What is going to happen in 2012?

There will not be any global catastrophes. Contrary to some opinions, the Mayans never predicted any such thing. But 2012 was the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar. The Mayans considered this a period of change, and it is a fact that the world since 1993 – when the final cycle of the calendar began – has indeed dramatically changed: it has become a global village, due to advances in transport and communications. We therefore live in times of great novelty, and this might be the real “secret” of the 2012 phenomenon.

Were we visited by ancient aliens?

In my book The Ancient Alien Question, I show that our ancestors were absolutely convinced there had been a time when the gods had walked amongst them. A vast majority of civilizations across the world relate how civilization – the arts, sciences, etc. – was a gift of the god and that we walk the path of civilization together with the deities. Many civilizations, like the Mayans, relate that at frequent intervals, the gods returned and decreed the fate of the new age together with the representatives – the Mayan leaders.

What is the secret of the pyramids?

As discussed in The New Pyramid Age, there are pyramids everywhere – all over the world. There is no uniform design or usage for them. The Egyptian pyramids were definitely not used as tombs, but more than likely part of the royal Heb Sed festival. In this festival, the Pharaoh was challenged to prove his fitness to rule.

Is there ancient technology?

There is definitely ancient technology. Whether it is the Antikythera device, or the Goldflyer, or the Phaistos Disc, or how the building blocks of the great pyramid were cast, not cut, there is evidence everywhere that our ancestors were far more technologically advanced than we give them credit for.

Are crop circles truly mysterious, or man-made?

Most crop circles, and especially the elaborate ones that each year grace the fields of Wiltshire, are man-made. However, this does not mean they are not interesting. Those creating them, often do so to create temporary sacred space, for people to come and pray in.

Are crystal skulls relics of an ancient civilisation or modern hoaxes?

Most crystal skulls you will come across, are modern in fabrication. However, some are likely to be ancient. The most elaborate, the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull, has an interesting history (despite what the sceptics at the Smithsonian claim), and is likely from Mayan origins.

What is The Grail?

In Servants of the Grail, I show that the Grail story is fact – not fiction. It documents the events that befall the kings of Aragon and the counts of Perche – hence Perc(h)eval. All characters in the story were historical people, including the Fisher King. As to the Grail? Wolfram labelled it a magical stone, but there is far more to it than that. The Grail was a challenge, for those of us willing to embrace a divine mission, to live according to the Hermetic tradition, which argues we should live our lives in service to God.

Did we land on the Moon?

There is ever growing doubt that we went to the Moon. It is now quite clearly proven that a number of photographs allegedly taken on the Moon were definitely falsified – the astronaut’s suits and limitations simply did not allow for good photographs. But that does not mean we never made it to the Moon. Amazingly though, it might come as a surprise to learn that there is no convincing evidence that we indeed ever went to our satellite! It could have been faked – but this of course doesn’t mean it was. At present, it is a question of… belief!

Is the Shroud of Turin real?

Carbon-dating results in 1988 revealed the Shroud was of medieval origin, but there is great controversy as to what precisely was tested. The Sudarium of Oviedo is undoubtedly much older. Recent analysis has shown that both cloths contained the same human body. This means that the carbondating results of the Shroud are at the very least inaccurate. No-one can precisely reproduce the manner in which the image of the Shroud was created. It is the greatest paranormal object in existence and the best witness to an extraordinary event, commonly known as the resurrection of Jesus Christ.