Do psychic email readings actually work? I know we all have had our doubts. BUT YES, they do WORK.

I have personally tried having psychic email readings myself. In the beginning I was really hesitant, having have had readings face to face with my granny Cissy and phone readings for years. But honestly I’ve tried having a reading via email and I actually loved it. They were enlightening, helpful and most of all, I can read them AGAIN AND AGAIN, to know if the reading has come to pass.

Of course these doubts on psychic readings by email are not baseless, as to any kind of reading. No one wants to get a fake reading, whether by email, phone or face to face. So here I’ll tell you how to get the best email reading and why they really do work.

But if you want to know more about the best psychic readings available online that I have tried, you can read read more on my articles about different sites like Psychic Source or Keen Psychics or Oranum.

How Does a Psychic Email Reading Work?

Psychics don’t really need to touch you or see you or even hear your voice to connect with you. They just need to connect with your ENERGY AND YOUR SOUL. When you get a psychic email reading, you normally type your name and question and thus you imprint your “energy” right into that email. The psychic then opens your question and connects to your “soul” and “energy”.

After the psychic connects with you, all he needs to do is meditate and feel the connection and look into the fabric of time and space. And the advantage of an email reading here is that the psychic has the time to zone in on you via meditation and focus.

What’s the difference of Phone Readings vs. Email Readings?

Well, many people would say they like phone readings. Many people on the other hand would also say that they prefer emails due to it’s anonymity and the comfort level it gives a client when having one. Personally I do like them both and I’ve used them both and I can say they are different and each one has its benefits and drawbacks.

For phone readings, I like that I can hear the voice of the psychic. I can sense his or her energy right then and there. I also like that I can get the answers I seek instantly.

On the other hand, there are times, that I don’t feel like talking. I would rather type my questions and just wait for a reply after a few days. On those days I get email readings.

What I really like about email readings is that I can read back on my reading and check on it if things come to pass. I can read and reread as many times as I can and reflect on it. That helps me know if the reading has come to pass already.

How to Find a Good Psychic Email Reading Site

We all hate scams and we all want the best psychics that can help us find answers. By finding the best psychics, you can make sure that you are not getting scammed.

Check the Website

If the website looks too blah or it looks like a kid made it, then chances are this site might be just after your money. Real psychic sites invest time and effort to make people feel like they are worth it.

Their site would show testimonials, blog articles, tips and even the bio of each psychic that they have. They will have samples of their work. I’ve seen this on StormJewel’s Psychics. I’m happy to tell you that I’m avid fan of their blog posts.


I know you may want to pay really, really low prices for a reading, but know the value of a reading to you. A reading should not be too cheap that it just does not seem worth it. It also should not be too expensive that you feel like being robbed.

If a reading is way too cheap, chances are the reading you get is a copy pasted template tweaked to fit your question.


A good site allows reviews. People should be able to leave testimonials and feedback to the site. There should also be a way to complain if in case you are unhappy. Check the reviews of those who have used the site. Do they look authentic? Do they say good things? How did they feel about the readings?

Satisfaction Guarantee

I can stress the importance of a satisfaction guarantee on a site more. If a site or any place that offers a reading is good, then they would be confident enough to refund you. I’ve seen many refund policies here and there. Psychic Source, Keen, Oranum and StormJewels Psychics all offer it. But so far StormJewel’s has the best satisfaction guarantee because they give you a 100% refund for your last reading, no questions asked.

It makes sense right? If their site and psychics are good, then they are confident that you’ll be satisfied, and if you aren’t they know it’s a rare case so they can refund you with now problem

Get an Email Reading from StormJewels Psychics

Pros and Cons of a Psychic Email Readings

I know I’ve mentioned that they’re great but I wanted to just highlight what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a psychic email reading.


Getting a psychic email reading is great if you want a reading that is well thought of and is meditated upon. Your psychic is not rushed and thus connects with you and your question more.

You can also keep the email and even print it out the check it as time passes by.

Psychic email readings also are not rushed like phone readings and you don’t count the minutes and worry about the prices getting higher as you stay longer on the phone. The prices are often at flat rate and thus you can set the number of words and price you are ready to pay for, NO SURPRISES!

Finally, this reading is great if you don’t want to speak about what your going through. There are times that you have something you want to tell someone but you feel you just can’t do it with a stranger. But by writing your thoughts and questions down, you can easily let it out and ask for a reading.


Well if you hate waiting, psychic email readings are not for you. Most of the time sites that offer them take like three to even a week long to answer and send your reading back to you. That’s a no no if you are in a rush.

Another thing is that there will be sites there that may have templated answers that they copy-paste on their so called readings. We need to be careful with that.

On the other hand I know that there are many trustworthy sites out there. There are still many who wish to help you through their psychic gifts

Which site do I recommend for Psychic Email Readings?


Hands down I recommend StormJewel’s Psychics. It’s a lovely little site with just a few ladies working together. I’ve seen them for years and I know that Stormjewel herself keeps the site small to maintain the quality. This shows that she is not after the money, but more of helping people.

I’ve seen the sample readings and reviews for both Maria and Evie as well as for StormJewel and I can say that these ladies are legit. My favorite is Maria because of her indepth readings and I like her 1 Year Psychic Readings. I haven’t seen something like


this from other sites.

I also like Evie. I had a love reading from her. She is sweet and kind and insightful. Right now her readings are on a discount at 20% less.

Get an Email Reading from StormJewels Psychics

Best Psychic Email Reading Site: StormJewel’s Psychics

I really love these ladies from StormJewel’s. The owner herself, StormJewel is a lovely lady. I have had the chance to message her and get to know her when I gave a good feedback on one of my readings with Maria.

Their site is easy to use and they have excellent customer service. I follow their blog posts as well as they are great tips about life.

Finally, they have the best satisfaction guarantee I’ve seen online so far. So, yes, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM.