Aura or the colored hue that surrounds everything in existence is an energy field that indicates mood, power, motivation, emotions and temperament. Everything that is and everything that we know and everything that we see has aura. Even invisible things emits an aura. The wind, the moon, the stars, the air that you breathe and of course every person in existence has an aura. Aura is energy and energy is life and power.

What is Aura

In science, we know that things have energy fields that surround them. When viewed by a heat sensor or a other scientific devices, we can see aura or the wave of light that a thing emits. Using a prism, we see how light bends and moves.

For humans, we have aura too. Our aura is dictated by our temperament and mood. It is also affected by our spirit. People who have higher frequency auras normally have rainbow colored fields. On the other hand people can also have murky or dark colored aura specially when they are stressed or feel sad.

Some people can see aura, because they have the gift of site. Some people can sense aura as well. Many empaths sense the energy levels of others around them, though they may not see the colors emitted by a person’s energy.

The Meaning of Auric Colors

For the longest time, we know that colors have meanings. In art, each color evokes a certain feeling and thus is used differently. Knowing the meaning of colors of the aura and detecting them can help you deal with people and feelings better. Knowing the color of your own aura can also assist you in fine tuning your energy and also helps you grow and “glow” better.


Red is one of the most powerful colors in the spectrum of the aura. Red is the color of blood, the heart and circulation itself. Red also indicates friction and war. It is the color of anger and opposition but it is also the color of love and sexual energy.

Having a red aura can either be a positive or a negative thing depending on which shade of red you have. At times, your shade may shift depending on your mood or energy.

Clear and Bright Red

People who have a clear and bright red aura normally exibit power and exuberance. They are very energetic and passionate about life. They are driven and competitive. When they do something they are passionate about, they do it with much energy and prowess.

A clear red aura also indicates a high level of sensual energy. They are very romantic and love showing affection. They are also very sexual in nature and thus want to have great intimate adventures.

Deep Red

Deep Reds are people who are very grounded and self reliant. They are street smart and can maneuver their way through any circumstance. Deep reds are also focused on survival and being able to withstand troubles and difficulties.

If you have a deep red aura, it means you have a strong will power and nothing can stop you in attaining your dreams and aspirations.

Muddy and Murky Red

Murky red auraed people normally exhibit negative tendencies. They harbor anger and critical competitiveness to the point of trying to destroy others. They can be self centered and may not want to listen to others. People who have this aura tend to always want to show that they are right and others are wrong. They tend to be full of anger and are always ready to explode all the time.

Baby Pink and Bright Pink

People who have a warm and light pink aura are very loving and affectionate. They are sweet and thoughtful and would always want to show their love and affection to friends and family by giving gifts or talking to them in a nice and loving way.

Baby pink shades are also exuded by those who have just fallen in-love or are infatuated. They attain this hue by their sweet and tender feelings for the person they want and love.

People who have the gift of clairaudience also have a pink aura.

Murky Pink or Dark Pink

Dark or a dirty shaded pink means you cannot be trusted. People who have this color are often immature and self obssesed. They are often liars and would have the intent to deceive those around them to get their way.

Red Orange

Red oranged people are those who have an aura that shows the energy to create as well as be confident at the same time. They are sociable and they love to interact with others. These people combine both the energies of the red and orange auras.

Orange Auras

Orange is a bright color full of energy and life. It is the color of appetite and socialization. It is the color that signifies vigor, vitality, energy, stamina, creativity, excitement, wanderlust, adventure, It is ruled by the sacral chakra or sexual energy and thus also related to desires and even addictions to both food and other things.

Bright Orange

Those who have a bright orange aura normally have a very lively personality. They are the life of the party and are always smiling and vibrant any where they go. Having this aura means you are healthy and energetic. You love to do things and can participate in many activities. People who have an orange aura are living a life towards the motto “C’est la vie”. They live life to the fullest and enjoy life very much.

However having a very, very bright orange aura to the point of neoness may mean you are battling addiction and desires you may want to let go. These may be addiction to people, things, substances or even food.

Orange red

As mentioned above, those who have orange red auras are people who are very confident and fun loving. They have a persona of power and thus can communicate well. They are sociable can be good communicators.

Orange yellow

Orange is the color of vibrancy and yellow is the color of thinking and the mind and thus these two combined may mean a person can overly focused on perfection. You can be obsessive compulsive and be too keen on keeping each detail of a project right and perfect.

