An Easy Guide to Getting Your First Ever Psychic Reading

Do you need tips on your first ever psychic reading? Read on.

Getting psychic readings can be empowering and even life changing. They help you take hold of your life and navigate your path easier because you know what to expect in the future. However getting your first ever reading can sometimes be scary and daunting.

Preparing your mind and spirit can help you make the most out of your first reading. When you are prepared and know what to expect, then you can better feel about the outcome of a reading.

1. Find a Reputable Psychic

The first step into having a good first psychic reading is finding a good psychic. There are so many psychic services out there. You can choose a person to person reading, a phone reading, a chat reading, a video reading or even an email reading. Remember to look for a reputable psychic to ensure the value of your money and to have a good experience.

The internet is a great place to find great psychics. I have reviewed the most trusted psychic on the internet so feel free to check my review here.

2. Prepare Your Questions Ahead of Time

Being prepared for a reading gives better results and just coming into the session just waiting for miracles to happen. List down the questions you want to ask and try to be more specific about them. Generalized questions get generalized answers because the psychic will be able to see the whole picture instead of just pinpointing to a certain time frame.

A good example here is asking for a general reading versus asking about say “when will I meet my soulmate, can you describe him or her?”. Being more specific can draw out better answers.

Another tip is using who, what, when, where, how and why questions rather than asking questions that are answerable by “Yes” or “No”.

3. Relax and Calm Yourself

It is normal to feel a bit agitated on your first ever reading. However, calming your nerves can help the psychic and yourself be more focused about the reading.

Try taking deep breaths counting from 1-3 and then holding your breath for a bit and exhaling and counting 3-1.

Try to meditate before the session to clear out your mind. You also need to drop the thoughts that you have about the tasks you need to do for that day and just focus on the reading. Having a clear physical space would also help you have a clear mind.

As much as possible sit in a quiet place (if you’re having an online phone/video/chat reading) where other people don’t pass by.

If you are having a face to face reading. Let your psychic know that you feel tense so that he or she can give you a few minutes to calm down and just have a nice chat with you before you start the reading.

On the other hand, email readings can be the most relaxed way to have readings since the psychic and yourself are not bound by instant answers. He or she can meditate on your questions and send them to you. Once you receive it, you can read it and reread it. This offers a very calm environment to have a psychic reading.

4. Don’t Expect the Worst

If you come into the reading feeling all negative and just blocking off what the reader is saying, then you will just get a bad reading. Your energy plays a big part into the reading. You need to be positive and allow the Universe to contact you through your psychic.

If you sit there all grumpy and annoyed the psychic will feel it too. It can cause a shift into the energies and even distort your reading. Keep an open mind and allow him to connect to you.

Just imagine the psychic to be a doctor and you having a doctor’s appointment. Be honest, be clear and be grateful.

5. Avoid Certain Questions

An Easy Guide to Getting Your First Ever Psychic Reading

Avoid health and pregnancy questions.

Some questions should not or could not be answered due to ethical and legal reasons. Health questions should be avoided because even though a psychic can see your physical energies and health, it is still best to consult your doctor. Legal advice as well should be avoided.

Do not ask your psychic to make decisions for you. He or she is there to guide you but not to live your life for you. For example, don’t ask the question “Should I marry Ben?” rather, ask a question like “What is my life gonna be like if I marry Ben?”.

Lottery numbers is something your psychic cannot give as well. The Universe and the Spirit guides do not give such answers because THERE SHOULD ALWAYS BE COSMIC BALANCE and giving such will mean favoring one person over a million others.

6. Speak Clearly and Allow Your Psychic to Speak as Well

Speak clearly and do not beat around the bush. Be honest and say what you mean. Try to be concise with your questions without holding out information. And do not test your psychic.

Allow the psychic to speak. Let him explain what he sees. It may not make sense now, but in the future things may fall into places that he or she has mentioned.

7. Take Notes

If you are having a phone, video or chat reading, you may want to take notes. Email readings are easier because you can always reread them, but with the phone and video, you need to have a pen and paper handy to note down the things that connected with you, your follow up questions and things that do not resonate with you.

Type your notes somewhere or keep this paper in an envelop so that you can check back on it as the future unfolds.

8. Make a Follow Up Reading If Necessary

If you have had the answers you’ve wanted but you still have follow up questions, note them down. After the reading, you may want to have a follow up reading. A follow up reading can help you clarify things and ask for more in depth advise.

9. Reflect on the Reading

My final advise is to reflect on the reading. Don’t just accept it or dismiss it on face value. Learn from it and take it to heart. A good reading can help you grow and thus should be taken into account.

Final Advice

When having your first ever psychic reading, you need to be prepared and positive. Remember to find a trustworthy reader who will not scam you or blackmail you. Enjoy the reading and do not be negative. Just be open and honest. Allow the Universe to connect with you. You maybe surprised on how empowering a psychic reading can be.