I’ve always wondered if psychics ever make mistakes or if they get their signs and signals crossed. And my grandmother Cissy often said, that yes, psychics can make mistakes.

No one is ever perfect. We all make mistakes. So even the most talented psychic can make mistake. He or she can get answers for a different question. Or things may change due to the change in a person’s freewill and decision.

Psychic Accuracy

There are many talented psychics out there who have predicted with high accuracy things that are to come. A psychic named Jeane Dixon predicted JFK’s assassination and death as well as Martin Luther King’s. Famous writer Jules Verne who wrote wondrous books predicted the Apollo 11’s moon landing. Many notable psychics where able to foresee the future and predict what is to come not just for one man or woman but for mankind.

A psychic’s accuracy depends on his or her gifts and the tools he or she uses. It takes talent, skills and lots of practice and meditation to become a good psychic.

In order to be accurate, a psychic must connect to the Universe’s Core as well as open his or her third eye chakra. Or she must sense with all his or her being what is to come. And at this point, he or she learns what is to happen with much depth and accuracy.

When Is A Psychic Wrong?

At times, psychics can be wrong too. They can commit mistakes in their readings. Their third eye can be blocked by many things and thus they cannot really see what is to come. They may be unfocused as well and so they make mistakes on a reading. Another reason of course is fraud. There are many those out there who are just out to get your money. You need to be wary of those kinds of charlatans.

Emotional Baggage

When a psychic is filled with sadness, anger, grief or fear, he or she can experience a psychic block. This happens when he or she is too focused on whatever trials they are experiencing in life and thus they cannot accurately read for you.

A psychic must learn to manage his or her emotions in order not to be burned by them. He or she must meditate and let go of all of his or her own personal problems before sitting down for a reading.

A daily meditative practice can help a psychic remove emotional blocks.

Shifting Circumstances

Reality is not flat. It changes and it is fluid. Circumstances change and thus outcomes may change too. A person’s decision at a given point can give a specific answer and when his or her decision changes, the outcome changes too.

Shifting circumstances can result to a reading becoming invalid and no longer real, because the reading was made at a time where there was a different situation and circumstance.

Psychic can avoid this by avoiding very specific readings. Pinpointing ever single detail can be good but can also lead to wrong reading when things change.

The Client’s Energy Flow

The flow of the client’s energy can determine how well the reading goes. The client himself may not be receptive and may come to a reading with a very negative mind and thus creating a barrier and blocking what is to come. This happens for example, you ask for your soulmate, however you have been waiting for so long and you’ve met many people but “none of them” is the one, so you automatically negate the reading.

However in that very same reading, it may already be true and you may have already met your soulmate but you just choose to reject this person. Same goes for career questions where you choose not to accept what is really to come.

Upon coming into a reading, it is best to be open minded and have an open heart. Openness channels positive energy and thus creates a gateway for a positive reading and a positive future.


Of course you’ve heard of psychics who are just after your money. We all know those kinds of readings where he or she will tell you are cursed and that you will only be able to avoid this if you give some money to the psychic.

There are also those who use just templated answers and are too lazy to really focus on you. Some psychics can also draw his or her answers from you by asking you leading questions and basing his “reading” on the questions you’ve asked or the things you have said in the reading.

Good Vs. Bad Psychics

Although many people may still have doubts and apprehensions about psychics, there are still many out there who are talented. Many psychics are genuine and feel the need to help others and that is why they chose that path to assist people seeking answers.

You can see my list of the Best Psychics I have reviewed here.

On the other hand, the word is not a place where only good things happen and only good people exist. There will always be those who just want to make fast cash and would pull other people’s leg to get their money. Be careful with those.

Know that there is a psychic in all of us and thus this can help you determine if a person is trustworthy or not. Also don’t be afraid to do your research and find out what others say about a psychic. Read reviews and feedback. Check the internet. And if all else fails you can always use the money back guarantee if the reading did not really suit your liking.