Yellow Auras

The yellow color is associated with the intellect and a person’s creativity. Yellow also manifests a lively and active demeanor. It is connected with a person’s life energy and his spleen. It signifies awakening and intelligence as well as the ability to invent things.

Yellow also shows a side of a person that is playful, positive, hopeful, innovation, new ideas, inspiration and a motivation to learn and discover.

If you are of the yellow aura, it means you are smart and put value into thinking. You are clever and want to do ingenious things and discover new ideas. You are creative and playful and like inventing new things and solving problems. Yellows are people who are active and full of chi.

Bright yellow

Those who have a bright yellow aura are people who are very energetic and like putting their thoughts into actions. Once they have an idea, they want to set these ideas into motion and create and invent things. They are also those who have stepped into spiritual awakening. They are aware that the thought is powerful and that thoughts can create reality.

People of this color are intuitive and have a good sense of knowledge of things around them. This is also the color of empaths.

Brownish yellow

Those of a brownish yellow hue are learners. They are often students who are trying to study something. They can also be people who are focused on attaining a new skill. Having a brown hint on your yellow aura means that you have grown tired of learning at some point as well.

Resting may energize your aura and put you back into a bright yellow shade once more.

Lemon yellow

Lemon yellows are people who are struggling to find control over themselves and over others. They fear losing control over their business affairs and personal life. They tend to micromanage everything. These are people who tend to want perfection in every facet of their lives and would be devastated when changes that do not go according their plans happen.

People with a lemon yellow hued aura may have suffered loss or grief in the past and are wise, however think too much and examine every detail to the point of stressing themselves out. On the other hand, they are great planners and can excute ideas well.

Light or pale yellow

Those who have a light yellow hue are those who have suddenly embraced the path of awakening. They are in the path of discovering the morals, ideas and beliefs that they feel would lead them into enlightenment. They have a sense of serene excitement into finding answers about life’s questions.

Green Auras

Green is the color of the heart chakra and thus radiates love and compassion for others. It is also the color of nature and of plants and thus is charged with healing energies.

People who have a green chakra have come to terms with themselves and have accepted their persona well. They are also healers and givers. They are usually teachers and like helping others. Green hued auras means that a person is balanced and serene. They are people who love animals and pets. They like helping stray cats and dogs and are keen to any sort of living creature. They also love people and are sociable and can easily adapt and communicate with others.

Brilliant or emerald green

Those who have an emerald aura are people who are tasked to be healers. They can be doctors, nurses, dentists, midwives or light-workers. Social workers, psychologists and welfare people are often seen with an emerald auras. They pursue helping those in need. They radiate a calming and healing energy around them.

Yellow green

Yellow green auras are for those who are lovingly creative and good in expressing their feelings. These are often writers and poets. Musicians specially those who play instruments or sing soulful music have a yellow green aura. Sales people can also have a yellow green aura specially those who aim to help their customers.

Dirty hued or dark and cloudy green

A cloudy green may mean a person is envious and jealous of others. They resent others and feel that they are better than those around them. Often, their heart chakra is blocked but is still their dominant source of energy. They can have a destructive emotional outlook in life.

Turquoise or Light sea green

Those who have a turquoise aura are often healers of the mind. Doctors specially those who are very compassionate can have a turquoise aura. A turquoise aura means you are a highly skilled healer with a heart of helping others. They are very sensitive and caring towards others.

Forest green

A forest green aura means you are good with plants and herbs. You heal others through nature. You can be a good cook and make concoctions of plants and herbs that can restore the body. You can also plant seeds and help them growth with your green thumb.

Blue Auras

The color blue is tied to the throat chakra. Blue is a calm and serene color. Those who have a blue chakra are often self composed and show grace under pressure. They are peaceful and love helping others. They are also very sensitive and intuitive about the things that happen around them.

Light blue or soft blue

A light blue aura means you are full of peace. Your thoughts are clear and calm. You tend to communicate well with others and listen to them well. You are honest and trustworthy.

Royal blue

Those who have a royal blue aura have the special gift of clairvoyance. They have the gift of foresight and intuition and are sensitive about the things to come.

They are also helpful and generous to others and are often in the lookout for assisting those who need them. They want others to succeed as well.

They can foresee opportunities and are wise about making decisions. These are people who are often in the path ot success and attaining their dreams.

