Read this article and find the BEST LOVE PSYCHICS I have found.

Love is one of the most popular topics a person asks about in a reading. And why is that? It’s because we are all into love and majority of us equate finding and having a good love life to having happiness. I have had my fair share of woes on love and a lot of my friends also have experienced issues with their relationships and love life and thus I wanted to help many out there in their quest in finding a good psychic who can address their questions about LOVE.

So I’ve tried out different websites and got love readings from here and there to find out who among them can give me the best answers. I specially liked two sites. These are The Love Queen and Psychic Source. I loved The Love Queen because they gave three free credits for their chat service this allowed me to get three free answers. They also recently added phone readings with this wonderful psychic Alex who gave me a great phone reading. They’re a small site and I feel they are very genuine. I also loved Psychic Source since they are very reputable and they give very in-depth love advice. I will tell you more about these two later.

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Who are the Best Love Psychics that you can count on?

#1 -The Love Queen – Winner!

The Love Queen is a small site dedicated to giving out Love Advice. They offer both chat readings and recently added phone reading services. Katie, the owner of the site and a few psychics do the chat readings. They do offer an introductory offer of getting 3 free chat credits. If you’d like to ask more questions you can purchase credits at a very reasonable price.

What can I say about Katie? Well she runs this small psychic service via chat and added the phone readings which is neat. I like this site a lot and have been following it for great articles about love. When she added the chat service I got really excited. I have able to ask three questions. Two of them where about love and another one about my finances. She was spot on all the questions. It helped me get the guidance I needed at that time.

After a few months, I saw that she added her friend Alex on the site. He does face to face readings and when he joined in, he did the phone readings. I really liked the phone readings with him because I can hear the sound of his voice and tell that he was authentic and real. I could feel his intuition and that he was tuning into me.

He was able to give me some great love readings since I’ve tried having a reading with him thrice already. I’ve recommended him to my friends too and they all had great things to say about him. He can really give great Love Predictions! He was able to see a soulmate for my bestfriend Abbie and now she’s and her fiance are on this whirlwind romance and are getting married soon! This is because Alex told her to continue seeing that guy she was having doubts about. Isn’t that great.

I really recommend this site because they are small and real and AUTHENTIC. You can definitely feel they are more about helping people than making money. Their price is the most reasonable too. Most sites offer an intro offer but theirs is the best priced with or without any discounts. It’s only about $55 for 20 minutes which is about $2.75 per minute. That’s a really good deal.

Visit The Love Queen for Great Value Readings by Phone

Psychic Source Review#2 – Psychic Source

Psychic Source has been around for ages. They have now been giving readings for almost thirty years now. What I like the most about Psychic Source is that it is very easy to use and that they have many reputable psychics. As far as I’ve reviewed them, in order for psychics to pass their screening process, they have to be tested many times and even go through retesting.

For a love reading, I really like Psychic Source and chose to have a phone reading with them. They do offer chat and video too. The reading was very empathetic and in depth. It talks about how my rocky relationship with my husband is and that he is the love of my life. My reader, Bonnie (x7985) was well recommended for love readings. She was very non judgmental and caring. He was able to give me a look into the future and looking back, her prediction came true. Our relationship did go better! I’m glad I stuck it out because her reading helped me feel that I could do it.

Psychic Source has many great love psychics who offer caring readings. The site is just a breeze to use to. Price wise, they offer introductory rates for new customers which is just $1 per minute plus 3 free minutes. That ‘s a really really great deal considering the talent of their psychics. The best part is that they have money back guarantee which gives me the peace of mind that if I didn’t like the reading, I can always get my money back (however, I haven’t used this!).

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Get a Phone reading with Psychic Source

#3 – Keen

I would say that Keen is similar to Psychic Source. It’s also very easy to use and they also have great psychics. They also have great customer service. For my Love reading, I would say it went pretty good. I had a reading with Joelle1. It was insightful and she was able to describe my husband in detail. It did not contain any fluff and she went straight to the point and did not waste any time. She was able to complete my reading in just fifteen minutes! But it was very detailed and gave me all the answers that I needed.

Another great thing was they had a deal for $1.99 for ten minutes which saved me a lot of money for that reading.

However, I liked Psychic Source more and have come back to them many times. Psychic Source was easier to use and I just felt more at ease with their readers. But overall the best reading still goes to The Love Queen because Alex never hurried to finish my reading and went over my minutes without charging me extra.

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Try a Phone Reading with Keen

StormJewels Psychic Email Readings#4 StormJewel Psychics

This little site with three lovely psychics caught my eye when I was looking for an email reading. You see email readings are neat because you really get the psychic to focus on your questions. Another thing is they are not just cold reading you or just getting your vibe or getting answers from your questions, they really get answers from meditating on you.

I love their psychic Evie who is great with love readings. She is very insightful and kind. She was able to also give me some empowering advice about my marriage and relationship. The reading was very helpful in my relationship.

I also loved Maria, she is very in depth and thorough. I heard she has had her gifts since she was a child. She gave me a straight forward reading. I can tell that she is very talented. In the future, I would also like to try a tarot card reading with StormJewel herself.

Their prices were reasonable and Evie had a very good promotion. They also offered a Love Report which I think did a comparison of my and my husband’s personal astrological charts. The Love Report was spot on.

Get an Email Reading from StormJewels Psychics

Getting a Love Reading

Thinking about getting a love reading? Well, I hope my review helped you find the best psychic website that helped you in picking the best one for you. I would really recommend The Love Queen because of the sincerity of Alex and Katie and Psychic Source because they have the best reputation around.

Finding answers on love can help you find peace of mind and clarity not to mention some sleep at night. If you find a good psychic who can help you, you can look into the future with love and cheerfulness.