Eye of The Psychic

Greetings and welcome, fellow truth seekers, to Eye of the Psychic!  My name is Iris and together with my nephew Pete, and some amazing authors such as Philip Coppens, we’re here to investigate all things psychic, paranormal, mystical, sacred and spiritual!

If you’re wanting to find out the best psychics online, know more about whether Aliens really landed on earth, discover newly found pyramids and other unexplained archaeological discoveriess, find out if you are psychic, try a free online rune reading, read psychic reviews, or investigate sacred sites all around the world. This is the site for you!

If you’re questioning the realities you’ve been told and are looking for other answers, this is the site for you!

Warning: You can’t unread the info within this site, it may increase your spiritual awareness and make you question things you held to be sure and true!  As with everything do your own research and explore alternate realities with us at EyeofThePsychic.com!

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