Murky blue

If your blue is muddled with with murkiness, it means you are afraid of the future. You are in turmoil to find peace. You may not be sleeping well and you are afraid of telling the truth.

People who have a murky blue aura are often in denial of something. They try to hide from the truth that is.


Indigos are people who have an open third eye. Indigo is the combination of high amounts of blue and purple and thus combines the traits of these two auras.

They can see visions and their pituitary gland is active. They are sensitive to others as well. Those who have an indigo aura are often emphatic but also gifted with seeing the future.

Purple Auras

Purple auras are linked to the crown chakra and the pineal gland. The color purple is the color of wisdom. It is the most sensitive of all colors and is also the color of being attuned to your intuition and the ability foresee the future.

Most purples are also given the gift of magic and higher vibrations. They can create and will things into motion. They are very attuned to others around them and also the vibrations of energies of their surroundings. Often those who have purple auras are psychics. Great and notable clairvoyants have purple colored auras surrounding them. They can see the fabric of time and connect with the Universe.

Purples are also highly idealistic and visionary. They believe in kindness and being moral in their life. They wish to spread goodness in this world. They also like the arts and can be good in painting and visual expressions of their artistic nature.

Lavender or light purple auras

Lavender hued auras emphasize an imaginative mind. They are daydreamers who wish to have beauty and art in their lives. These are often painters and designers. They like to create art and are often seen lost in their thoughts.

Bright violet

A bright violet aura means that you are a person of intuitive prowess. You are someone who has psychic gifts and can see into the future. You have a spirit that is full of love and would want the world to be healed. You are a dreamer but also a light-worker. Your dreams are not just dreams but visions that you want to come into fruition.

Violets are capable of seeing the future. They are clairvoyants and can foretell what is to come. They can also be magical and have the ability to create vibrations that lead into reality.

Metallic Auras Like Gold and Silver

Metallic auras are very rare. Specially those of gold and silver. Silver and gold auras signify positivity and enlightenment.

Silver Auras

A silver aura means a person is endowed with abundance. He or she has physical and spiritual blessings. Silver is a very shiny and positive color and thus attracts others to it. A lot of people are drawn to you and thus your career and business affairs are good. You also have a happy spirituality and have embraced awakening.

Gold Auras

Golden auras are normally seen in those guided by angels and divine spirits. These people are normally light workers and are destined to help others as well. You have a higher calling. Angels surround you to protect you through any harm and danger.

Those who have a golden aura are normally blessed with a high intuition and a great knowledge. You also have an inner knowledge and know yourself well. You have a very spiritual mind and thus can communicate with higher spirits and the Universe.

Gray Auras

A gray colored aura means your energy fields are blocked and your chi or life energy is not flowing freely. You tend to distrust others and harbor fear in your heart.

Muddy Gray Auras

Murky gray auras are normally seen in those who are fearful. When you are getting sick, you may have a muddy gray aura surrounding you. An accumulation of gray colors can be also seen in an area of the body when that part is affected by illness.

Black Auras

A black aura means you are a negative person. You are holding on a very negative emotion towards someone or may even have a very negative view towards life.

People who have black aura have a tight grudge against others and refuses to forgive others and themselves. They harbor so much hate and distrust.

Black can also mean severe illness when found in certain regions of the body. It can mean a part of your body does not have physical or spiritual energy at all.

Murky Brown Auras

A dirty brown shade means you are trying to hold on to something that is not meant for you. It may be a career, a relationship, people or even power that you are supposed to let go. You also feel scared of sharing your time and talent with others. You want to stay within your shell and you refuse to let others in.

White Auras

White is the color of purity. It is also the color of newness. It is said that angels have white auras. It is also said that saints and holy people obtain a white aura around them.

Those who have let go of physicality and have embraced transcending have white auras.

Rainbow Auras

Rainbow auras, which are normally seen like a b burst of light much like a sunburst are seen on people who are called to heal others spiritually. They are people who are tuned into heaven and can channel energy into the fifth dimension.

Rainbow auras are people who have the task to assist those who need help with working their energies. Reiki healers are often seen with rainbow auras.

The Significance of Aura Colors

Aura colors are much like the representation of the energies a person may have. A person may have one predominant color and other colors may surround him as well. Knowing one’s aura color is important because it can help you know your tendencies and thus help you live a better life towards achieving your true potential.