Clairvoyants VS. Psychics

Clairvoyants VS. Psychics

So what is the difference between clairvoyants and psychics. Well to be honest most clairvoyants are psychics, but not all psychics are clairvoyants. Both clairvoyants and psychics have the ability to know and see things that may happen in the past, present and future, but the way for them to know it may different from each. Clairvoyants and psychics may have similar and different gifts, but in essence both of them have special skills that allow them to look into what other people cannot normally see.

Psychics is a broader spectrum that describe most people who have special abilities beyond the scope of the normal senses. But a psychic normally derives his gift from within him instead of from external sources. “Clairs” or those of clear gifts sense things outside of themselves. They see, hear, feel, know, taste or even smell things that happen around them or things that have happened or tare to happen.


Clairvoyants are people who have the gift of “Sight”. The word clairvoyant comes from two French words; “clair” meaning “clear” and “voyant” which is “vision”. Clairvoyants see visions of the past, present and future. They can look into a snippets of time and see possibilities that may happen or see the history of past occurrence.

Clairvoyants normally have their third eye chakra fully open and can see beyond the physical realm. They can even look into parallel planes of existence and see what is to come.

There are also other types of “clairs”. These are other types of gifts aside from the gift of site. Skills such as clear hearing or clairaudience, clear feeling or clairsentience, claircognizance or clear knowing, clairofactus or clear smell and clairgustance or the ability to taste things beyond food that is eaten.


Clairaudients are people who can hear things that have happened or will happen. They are also the ones who hear messages from angels and spirits. Many clairaudients are mediums and can communicate with those who have passed on. They can even channel in the spirits and allow the spirits to enter their body to perform mediumship work.

Many clairaudients have Spirit Guides as well. These can be angels, fairies or elemental spirits that guide them to know things and access information from past to present.

Clairsentients and Claircognizants

Clairsentients and claircognizants are to some extent similar. The difference between them is that clairsentients can sense and feel what is to come. They have the “Gut” feeling and have very strong solar plexus chakras. A lot of clairsentients are empaths and can sense and feel the feelings of people around them. They can recognize love, sadness, lying, anger and many different emotions that surround them. They can also sense how a person may feel in the past, present and future. These feelings allow them to predict what is to come. For example, a person with this gift can sense your feelings of love and sense the feelings of love from another in the future and know if you are to meet a person who will your beloved.

Clairsentients are full of feelings and emotions. They feel a full spectrum of energies and mindful of things that happen around them.

The similarity between these two is that a clairsentient can know what is to come by sensing things. And hence it is similar to being a claircognizant who knows things. The difference though is that a claircognizant knows things like they are chunks of information. He or she can access information much like looking into a database or a computer or even reading a book.

Instead of feeling things, a claircognizant knows things. Claircognizants are logical and love to think. They know things suddenly. Ideas that are gifts from Spirit comes to them. They can give you sound advice and help you in making decisions.


The gift of “Smell” is a rare psychic gift. It is the ability to smell and perceive things through their odor. A person with this gift can know things like by the smell of someone’s perfume. He can know a person by the smell of their sweat. He can smell the environment in the past, present or future to give a reading.

A clairolfactor can smell if a person worked as a cook, an office clerk or even a doctor. He can “smell danger too”. He can “smell fear”. This unique gift is useful for psychic crime investigations like for missing people and unresolved deaths. Being a clairolfactus can also help a person know if you and someone match with each other by his or her gift of scent. Both parties do not need to be there, because a clairolfactus can smell people from near or far.


Clairgustance is the gift of “Taste”. It is the ability to taste things beyond the physical realm. When you have this gift, you can taste the air around a person. You can taste the sea from the past or taste the salt in the dinner that a person will have in his or her wedding. You can envision things by your palate.

The gift of “Taste” allows a person to know the past, present and future through his or her tongue. This is a very unique gift and is uncommon for most people who have psychic abilities.


Psychic readings

Psychics are people who gifted with one or many of the “clair” gifts. He or she can have other gifts as well. However, many psychics can be psychics can be psychics even without being given the “clair” gift.

Any person can be a psychic. Each and everyone of us, has the “psyche” or the mind and psychics are those of a strong mind. To develop psychic abilities and powers a person has to open his mind and train his mind, (though some are born with this gift). Meditation can enhance the mind and allow a person to introspect and see things in the past present and future. He or she can know things even without the Spirit connecting to him but by him connecting to the universe through the power of his mind.

To become a psychic, one must engage in mindful living. One must learn to open the mind to things and to the signs shown by the Universe.

Other people though are born psychics. They come from families who have psychics for many generations. They have grown to see this gift and thus is more open to having their minds and psyches perceive and know things.

Getting Readings

Getting readings from either psychics or clairvoyants are helpful. They both have special gifts and can allow you to connect with what is to come or know what has occurred before. The best thing to do is find a good clairvoyant or psychic who is trustworthy. Find the best ones who are empathetic and caring. Look for someone who has a lot experience. In this way, whichever you choose, you can be sure to get a good reading.