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Listen to a radio interview on this book:   SYNOPSIS The identification of the constellation Orion with the Egyptian god Osiris has become engrained in human consciousness, yet it is one of the biggest misunderstandings dominating the understanding of Egyptian mythology. Rather than the constellation Orion, it is the star Canopus that is linked with Osiris, as identified by ancient writers as well as early 20th century scholars, whose evidence has since been bullied into silence, if not oblivion. Canopus, for Egypt the South polar star, is the second brightest star in the sky and interplays with Sirius in such a way that ancient accounts say they control time and evolution. Furthermore, Canopus was the star of the navigators, both ancient and modern, and was believed to allow access to the Afterlife – the domain of Osiris. Canopus was specifically identified with his Chest, his Ark, in which he was transformed from mere mortal to resurrected supergod; an image that has inspired Mankind ever since. The story has been at the origin of the Grail legend and alchemy, both of which have a specific link to Canopus – revealed here for the first time. Canopus was therefore literally a “stargate”, where man could communicate with and aspire to become gods – and enter into other dimensions. This book will reveal what the Egyptians actually believed as to what happened to the soul after death, when it entered into the Duat (or Nibiru), the crossing between life and the Afterlife, and the paths it the soul could chose. It will show how they coded this knowledge into their mythology and how ancient accounts and modern physics use the same symbolism? to describe the structure of the universe, the playground of the Egyptian gods and the souls of the deceased. This book radically reinterprets the myth of Osiris in its proper context? what the ancient Egyptians believed would happen to the soul. Mankind is again on the brink of discovering this knowledge through modern science? PRAISE “This is a brave book. As if it were not risky enough to challenge the accepted established scientific Egyptological paradigm the author of ‘The Canopus Revelation’ has taken a long and incisive re-examination of the modern ‘alternative’ interpretations of Ancient Egypt. As a sceptical reader of modern writers such as Bauval and Hancock.

I found this book to be a thought-provoking breathe of very fresh air.

The Author,
by Philip Coppens, has applied himself diligently to the facts and has unearthed what must be one of the most startling re-examinations of Egyptian stellar lore of recent times.

I thoroughly recommend this book.”