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San Juan Chamula and sacred stones REFERENCED BOOKS Wanderings of the Grail The New Pyramid Age Scota, Egyptian Queen of the Scots: Scotland was first settled … of an Egyptian Pharaoh and His Queen Eden in Egypt: Adam and Eve Were Pharaoh Akhenaton and Nefertiti BOWER-MANETHO CORRESPONDENCES

Bower chronology

  Manetho chronology

  Amosis 25 Ahmosis 25 Chebron 13 Chebron 13 Amenophis 21 Amenophis 21 Mephres 12 Mephres 12 Mispharmatosis 9 Mispharmuthosis 26     Tuthmosis 9 Amenophis 31 Amenophis 31 Horus 38 Orus 28 Acencris 12 Achencheres 12 Achorisis 7 Acherres 8 Chencres 18 Cherres 15     Armais (Dannus) 5     Ramesses 68

from: Ralph Ellis, Scota, Egyptian Queen of the Scots, p. 10-11.


Danai (Greek)

  De Danaan (Irish)

(1) Acrisius, King of Argos, warned by an oracle that his grandson would destroy him, determined that his daughter Danae should never know a man. He placed her in a fortress in the care of priestesses where she grew up innocent of the fact that males existed.   (1) Balor, king of the Fo’Mori, warned by a Druid prophecy that his daughter Danu would give birth to a son who would slay him, confined the princess in a convent on Tory Island, attended by Druidesses, and unaware of man’s existence. (2) Zeus visited Danae as a ray of sunshine and she duly gave birth to the hero Perseus.   (2) A god or hero, Kian, disguised as a Druidess, obtained access to Danu, who gave birth to the Erse hero Lugh or Lug. (3) Acrisius ordered Danae and her babe to be placed in a boat and cast adrift in the sea. She was rescued at the island of Seriphus and Perseus was duly brought up by Polydectes.   (3) Balor caused Danu and her infant to be put in a coracle and left to the mercy of the waves. They were rescued, and Lugh was reared by Goban, the Smith. (4) Polydectes sent Perseus on a desperate mission to obtain the Medusa’s Head which turned everything into a stone with a glance. He reached the Gorgons’ island at farthest extreme of Ocean, by the aid of Hermes and Athene, rescued Andromeda, married her, and captured Meru, the capital of the Ethiopians.   (4) Lugh was instructed in magic arts by Goban, the Smith. He eventually returned to Ireland or the Hebrides, taking with him his magic sword, a “tathlum”, and other magical possessions. (5) Acrisius, on Perseus’ return, fled to Larissa (or Argos, to escape his grandson, who followed him and slew his grandparent with a discus at a gymnastic meeting, hence fulfilling the oracle. He established the dynasty of the Perseids, called the Danai, from whom descended the Heracleids.   (5) Lugh, on his return, found his grandfather Balor, who opposed his entry. A great battle was fought with magic used by both parties, but Lugh finally slew Balor with his magic “tathlum”, freed his people from the Fo’Mori and established the De Danaan or Ere as the ruling race for many centuries. from: Comyns Beaumont, The Riddle of Prehistoric Britain, p. 109-110.