The Universe is vast and wide. And within this universe stars, planets and all forms of life exist. But in the vastness of the Universe lies laws that govern the movement of all the stars and planets and the manner of things that live in it. These laws maintain balance and order in the wide cosmos; be it with the spiritual, mental or physical realms. These laws have been called many names but in truth there are just seven of them. These sacred laws that balance all forms of life and matter are called the 7 Universal Laws of the Universe.

Going back to the ancient civilizations, we can trace how the wise men and women of Egypt, Greece and India discovered the 7 Universal Laws. 5000 years ago, the greats minds of these great civilizations learned these laws, tried to master them and were able to create wisdom, beauty, philosophy and architecture that we still value up until today. Knowledge of these Laws allowed them to live with happiness and success.

Civilization after civilization passed down the knowledge of these laws to wise hermetic scribes, healer and seers. Many great leaders consulted them to find the truth and bring about progress. Up to this day, the knowledge of these laws is greatly valued. some still consult Masters, seers and hermetic scribes. Psychics may also receive the gift of knowing this laws. However, one may seek to learn them and read about them to live by them.

Immutable Laws Vs. Mutable Laws

The 7 Universal Laws are divided into two categories. These being Immutable and Mutable Laws. The Immutable Laws are constants. These are the first three of the seven laws. These laws cannot be transcended or changed. Knowing these laws allow us to align ourselves with them instead of against them. Being aligned with the Immutable Laws allows us to create harmony in ourselves as well as harmony between our being and the Universe. The first three of the Universal Laws are immutable.

On the other hand, we also have the Mutable Laws. These laws can be transcended and our will and consciousness can go above these Laws and create a become masters of our own fate. These laws can be changed a bit in order to make our existence better and be able to harness the Universal gifts.

Ultimately, every being, specially humans should aim to live in line with the 7 Universal Laws in order to achieve balance and bliss in life.

The First Law: The Law of Mentalism

The first law states that all Everything (The All) is mind; The Universe is Mental”. It states that everything that ever happens to us and that we experience happens in the Mental Realm. Everything we see, hear, feel, taste and smell or even think originates in an unseen Mental Plane. This Mental Plane is governed by the One Universal Consciousness. The first law is an immutable law that governs everything.

From the Universal Consciousness, springs forth all that is and everything that will be. It is the Alpha and Omega of the Universe. Our minds are part of the Universal Consciousness and thus we are one with it. We are to some extent the same as the Universal Mind and we are only different to it by some level. This means that we are also manifestors and creators of realities as the adage said “I think, therefor I am”.

Thus when we realize that we are manifestors and creators, we can then know and realize that OUR REALITIES is created by our thoughts and our MINDS. What we perceive becomes real. When we see life as full of suffering, we suffer and if we see life as full of opportunities, we thrive.

The Second Law: The Law of Correspondence

The Second Law states that ‘As above, so below; as below, so above”. This means that all things be it mental, physical or spiritual are in harmony. The Spirit Realm is in harmony with the Mental Realm and the Mental Realm is in harmony with the Physical Realm and all of three of them are in sync with one another.

Because all Realms are in harmony, whatever transpires in one realm, affects the others realms. This law states that all everything you do be it in thought or in action will affect other things. Your feelings and emotions and intentions send out waves into the Universe and these will be reflected back to you. Thus negative energy will beget negative energy and positive energy will beget positive energy.

The Second Law also states that All is One and that everything like the tiniest atoms to the vasts galaxies and supernovas are of one force and thus every movement in each affects the other. We humans have the same components as the stars across the galaxies. Our energies and actions sends ripples through space (As above) and this ripples are echoed back to earth and eventually to us (as below).

The Temple of Apollo in Delphi had a famous inscription that said: “Know thyself and thou shalt know all the mysteries of the gods and the Universe”.

All is One and One is All. Everything is equal. The stars in the sky and the dust on earth and the humans like you and me are all one. What does this mean? You are no less than the big stars. It means that within you lies the God Particle. The Omnipresent Source is not just above you in a distance, he is within you and He is within everything around you. You are born to shine. But also recognize that everything around you are valid existences.

The Third Law: The Law of Vibration

The Third Law states that everything moves and Vibrates. It states that “Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates”. Everything is energy and energy vibrates and constantly moves. The whole universe is made up of energy and they all vibrate in different frequencies. Each frequency delivers a different effect on the things around it. Energy can be positive or negative in vibration.

You are made up of energy. Rocks, trees, oceans, stars are all energy. Our mind is made of energy. How we perceive things depends on these things vibrate and move. Our thoughts actions are energy and energy attracts like energy. Positive energy will vibrate positively and negative energy will vibrate negatively. And thus if we are centered on positive energy, we attract positive outcomes and vibrations.

Emotions and thoughts also forms of energy. Love is of the highest vibration and hate is of the lowest. If you choose the vibrate at a higher frequency, you must gravitate towards positive vibrations. By understanding the Law of Vibration, we can try to move in a positive way in order to receive good vibrations from the Universe.

