Are You A Psychic Empath?Have you ever felt what someone else was feeling without even ever talking to them? Have you ever felt joy or sadness without understanding why, only to find out that someone near you feels this way? Well, you may be a psychic empath.

What Are Psychic Empaths?

Empaths or psychic empaths are people who have the gift of feeling and knowing what others feel. They have the ability to tap into and step into the emotional state of others. They can sense and know how others feel. They have the gift of emotionally connecting with others. Basically they can feel what others feel.

The Gift of Empathy

All of us are given the emotion of empathy. To some extent we can feel what others feel around us specially when a situation is heavy with emotions. Joy is contagious and so is grief.

The gift of empathy is one of the things that make us human. It connects us and allows us to show love and compassion to others.

Unlike animals who are just self preserving, most humans have the need to help others because we know and feel the pain when someone around us is in pain.

Empathy bonds us with others. When we are related to one another or are friends, we tend to have a bigger sense of empathy for them. When we don’t know the person, then we feel less empathetic about their situation.

Basically empathy is a gift that allows us to show kindness, love, compassion and charity to others because we can feel what they feel. It prevents humans from destroying one another and creates a circle of kindness between people.

Are You An Empath?

Psychic empaths have the gift to tap into other’s emotions and feelings. They can know how people around them think and feel because of the emotional charge that they see and sense from others. Empaths are people who are bound to be healers, teachers, listeners and helpers.

So, how do you know if you are an empath?

There are a few ways to find out. The first sign of being an empath is the heightened sense of feeling and understanding. You tend to sense what others around you feel. You feel a distinct pull and vibration sent out from people who have different emotions.

Here are some signs you may be a psychic empath:

1. You feel you have the duty to save others.
2. You feel morally obligated to be kind and helpful
3. You feel the pull of different emotions that surround you and this sometimes overwhelms you.
4. You love animals and you know you can understand these beings.
6. You dislike watching the news because you feel pain when you do so.
7. You can feel when someone is upset and it makes you feel upset too.
8. You hate being around negative people
9. You enjoy happy and cheerful people
10. It is easy to convince you and thus you try to avoid sales people.
11. You can easily adapt to different types of people and have all sorts of friends
12. You know what people are going to say to you even before they say it.
13. You tend to prioritize the needs of others before you think about your own needs.
14. Being around so many people at times makes you feel tired for no apparent reason.
15. You can bond easily with most people.
16. You can agree with one person when they are around and then disagree with them when they’re not there because you realize that you did not really agree with them in the first place.
17. At times you feel lost and overwhelmed with different emotions.
18. You seek loving and lasting friendships and get hurt when your friends don’t understand you.

There may be many other signs that you are an empath. The list you’ve just read are just a few signs. There may be countless ways that you tend to chime in with other people’s feelings.

What To Do If You Are A Psychic Empath?

Are You A Psychic Empath?

OK, so if you’re a psychic empath it means you have this great ability to zone in and feel what others around you feel. You can use this gift in so many different ways. You can use it to do psychic readings. You can use it to be a social worker, be a teacher or a psychologist. You can even use it to sell things and be a marketer or an advertiser.

However of course if you you have the gift of tapping into other’s feelings, then you are bound to feel pain, sorrow and even be drained by the surge of emotions around you. You can feel upset and angry even if there is no cause for it just because you hanged out with someone who is angry and upset.


So, what should you do?

Well first is to create a bubble around you and close off your aura from incoming emotions that do not belong to you. This is pretty useful specially when you don’t need to feel the surge of feelings around you.

On the other hand, if you do want to feel what others feel, without being drained, then you must build up your psyche and optimize your soul. This is where self love comes in.

Basically self care is the key. When you love yourself, then even if a surge of emotions around you come rolling over, you can withstand it. So yes, you do need that bubble bath and that breakfast for dinner when you feel down.

Empaths need to be careful about their thoughts and feelings. They need to practice AFFIRMATIONS in order to fill their cups with positive energy.

Bottom line is that you need to be happy and positive in order to balance out the negativity that world will throw at you.

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