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  1. No disrespect. I appreciate that you’re trying to educate the people about shamanism. Stating that there are different types of “shaman” (misappropriated racially charged word nowadays). As an indigenous American born into earth based medicine and spiritual ways, I feel that If someone is going to misappropriate a cultural way of life they could at least do lots of research to try to understand exactly what they are getting themselves into. American Neoshamanism is a farce. Being a shamanist (follower of traditional shamanism) be a greater coining of the misappropriated term or Earth based Spirituality practitioner more encompassing of earth based practices.

    There is no certification or license to be a true bona fide traditional Shaman or curandero. That is a very disrespectful stab to true Shamanism of the Siberian region.
    Each tribe has a name for their medicine people.
    Just because “shamanism” is now a racially charged misappropriated fad doesnt mean its ok to disrespect and continue disrespecting.

    Please be one to educate the masses of these atrocities and misappropriations and educated on proper terminology. You’re a good communicator, a good writer.

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