The Fourth Law: The Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity is the fourth law of the Seven Laws and is the first mutable of the seven. Mutable laws can be transcended to favor someone. This law states that “Everything exists in duality, everything has poles, everything has its opposite, however opposites are identical in their nature and different only in degree”.

This law states that all things that seem to be opposite are actually the same. Hot and cold are both degrees of temperature. Good and evil are both dualities of temperament. Black and white are the polar opposites of the absence and presence of color.

To rise above the Law of Polarity and gravitate towards the positive pole, one must change his or her vibrations and work towards understanding the Fourth Law and vibrate to the positive pole. By changing your mindset, you can choose positivity and goodness.

On the other hand, the Law of Polarity or Duality exists only for the mental and the physical planes and does not correspond the to the spiritual plane where the Great One exists. The Great One is neither one pole or another and thus is not affected by this law.

One great Indian Guru mentioned that if we remember that we all come from the Source and the Highest Being is part of us and thus we can also choose not to be affected by the Law of Polarity and fully transcend it. We can put ourselves in a state of detachment and attain neutrality and peace.

The Fifth Law: The Law of Rhythm

The Law of Rhythm states that all things move in rhythm. Be it the oceans and seas, the sun and the moon, the wind, the tides and life itself moves in rhythm much like music. All are in synchrony with themselves. All things move in a particular pattern. Back and forth, up and down, in circles. The key is to find and see the rhythm on which things move.

The Fifth Law states: Everything flows, everything has its tides, all things rise and fall, a pendulum that swings to the right swings to the left in equal measure, what goes up must come down, rhythm compensates.’

This means that life is a wheel and it would roll as our existence unravels. Sometimes we are on top of the wheel, sometimes we are at the bottom. But the thing is at times, we don’t notice that the pendulum moves and swings. It slowly moves forward until it reaches a point where it pulls itself back. And when we reach the point where life has pulled us so far back it moves us slowly forward. To transcend this movement, we must notice the rhythm.

Since this law is mutable, it means we can have power over it. We can rise above it like a ship rising against the pull of the tides of the sea. Knowing that the Great One which is the Source of all movement is one with us vibrates higher than any rhythm will help us surpass any tide that pulls us back. And since the One is the one who creates the tides of life, and He is one with us then we are also capable to control the tides. By moving in a high vibration, we can influence life’s rhythm and create a tide of positivity.

Transcending this law is equivalent to the Law of Attraction. It means we attract good things instead of being pulled by the rhythm. It also means being able to withstand any crashing waves that should destroy us but instead strengthens us.

The Sixth Law: The Law of Cause and Effect

Everything is cause and effect. For every action there is a given equal reaction. For every thought, there is an equal vibration. Basically the Sixth Law states that “Every cause has an effect, every effect has its cause, and every action has it’s reaction”.

The Law states that all effects that is manifested in the physical plane has a cause from the mental plane. Your thoughts, ideas, words, imaginations and concepts materialize over time. Your thoughts have power and they can cause EFFECT TO HAPPEN. This is what we know as the Mind or Thought Power.

The sixth of the Seven Laws happens in all planes. In the Spiritual Plane, every cause begets an effect right away. But in the mental and physical realms, there is quantum physics and time. Time and space bend and thus the effect of things from the mental plane may have a delay due to the bend in time.

If you would like to transcend the Law of Cause and Effect and create Manifestations in the Physical Plane, you must VISUALIZE. Creative visualizations sends a message to the Spiritual Plane and the One that is All hears it. And with much visualization, a process of creation happens. Eventually the effect you want to see is seen in the Physical World.

You can train your mind to visualize and manifest things for you. You can be the Cause that allows the Effect you want to happen.

The Seventh Law: The Law of Gender

Everything has two sides; a masculine side and a feminine side. All things in nature be it rock, animal, wood or human has both male and female equals. But aside from existing as a male or female, all things contain dualities of being both masculine and feminine. Embracing both the feminine and masculine side of life, mind and spirit allows us to obtain both traits. Being loving and kind as well as being logical and practical. Being soft and tender and being brave and willful.

In trancending this law, we become fully aware that man and woman are equal and that all things are made up of two parts that are equal. This parts make us whole and embracing your masculine side when you are a female empowers you and embracing your feminine side as a male makes you nurturing and loving.

The Science of Being and The Kyballion

The Science of Being was written in 1923 and focuses on the power of humanity to rise above the one’s self. It discusses the secrets of the universe and metaphysics and what role humans play in it. It teaches us how to master ourselves.

The Kyballion is a book written in the 1908 which is based on the Hermetic teachings from Ancient Egypt and Greece. It is said to be based on the esoteric lessons brought by Hermes Trismegistus himself passed on to the ones called Three Initiates. This teachings help people live a life which is empowered. It gives lessons on manifestation and the Power of the Universe.

Harnessing the Power of the Universe.

The Universe is where all things live and exist. The Great Source has given life to you and to everyone. Knowing the Laws on which the Universe is founded on allows you to live life with peace and create the reality you want for yourself.

At times, the Universe also gives gifts to individuals. Some receive material gifts. Some receive spiritual gifts. Some receive psychic gifts. The goal is to share our gifts to one another. By doing so, we can create a life which is more meaningful.