achieve our life’s ambition, as well as attain true happiness and fulfillment.